The Best Golf Grip For High Handicapper

Golf grips have been the mainstay of golf clubs for decades, but many players struggle to find the right one.

This article explores the different types of golf grips available, including Lamkin, Saplize, and Sonar+ Tour Calibrate.

Listed below are some of the top choices available to high handicappers.

All of these golf grips are designed to provide maximum grip and minimize slippage. But how do you choose the best golf grip for a high handicapper?

ALIGN technology

ALIGN technology is an upgrade to a golf grip concept that has been used by tour players for years. Golf Pride is the company behind this innovative technology and has been a major player in the golf industry.

Using this technology, Golf Pride’s grips are designed to give players a consistent feel with their hands.

The new Align technology makes reminder rib grips more effective. A high-handicapper will find the ALIGN technology to be the best golf grip for their game.

ALIGN technology is found in several Golf Pride lines, including MCC Plus4, ZGrip, and Tour Velvet.

Tour Velvet offers good traction but does not feel like sandpaper. The ALIGN version has a raised ridge on the back that sticks out from the grip and provides a firm texture.

The ALIGN technology is great for high handicappers who like to set up differently and hit their shots with open faces.

ALIGN technology is the latest advancement in golf grip design. The Align technology delivers no-slip performance in all conditions.

The grips keep your hands comfortable while delivering the classic feel of Tour Velvet. ALIGN also incorporates a patented reminder technology that promotes proper hand placement and increases awareness of the clubface.

This new technology is best for high-handicappers because it eliminates one variable in the golf swing.

Sonar+ Tour Calibrate

The Sonar+ Tour Calibrate is one of the most innovative golf grips on the market. The manufacturer of this grip has an industry-leading association with Arnold Palmer and continues to offer innovative grips for players of all skill levels.

It features a pronounced reminder strip on the underside of the grip, which promotes better hand placement and clubface awareness. This grip is also paired with the best golf irons for high handicappers.

The Sonar+ Tour Calibrate features a ribbed pattern to remind golfers to place their hands in the correct position while swinging the club.

The rib is a millimeter-wide and extends the diameter of the grip under the hand. It also incorporates Lamkin’s proprietary tacky Genesis Material to promote more control during impact.

It also comes with Lamkin Fingerprint Technology, which recognizes the hand and swing patterns of golfers and provides feedback for improving golf swings.

The Sonar+ Tour Calibrate is a solid choice for any golfer. The grip is medium-soft with a touch of tack.

Calibrate technology is the reason it’s so popular. It’s also a neon green color. Golfers of all skill levels should choose this grip for their clubs. And while it’s not ideal for the best high handicapper, it’s still a great option for most golfers.


When you’re an elite golfer, you need a high-quality golf grip. The SAPLIZE golf grip system offers optimum grip, durability, and price efficiency. The full kit contains 13 different grip styles, hook blades, and solvent.

You’ll find the right grip for your game – and your wallet. Here’s what you need to know. And don’t forget to buy a new grip regularly.

While there are plenty of other brands that claim to be the best for players with higher handicaps, Saplize is a well-established name that has been around for several years. These grips are made with modern technologies and offer good durability and grip.

They’re priced affordably, and the company responds to customer complaints. You can buy a grip for your handicap level by visiting their website. There’s no better time than now to invest in a new golf club and grip.

The main feature of this grip is the patented ALIGN technology. This compound improves grip traction by providing great torsion control. It also features a cord and a tacky rubber compound.

It’s perfect for golfers with fast swing speeds and needs a high level of control. The grip is also designed with tour players in mind, with a profile that ensures even grip pressure.


If you’re a high handicapper and you want to improve your game, a Lamkin golf grip can help you do it. Featuring Fingerprint technology and Genesis material, Lamkin golf grips help improve traction and help you improve your swing.

They also don’t feel as hard as other grips, which makes them easier to put on your club. One drawback of a Lamkin grip is its price. But there are plenty of options to choose from.

