Are Asics Tennis Shoes True To Size? (Yes, Read this first)

When you’re reaching for a clamor chasing a tennis ball across the court, you need to ensure that your footwear can support you the whole way.

asics tennis shoe size

There are several tennis shoe manufacturers and ASICS is one of them.

Are Asics Tennis shoes true to size?

Yes, Asics Tennis shoes are true to size. They’re designed primarily to fit the US demographics, while the men’s sizes may require sizing down, Asics women’s tennis shoes run true to size or half-a-size big.

In fact, ASICS is one of the most popular tennis shoe manufacturers in the UK. ASICS footwear is trusted by several tennis professionals for its stylish contemporary design, smart engineering, and advanced support.

Since tennis game places some specific demands on players’ feet and footwork, ASICS tennis shoes are specially designed to meet these demands without putting players’ feet under strain.

ASICS produces trainers that are lightweight to enable tennis players to move fast. These shoes incorporate targeted GEL cushioning that absorbs the impact of a heavy landing. The soles also have a durable grip that prevents players from slipping and sliding.

Although ASICS arrived later in the tennis shoe industry than other notable brands, its overall shoe knowledge and quality craftsmanship have helped the brand to the top.

One of the most dynamic tennis players in the tennis industry, Novak Djokovic, uses ASICS tennis shoes. Other players that use ASICS tennis shoes include David Goffin and Gael Monfils.

While ASICS is a very good and durable tennis shoe brand, the question most people always ask is that “are ASIC tennis shoes true to size?”

asics tennis shoe size

This is a very important question because finding a pair of tennis shoes that fit you so well is very important. Tennis shoes that correctly fit you will make your running more comfortable. It will also help you to avoid rubbing and blisters, as well as reduce the risk of having a serious injury.

Having a tennis shoe that is true to size and fits you perfectly may be an expensive investment but would enable you to cover lots of ground. Hence, you need to know if your desired ASICS tennis shoe is true to size and will fit a running shoe.

While ASICS tennis shoes are true to size, there are some things you must consider to ensure that your chosen pair of ASICS tennis shoes are the correct fit for you. Here are some of the considerations:

Do You Really Know Your Tennis Shoe Size?

Once we reach adulthood, most of us usually erroneously assume that our shoe size will forever remain the same i.e. our shoe size when we were 18 will remain unchanged even when we’re 40.

Well, this is not always the case. Instead, as we grow older, some certain things still happen in our bodies that can change the size of our feet. For instance, your feet may become flatter and longer.

Some other people with high arches may notice that their arches get higher. This means that they need shorter shoes. For women, their feet may tend to become wider and larger during pregnancy. Also, injuries or health conditions may affect the feet size

Reports also showed that consistent wearing of heels or tight, pointy shoes may cause the toe area to change shape.

Due to all these possible changes, it’s very important to always check your current shoe size (and not rely on previous shoe size) before buying a new pair of ASICS tennis shoes. You may end up buying a tennis shoe with feet size slightly different than you think.

To know your shoe size, simply stand on a sheet of paper in your usual running socks and trace out the outline of your feet. Next, take a measurement of each foot – width and length. Then, use ASICS shoe size guide-tables to work out what tennis shoe size will be right for you.

What Is the Correct Fit for Tennis Shoes?

Normally, when you run, your feet constantly change size. For instance, each time you land on the ground, your feet lengthen and widen as your feet muscles and bones spread. However, once your feet are off the ground, they return to their original smaller size.

This means that the correct fit for tennis shoes is different from the correct fit for casual footwear. It’s, therefore, advisable for you to choose a tennis shoe which is a half size bigger than your current shoe size if you want to buy a new tennis shoe.

For instance, if you wear a tennis shoe size 10 in Nike, you’ll need to choose a new ASICS tennis shoe of size 10.5. This will give your feet some space to move back and forth a little in the shoe. It will also enable your feet to expand when they hit the ground.

However, choosing a pair of ASICS tennis shoes that fit your feet perfectly when standing may result in some painful toes when you run with them.

However, make sure that your heel area fits much more tightly than in normal shoes – this is very important. Make sure that the new shoe doesn’t have too much space for your heel to move side to side – this can risk heel injuries.

Other Considerations When Choosing the Correct Fit for Running Shoes

Aside from considering the expansion of your feet, it’s also very important for you to consider some other major factors which may influence choosing the right fit choosing a pair of ASICS tennis shoes:

Your socks

When buying an ASICS tennis shoe, it’s a very good idea for you to remember that you would be wearing your usual socks, which may be thinner or thicker based on your personal preference.

So, always include an allowance for padding when considering shoe size – this will affect how fitting your tennis shoe would be.

Foot width

Do you have narrow or wide feet? You have to consider this when buying a new pair of tennis shoes. However, ASICS offers both wide- and narrow-fit variations on most of its tennis shoe collections.

Foot problems

If you suffer from foot issues like heel spurs or bunions, it’s important that you consider how these will affect your tennis shoe choice.

You may need to consult with your podiatrist or doctor who can help advise on how to best choose the right size shoes.


Finding the correct fit for ASICS tennis shoes will help you to play your game comfortably. For players who want a quality tennis shoe with comfort and durability, ASICS is a great choice, especially the Asics Gel-Resolution.

This brand features a technology that increases stability and comfort on impact, while still maintaining excellent responsiveness. This tennis shoe is also well-cushioned. It also has a tongue that keeps dirt from getting into the shoe. This makes the shoe great for clay court tennis players.

The synthetic sole wraps around the toe and the side of the shoe for added durability. Users attest that this ASICS shoe is also one of the most supportive and stable on the market.

The Asics Court FF Men’s Tennis Shoes is another brand. This shoe provides a lightweight feel, low to the ground profile, and ultimate support, for the most aggressive movers like Novak Djokovic.

The FlyteFoam midsole and the seamless, sock-like design offer an incredibly fast feel with plush cushioning.

Finally, the Asics Solution Speed FF Men’s Tennis Shoes is one of the fastest shoes on the market. It comes with a cushioned makeover.

It also features a FlyteFoam technology in the midsole, which adds a comfortable and responsive feel, while maintaining enough support and stability.