The Best 25 Inch Tennis Racket (Top 7 Reviewed)

Tennis is the passion and fun activity that many people enjoy. But people who hold this passion in high regard acquire high-quality gaming equipment.

The racket, an essential element of a tennis player, largely determines the performance observed on the court. 

To progress in a sport, it is essential to have good quality equipment. If you play tennis, a good racket will help improve your level of play.

No matter what level you play, it’s important that you are aware of all the characteristics that make a good tennis racket. Like other sports accessories, the racket comes in a wide variety on the market.

The greatest difficulty in choosing a tennis racket rests on three axes: the variety of models, the many possible uses as well as the different styles of play practiced. In this article, we would be looking at the top 25 inch tennis racket.

How to choose a tennis racket ?

Tennis racket

To help you in your research, we have therefore determined the necessary criteria to take into account before purchasing:

  • The weight: an adult racket often weighs between 250 and 350 g. A heavy model absorbs vibrations, protects you from injuries and gives you more power (ideal for competition). Conversely, a light racket gives better handling and is more suitable for beginners. For women, Bertrand advises to opt for a slightly lighter racket in order to make the most of the frame.
  • Rigidity: this rigidity is expressed in Rahmen. The higher the value, the stiffer the racket. For experienced players, it is better to take a flexible racket (between 55 and 60 Ra) which reduces vibrations, allows less energy expenditure and offers better control. Beginners are certainly more comfortable with a stiff racket (often over 70 Ra) which gives more power.
  • Materials: they will influence the strength of the racket. Almost all rackets, however, are made from graphite, a strong, lightweight material that absorbs vibrations.
  • The size of the sieve: it represents the stringing surface of the tennis racket. The small sieves are located below 630 cm² and promote more control. Medium sieves (between 630 and 645 cm²) are suitable for all styles of play, while large sieves (between 660 and 740 cm²) are more power-oriented.
  • The string pattern: it corresponds to the number of rising strings and cross strings arranged on the racket. The most classic is the 16 x 19, which gives more power and better spin. On the other hand, the 18 x 20 offers more precision and control. With the latter, it is better to favor a less tight string to avoid the risk of injury.
  • Balance: there are three types. The center balance has a point located 32-33 cm from the base of the neck (ideal for beginners and for versatility). With balance in mind , the point is beyond 33 cm. There is power, but handling is more complicated. Finally, the balance in the handle , located below 32 cm, produces the opposite effect.
  • The length: the standard length is 68.5 cm. Snowshoes above 69 cm provide better power when serving, but are more difficult to handle.
  • The grip: it corresponds to the diameter of the handle, which varies according to the size of the user’s hand. In Europe, the grip ranges from 1 to 5. In general, for a child, the grip is 0. For a woman, it varies from 0 to 2, and it can go beyond 2 for a man. A suitable grip is important because too small or too large, it can cause injuries or pain in the hands, but also make the racket very uncomfortable.
  • The style of play: you have to look at what type of racket suits your game. Thus, a powerful player looks more towards a stable racket with good control and handling. Likewise, a player who plays with lifts and slices usually chooses a more powerful racket.

Top 7 Tennis Rackets

Babolat Drive G Lite

More suited to a female audience, this equipment bases its manufacture on three axes: maneuverability, lightness but above all, power. This allows young regular players and all those who are learning to acquire a good hitting technique. 

Comfortable in the hand, its low weight allows the arm to maintain a constant force throughout the effort. Very balanced, it also ensures good reactivity in the face of the opponent’s blows.

Easy to handle, the Drive G Lite is one of the lightest rackets on the market, weighing just 255g on the scale. With 70 Ra, it is undeniably a stiffer model that gives power. 

Artengo TR160 Graph

This equipment is a good first racket to start training or for leisure use. It guarantees the control necessary to return the ball. Lightweight, versatile and rigid, it includes a sieve offering a little power.

 In addition, it has an excellent quality / price ratio and is suitable for both men and women. So you have a good feeling in terms of ease of play and users generally appreciate its look.

The Artengo TR160 Graph weighs only 270g, making it easy for a beginner to handle. With a stiffness of 68 Ra, this is a stiff model that gives new players the power they need. 

Wilson Clash 100L

This sleek, versatile and stable racket is suitable for beginners as well as for intermediate players competing. This is the most flexible model on the market and you enjoy great playing comfort with a good touch of the ball. It is more interesting for those who play flat and want some control. In addition, it eliminates vibrations as well as possible. 

The Wilson Clash 100L weighs 280g without the string, which ensures good handling without feeling too much vibration thanks to its stiffness of 54 Ra. Fairly flexible, it limits the expenditure of energy.

Made of graphite, it has a 645 cm² head size that is suitable for all playing styles. Its 16 × 19 string offers better spin. We recommend tightening the latter at a low tension (between 21 and 25 kg). 

HEAD Graphene 360+ Speed ​​MP Lite

This tennis racket offers more control and ball speed. It is certainly the most versatile and balanced model for a beginner or even a little more advanced player.

Stable, it adapts to several styles of play (a little less for topspin and powerful games). Both men and women can vary your typing techniques. Although it scores well in precision, comfort and spin, it is slightly less flexible than the Wilson Clash.

The Head Graphene 360+ Speed ​​MP Lite is light in weight (275g). With its index of 64 Ra, it is a semi-rigid racket, which already shows a certain versatility.

Its carbon fiber design generates less vibration. Its characteristics are classic: a sieve of 645 cm², a 16 × 19 rope, a neutral balance of 33 cm and a length of 68.5 cm. In terms of the rope, we recommend that it be stretched between 23 and 27 kg.

Babolat Pure Drive Team Racket

Its structure is very strong and durable, due to its graphite design lined with carbon fibers. It is an equipment of 285 grams which is easily handled in all directions. Also, it has a magnificent balance of 32 cm distributed between the head and the handle evenly.

 Note that the FSI Power technology gives the eyelets a diamond shape in order to provide more power when hitting while widening the bullet impact zone.

As a result, the weave will automatically be directed towards the center. Its elliptical frame has been designed in such a way that it resists shocks, twists and impacts during exchanges.

Head Radical pro racket 

 It has a balance of 31.5 cm which allows effective control of the weave by providing only the slightest effort. Its Graphene Touch technology promotes vibration absorption for excellent performance on the court.

Also, its blue orange look brings a nice touch of originality to its design which is even more attractive than the previous versions. 

Its sieve is spread over an area of ​​630 m² and provides the necessary power for your strikes. However, it’s important to note that even with all of these cool features, the Head Radical Pro is quite expensive.

So you will inevitably have to shell out a considerable amount to take advantage of its precision and stability in the field.

Yonex Ezone 98

(174.95 € when published): this semi-rigid model (63 Ra) is made of graphite and weighs around 300 g. Its small head (630 cm²) and its balance in the handle (33 cm) increase handling, while its 16 x 19 string brings more precision and speed. 

As suitable for playing on the fly as for cushioning or returning serves, it absorbs vibrations well. Also, this is Nick Kyrgios’ racket, so it can be used in competition. Nonetheless, its particular shape can hamper its buyers.


Tennis has risen to become a favorite sport for so many people around the world, using the right equipment is important for enjoying the game. In this article, we have discussed the top 25-inch rackets for your convenience.