The Sonar model is an excellent choice for players who like a tacky feel. Its micro-texture pattern and reduced taper from top to bottom promote hand unity, which eliminates excessive grip pressure.

This grip also features a Calibrate reminder that helps you consistently place your hand on the club.

While leather grips went out of style decades ago, some golfers still prefer them. The ridges between wraps allow your fingers to naturally sit in place while still providing extra traction.

The Crossline 360 golf grip is another great option. This model is inexpensive, durable, and gives you a firmer and smoother feel than standard grips.

The Crossline Midsize model is heavier and has a firmer feel.

Alternatively, if you’re on a budget, you can choose the Lamkin Crossline Jumbo, which is a standard grip with a durable feel. The UTx grip is an inexpensive option that offers the same great feel as other Lamkin golf grips.

Lamkin Crossline

If you’re a high handicapper looking to improve your game, the Lamkin Crossline golf grip might be the right fit.

This model’s micro-texture pattern is designed to interact with your hand and promote light, easy-grip pressure.

It also provides high levels of surface traction and breeds confidence and lowers putting stats. The grip’s hybrid compound material offers a universally appealing feel and tackiness.

Its Calibrate Technology is similar to ribbed golf grips, but this one uses an embedded spine between the grip material and the shaft to elevate the grip.

With its tack and Calibrate reminder technology, the grip is especially suitable for players with inconsistent hand placement.

This grip also provides all-weather control and comfort. This makes it the ideal choice for high handicappers. This grip also provides an improved feel for the guiding hand.

Another great feature of this golf grip is its firmness. A high handicapper can’t swing as fast as a low handicapper, but this grip helps to reduce vibrations and increase feel. Its standard and over-size designs work well with all types of clubs, including hybrids.

The black lower section improves feel and accuracy. The grip is very comfortable, and its patented “Shock Absorb” technology will prevent your hand from slipping.

Lamkin Genesis Material

The latest generation of Lamkin golf grips features Fingerprint technology and Genesis material to improve your game.

This revolutionary technology has been used in the manufacture of grips by the world’s leading golf manufacturers, such as Callaway and Titleist.

Many high-handicappers have been impressed by the grip’s improved feel and performance, which has helped the company win over the hearts of golfers worldwide.

The Genesis material is made of a soft, pliable material that provides added friction in difficult conditions. The full-cord cotton weave and repeating crossline shapes provide a comfortable grip that promotes confidence and lowers putting stats.

The Genesis material is made of a proprietary blend of materials that provide the perfect combination of comfort and tackiness.

Its high-quality material prevents slipping or sliding, while its superior traction and feel make it the perfect grip for any high-handicapper.

These golf grips also have increased traction, and they’re incredibly comfortable to hold, even during the toughest weather conditions.

Golf Pride

Unlike other golf grips, Golf Pride offers three options for those who are looking for the best feel. Golf Pride’s patented hybrid grips are made of a firm cord and soft micro-texture. They offer great traction even in wet conditions.

Golfers can also choose a putter grip to make a super-stroke. Golf pride also offers a variety of other grip styles, including the Tour Velvet.

Typical Golf Pride grip costs under $10 and is comparable to the Multicompounds brand. Golf Pride’s patented Control Core inlay helps reduce torque and enhances the clubface angle while striking the ball.

The grips also feature a larger lower hand to lower the pressure on the fingers. These are two key features for golfers who want a high-quality golf grip.

Golf Pride has tested a few grips without the Control Core inlay and found that they flexed during the swing.


A few of the CPX golf grips offer excellent control over trailing hands.

For high-handicapping players, Golf Pride’s MCC Plus4 golf grip has been proven effective in keeping trailing hands under control.

Similarly, the Lamkin Crossline Golf Grips offer excellent stability and control.

A high-quality Golf Pride grip is an excellent investment, and the company’s Z-Grip golf grip is a popular choice.