The Best Hats For Tennis: Top 10 Reviewed

In this article, you’ll discover the best hats for tennis.

You may feel a bit uncomfortable playing your favorite tennis game under the scorching sun. 

Putting on a tennis hat prevents you from getting scorched by the hot sun, and protects your head and eyes from the ultraviolet rays so you can focus fully on your game. 

More so, putting on a tennis hat makes you look professional and fashionable on the tennis court.

However, choosing the best tennis hat may be a bit tricky. To help you out, we’ve made the smartest choice with our top 10 reviewed tennis hats.

Here are the best hats for Tennis for 2021:

1. Nike Legacy 91 Tech Tennis Hat

Although the famous brand “Nike” produced this tennis hat, it is sold at an affordable price.

Despite its reasonable price, this Nike tennis hat is one of the most practical, fashionable, and multi-purpose hats. 

It is made of stretchable and breathable fabric that helps users to enjoy a comfy fit at all times while playing the tennis game.

This tech tennis hat has a six-panel structure with an embroidered perforation that added to its stylish look.

While you have to use two hands to modify the size of most ordinary caps behind your head, you can use just one hand to modify the size of this hat.

The logo is fashionably and uniquely designed. The fonts used for the lettering add to the impressive design.

Also, the breathable and stretchable fabric helps you enjoy a comfy fit all the time spending on the yard. 

2. Nike Rf Hybrid Cap 

This is another luxurious tennis cap from Nike brand. Although the hat is quite pricey and may not fit most budgets, the high-quality of the hat would make you rethink about getting one for the harsh weather.

It has a convenient Velcro closure and the Dri-Fit cloth prevents sweats from dripping into your face. 

This Nike cap is mainly designed to protect your eyes from high sunlight and radiation and keep you fresh while playing your favorite game.

This cap is made of 57% natural cotton and 43% polyester.

This means that the cap is breathable and durable. Also, it is shrink-resistant and can be machine-washed.

3. NIKE Unisex AeroBill Featherlight Cap

This Nike cap has an impressive design as the Nike RF Hybrid and is also very affordable.

Though it shares similar highlights as the Nike RF Hybrid, this cap has a back adjustable strap that can fit all head sizes.

The strap also has breathable and convenient trap closure for one-hand use.

This cap also features the Dri-Fit technology, which makes the fabric sweat-wicking. This helps you to spend a long time under the sun without having sweat drip into your eyes.

The cap also has laser-punctured panels which boost air circulation to the extreme, bringing you a cool fresh air while using it. 

This cap bears an embroidered Nike Swoosh logo on the front and back, making it look eye-catching and stylish.

4. Headsweats Go Hat

This tennis hat is designed with an 8-board structure for a perfect fit and ultimate comfort.

Headsweats Go Hat gives users extra protection against the blistering hotness of the tennis court, giving you more positive energy for the match. 

This hat also features a calico sweatband near the forehead, which ensures that sweats do not fall into your face.

There is a snap buckle finish clip which makes it possible to adjust the hat to fit most heads.

An impressive thing about this hat is the UPV sun prevention that protects you from getting suntanned during the hot temperature outside.

Another impressive thing about this hat is its color scheme, which makes it very chic.

Headsweats Go Hat is made of a shrink-resistant fabric so you can wash it with a machine.

5. Under Armour Launch ArmourVent Cap Hat

This affordable cap hat is specially designed for the tennis game, especially in the summertime. It has open vents all over the surface.

These vents act as air inlet and enable you to enjoy a fun game with extraordinary breathability.

This cap hat is made of 100 percent high-quality polyester, which makes it lightweight and stretchy at the same time.

It’s durable and can fit all head sizes – thanks to the pre-curved visor with shapeless front panel. This hat features a loop and hook closure, which is also convenient for back head adjustment. 

6. Sunbelt U.S.A Super Sunlite Visor 

If you like acrylic and neoprene materials, then this cap is for you. It is one of the most basic visor tennis caps with a good performance. It also has a mid-range price tag.

Though this cap will fit your head tightly, you won’t feel head tension whenever you wear it because this cap is made of neoprene material, which aides stretchability and breathability.

The fabric also makes the cap machine washable and quick-drying.

This cap is also sweat-absorbing and will make your match fresher and cleaner. This cap features a Velcro-styled strap for easy adjustment to fit different head sizes.

One amazing property of this cap is its portability. You can easily fold this cap and put it into your pocket without getting worried about deforming its shape.

7. Adidas Men’s Superlite Cap

Here is a refreshing, functional, and super light tennis cap from Adidas. It has some prominent features that make it unique in the market.

It has a 6-panel structure that offers moisture-wicking well-being. It is made of the UPF 50+ fabric and can help reduce the sunbeam impacts on your skin. 

It features a non-shine front visor that offers more unobstructed visibility.

The hat is also adjustable to fit different head sizes – thanks to the loop and hooks adjustable back closure. The fresh, breathable mesh also enable high ventilation.

Some users complained that this cap loose its original shape easily after hard use

8. Panegy Unisex Mesh Brim Tennis Cap 

Panegy Unisex Mesh Brim Tennis Cap is a very delicate polyester mesh cap. The mesh design is all over the surface.

This cap is made of breathable and quick-drying fabric and has several holes for ventilation. This will protect your scalp from the summer hotness.

More so, there is a sweatband lining inside the cap that prevents sweats from dripping into your face and eyes.

The strap has hook and eye closure for adjustment, so it can easily fit any head size.

It also has the UFV sun protection that protects you from sunburnt during the hot weather.

9. Eforstore Unisex Summer Outdoor Visor Sports Cap

This tennis cap is also lightweight and breathable. It is of high-quality and comes at an affordable price.

Eforstore Unisex Visor Sports Cap is made of acrylic and weighs only about 1.6 ounces. This makes it very light – you may feel like you aren’t wearing anything on the head! 

This cap has a modifiable coil strap and Velcro closure. It comes in various colors and is suitable for both men and women.

such as pink, orange, and red. Thus, it’s suitable for men and women. 

10. Tommy Hilfiger Dad Hat

The last tennis hat on our list of the best tennis hats for sun protection is the Tommy Hilfiger Dad Hat.

Though this tennis hat is called Tommy Hilfiger Dad Hat, it’s for guys of all ages – so don’t be deceived by the name. This hat is made from the finest, all-natural cotton. 

It is smooth, soft, and offers absolute comfort. It also features an adjustable design to the closure to fit all head sizes.

Tommy Hilfiger Dad Hat is amazing and helps at protecting you from the scorching sun while keeping you cool.

Now you’ve seen our list of 10 best tennis hats for sun protection above that you can choose from.

However, consider the factors below to choose the best tennis hat for sun protection for yourself:

Materials: this is very important. You need to choose the tennis hat with the most appropriate material suitable for summer temperatures.

Suitable materials include polyester, acrylic, cotton, or artificial fiber. 

These materials are breathable, enhance ventilation, and can help absorb sweat efficiently. 

The shape of your face: if you have a round face, then choose a high-top hat and avoid hats or caps that are too broad. This will help to increase the length of the face.

If you have an oval face, then you can use any type of hat.

Colors: based on your personality, the color of hat will go a long way in your decision making.

The crown: this is another important factor and you shouldn’t take it for granted. The crown of the hat plays an important role in your appearance.

It should be adequate on your head and make you feel comfortable.