Are Prince Tennis Racquets Good? (Read This First)

Tennis is one of the most popular racquet games in the world.

There are lots of manufacturers and brands that offer their racquets to help players achieve amazing serve, spin, and shot.

As a result, there are lots of racquets out there to choose from on the market and Prince tennis racquets stand out in the crowd.

Are Prince tennis racquets good? Out of all the Tennis racquet brands, Prince racquets seems to provide the best shot and spin. With plenty of competition to keep up with, Prince racquets are durable, ability to sign renowned players, and portability makes them stand out.

This post considers this question carefully and gives an answer based on Prince’s current position in the tennis industry.

Prince started in 1970 as one of the world’s biggest tennis brands.

The brand manufactures several tennis products, which include rackets, footwear, apparel, tennis ball, etc.

However, Prince focuses mostly on tennis racquets and pioneered the over-sized racquets.

Prince became a household name in the tennis industry in the 1980s and 1990s and for many years, Prince manufactured high-quality tennis racquets that are used by both theregular and pro tennis players.

Prince had the history of being endorsed by tennis legends likeAndy Roddick and Andre Agassi.

Some years ago, Prince slightly fell out of the limelight due to some financial issues.

The company was subsequently sold to multiple managements and also filed for bankruptcy.

All these hard situations hindered Prince’s ability to matchup with competitors.

However, here’s the fact: Prince still manufactures excellent racquets and Prince’s tennis racquets are verygood.

In fact, tennis players like the French ATP pro Lucas Pouilleand John Isner currently endorse and play with Prince racquets.

One of Prince’s recent bestsellers has been the Prince Textreme Tour 100P, which is what Pouilleplays with.

Now you know that Prince tennis rackets are still very good for amazing performances. It will do you good to try your next tennis game with Prince tennis racquet.

There are several different Prince racquets to choose from and it can be quite confusing to pick the right one.

However, we have created a list of the best Prince racquets, for all levels and playing styles, to help you make the right choice.

Prince Textreme Beast Pro 100

  • Head size –
  • Length – 27in.
  • Weight – 12 oz. (about 340g)
  • Balance – 9pts HL
  • String pattern – 16 by 19
  • Stiffness – 67
  • Swing weight – 351
  • Level – Intermediate to Advanced

This tennis racquet is one of the most popular in the Prince line right now. It weighs 340g, which makes it one of the heavier racquets on the market.

This racket is not for beginner tennis players considering its weight, which makes the stick slightly hard to maneuver.

However, if you can handle its heavy weight, you will be able to generate a huge amount of power.

For instance, the popular big server John Isner is one of the multiple players that endorse the Prince Textreme Beast Pro 100. Isner has one of the most powerful serves of all time and this racket helped him to achieve that.

Though this racket is not the most arm-friendly and user-friendly racquet due to its weight, it’s a useful tool for the right kind of tennis player that pattern their style after John Isner.


  • Offers strong control and power
  • Endorsed by pro tennis player John Isner


  • Not Arm-friendly
  • It’s heavy for some players

Prince Textreme Tour 100P

  • Head size –
  • Length – 27in.
  • Weight – 11.5oz. (about 326g)
  • Balance – 7pts HL
  • String Pattern – 18 by 20
  • Stiffness – 66
  • Swing weight: 324
  • Level – Intermediate to Advanced

This is another very popular racquet from Prince. This racquet is endorsed by Lucas Pouille and some other players on the ATP Tour.

Prince Textreme Tour 100P is very popular among tennis players that like control-oriented racquets.

It features a dense string pattern, which makes the racquet great for hitting flat shots and also for generating spin.

Therefore, this racket is very versatile. This racket offers a combination of control and stability, which helps players when redirecting the pace of the first serve.

Prince Textreme Tour 100Pis ideal for intermediate to advanced tennis players.

However, there are other Prince racquets that are more suitable for beginner tennis players.


  • Offers strong control and power
  • Endorsed by pro tennis player Lucas Pouille


  • Not for newbie tennis players

Prince Phantom Pro 100

  • Head Size – 100sq. in.
  • Length – 27in.
  • Weight – 11.4oz. (about 323g)
  • Balance – 6pts HL
  • String pattern – 16 by 18
  • Stiffness – 54
  • Swing weight – 320
  • Level – For all levels

This racket was designed in collaboration with tour players.

It’s a perfect racquet for all levels of tennis players who are serious about their game.

Prince Phantom Pro 100 is a very user-friendly racquet that beginner tennis players wouldn’t have any problems with.

Prince Phantom Pro 100delivers easy access to spin, thanks to its open 16 by 18 string patterns. This racket also launches the tennis ball at a higher trajectory for more depth.

You will find this racket impressing if you’re the type that likes to hit high arching shots that drop hard.

This racket also delivers impressive stability that helps you to move the racket into position.

Prince Phantom Pro 100 has an exceptional feel and touch for crafting tight angles and malicious droppers. It also has enough power to stick block volleys deep.

This racket is a good starting option that you can improve your game skill with. You can also use it to an advanced level.


  • Offer a great feel and control


  • Lacks power for some players

Prince Textreme Warrior 100

  • Head size –
  • Length – 27in.
  • Weight – 11.1oz (about 316g)
  • Balance – 6pts HL
  • String pattern – 16 by 18
  • Stiffness – 66
  • Swingweight – 320
  • Level – for all levels

This racket is a perfect racquet for all levels of tennis players – from beginner level to advanced level.

It’s suitable for intermediate tennis players that want easy access to speed and spin and works well for advanced players looking for a more lightweight racket option.

Prince Textreme Warrior 100is one of the most arm-friendly racket options and is made of flexible materials and has an exceptional feel and stability that is difficult to find with other racquets of similar weights.

The Textreme Warrior 100 offers tennis players a superior blend of power, spin, maneuverability, and feel.

The stringbed feels both responsive and soft and offers a speedy response.

This racket is an all-solid option for players who want a maneuverable and arm-friendly racquet.


  • Offer a great feel
  • Is arm-friendly
  • Is very cheap


  • Not the most powerful racquet

Prince Textreme Premier 110

  • Head size –
  • Length – 27.5in.
  • Weight – 10oz. (about 284g)
  • Balance – 2pts HL
  • String pattern – 16 by 19
  • Stiffness – 71
  • Swingweight – 323
  • Level – Beginners to Intermediate

This racket is one of the oversized options in Prince’s collections. Amazingly, it’s just 284g, which makes its weight perfectfor beginner tennis players.

This is also one of the most arm-friendly rackets available on the market right now.

The extended length of the racket is perfect for powerful overheads and it will also add some serious pace to your serves.

If you’re looking for an oversized racquet with controllable power and excellent feel, Prince Textreme Premier 110is your best choice.


  • This racket is lightweight and arm-friendly
  • It has easy maneuverability


  • It lacks the power needed by some tennis players
  • It is not recommended for advanced players


Though Prince was faced with some serious financial issues that made it fell out of the limelight, the company remains one of the industry leaders in the manufacturing of racquet and other tennis products.

Prince is committed to the continual delivery of high-quality tennis racquets in all categories.

The brand is also endorsed by most successful and pro tennis players, such asDenis Shapovalov,John Isner, and the Bryan Brothers.

Prince just released the newestlines of powerful, spin-friendly, and control-oriented rackets called the Textreme racquets for all types of tennis players.