The Best Golf Umbrella For Sun Protection (6 Top-Rated)

If you want to protect yourself from the sun while playing golf, you should buy a high-quality umbrella.

There are many varieties of golf umbrellas to choose from, including the Under Armour Storm technology, the Stitch Umbrella, and the GustBuster.

Each one has a unique feature, such as a fiberglass shaft that repels water. These umbrellas are also made to offer a high level of UV protection.

Stitch Umbrella

You can choose to stitch Umbrellas for golf to protect you from the sun or for other purposes.

Umbrellas are essentially two-piece, rectangular structures with a fabric cover. When purchasing an umbrella, choose one that is easily opened and closed.

Umbrellas are usually made of lightweight material, like fiberglass. You should also consider the size of the opening when choosing an umbrella.

The first step to stitch an umbrella is to cut the fabric used for the canopy. You should choose a fabric that matches the existing canopy.

Choose a fabric that provides adequate bias stretch and is the same color and type of fabric all around. If possible, cut your fabric on the cross-grain. You can also use a decorative edge if desired. For best results, trace your original umbrella canopy using chalk or a rotary cutter with a mat.

Another option is to buy an automatic golf umbrella. It is easy to open with the push of a button and comes with an umbrella sleeve to match. Other features include an ergonomic handle, fiberglass shaft, and ribs for added safety.

Chain stitching with nine stitches per inch creates a durable canopy that protects you from the sun’s damaging rays. Finally, a silver-coated canopy is ideal for blocking the harmful UVA and UVB rays.

Under Armour’s Storm technology repels water

Under Armour’s new line of sportswear features an innovative water-resistant finish on the fabric.

This technology provides sun protection and water-repellent properties without sacrificing breathability. It also features an anti-odor treatment and lightweight material to keep you comfortable and dry no matter what the weather throws at you.

This innovative material is also a favorite among Welsh Rugby Union star Jamie Roberts. The Under Armour Storm line is available for purchase now and features hoodies, jackets, trousers, leggings, and more.

Under Armour’s Storm technology repels rain and wind for sun protection. Its 3-layer fabric construction is designed to be wind-resistant and water-repellent while still allowing for maximum breathability and moisture wicking.

It also boasts a DWR finish for added moisture resistance and protection. The jackets are made of wind and water-repellent materials like PFC-free nylon.

Its ColdGear (r) fabric is lightweight and compresses your body for better support. It is designed for temperatures under 55 degrees F, and Under Armour’s ColdGear technology has been improved since the first version.

It has now added a thermoconductive coating to absorb heat and keep you cooler. This technology has a moisture-wicking microclimate. It also repels water.

Bagail’s UPF 50+

The BAGAIL UPF 50+ golf umbrella protects you from the sun and rain while you play golf. Its lightweight design makes it easy to store in your golf bag.

Another important feature of this umbrella is its double-ventilated canopy, which prevents the umbrella from flying away in the wind.

The umbrella’s ergonomic handle is designed to provide a secure grip and fits in the umbrella holder.

The BAGAIL UPF 50+ golf umbrella features a vented double canopy, a high-quality black resin frame, and an EVA handle for comfort.

The 210T pongee fabric canopy offers superior SPF 50 protection, and it is available in 58″ and 62″ sizes. The umbrella’s lightweight, dual-canopy design helps it stay flexible even in strong winds.

The Pongee 210T micro-weave fabric offers protection against 98% of the sun’s UV rays. It also resists the build-up of water.

The fiberglass frame is also strong and helps the umbrella maintain its shape even when the wind is strong.

The umbrella’s automatic-open mechanism ensures a convenient and quick-drying canopy. In addition to being UV resistant, this umbrella also offers a lifetime warranty.


If you’re an avid golfer, you may have heard of the GustBuster golf umbrella. Known for its PGA Tour reputation, this umbrella promises to keep you dry and safe in winds of 55 mph. Its double canopy allows air to pass through while providing maximum sun protection.

The extra-strength fiberglass shaft provides stability and protection. And thanks to its limited lifetime warranty, you can use your umbrella to play golf for years to come.

This windproof umbrella opens from both the top and bottom, giving you complete coverage of the course. With a generous 42-inch arc, this umbrella will protect you from the sun’s UV rays.

The unique C-shaped handle is comfortable to hold, so you can keep your hands free for other tasks.

This golf umbrella has a lifetime warranty, which makes it the perfect choice for any golfer looking for sun protection.

For added sun protection, you can’t go wrong with the G4Free Automatic Golf Umbrella. This umbrella has many features, including UV lining and SPF 50+.

It also comes in three sizes, including a 54-inch version. And thanks to its vented design, it keeps the temperature inside the golf course up to fifteen degrees cooler than without an umbrella. If you want a budget-friendly umbrella, you can opt for the Vedouci Oversized Golf Umbrella.


A Procella golf umbrella is a great way to protect yourself from the sun and stay dry while you’re playing golf. The umbrella’s canopy is made of high-density 190T Pongee fabric, which dries quickly. Its dual-canopy design protects you from UV rays and keeps you dry.

It also features an auto-opening mechanism, and the frame is windproof, which means you’ll be safe from the elements. This umbrella also comes in three different colors, and the handle is comfortable and easy to open and close.

The Procella golf umbrella can cover large areas and is designed to stay open in strong winds. It’s easy to handle and is made of lightweight, strong fiberglass.

It’s also made with a double-mesh ventilation system, which keeps the canopy dry. The fiberglass shaft is rust-resistant and will not break easily.

The umbrella features a patented, ergonomically-designed handle with a grip that doesn’t obstruct your swing.

A Procella golf umbrella can be as expensive as you want to spend, but the quality will be worth it. While they’re not cheap, they’ll stand up to a lot of use, and you can always go back for another round in bad weather.

A Procella golf umbrella will last you for years, so choose one that’s durable and affordable. If the weather gets bad, you can always play the 19th hole!


If you’re looking for a good quality umbrella for sun protection, consider the Vedouci umbrella. This umbrella is made of high-quality fiberglass with a 210T micro-weave canopy and a lifetime replacement guarantee.

It’s easy to open and close with one hand, and it’s durable enough to protect you from wind, rain, and sun rays. The canopy is also water-resistant thanks to Teflon coating.

The Vedouci golf umbrella is designed to protect you from the harsh rays of the sun. Its fiberglass frame is made to last, and its micro-weave fabric is treated to repel water. Its auto-opening design is convenient, too – you can open and close it with just one click.

A sturdy design also helps you protect yourself from the wind and other hazards on the course.

This umbrella has a 55+ UPF rating to protect you from harmful UV rays. This means that it can block 99% of the sun’s rays, and is virtually windproof.

It’s also made with Solarteck fabric, which is great at reflecting most UV rays and helping to keep you 15 degrees cooler even in the harshest sunlight.

A one-click auto-open feature makes it easy to open and close the umbrella, and this is a great option for a rainy day or a golf course.