Best Stringing Machine Under $500 (Top Reviews 2020)

In this article, you’ll discover the best stringing machine under $500.

Racquet stringing is a stressful and time-consuming activity. The process is more stressful if you are restringing manually.

On an average, it will take an hour for you to restring a racquet using a good stringing machine and it will take more time if you are restringing manually.  

The best racquet stringing machine is one which will provide the best comfort and tension accuracy during stringing. It is very easy for tennis rackets to lose their strings.

Factors such as continuous use and applied tension could easily damage a racket’s strings. 

It is difficult to replace the strings of a racket manually and stringing machines are not as cheap as they used to be.

To solve this dilemma, this article will discuss the best racquet stringing machine that costs below $500.

There are different types of stringing machines all aimed at enhancing the comfort of its users.

The stringing machine that will be discussed in this article will provide you with the basic features you need to string your rackets comfortably.

Racquet Stringing Machine

tennis racquet

A racquet stringing machine can be defined as a machine which is used to replace the strings of a racket.

It can be used for tennis, squash, and badminton rackets. A standard racket requires string tension of at least 50 pounds. 

Manually attempting to achieve a tension of 50 pounds can be frustrating. This is what makes stringing machines so beneficial, they significantly reduce the stress of stringing rackets.

Stringing machines can be classified into three distinct types: 

  • The drop weight stringing machine
  • The crank stringing machine 
  • The electronic stringing machine.

Drop Weight Machine

Each machine comes with its merits and demerits.

The drop weight machine requires very little maintenance cost but its process of operation is very slow. The machine is also cheaper than other machine types. 

The downside of the drop weight machine is the limited tension it offers. A drop weight machine is for all purposes a pull type of machine.

Crank Machine 

A crank machine is better than the drop weight stringing machine. It offers better stringing tension, accuracy,  and it is easier to operate.

The mechanism behind the operation of this machine is a crank. Hence, the name crank machine. The crank can be operated manually to provide tension for your strings.

Electronic Machine

This is the most advanced stringing machine. It is more accurate than the crank and drop weight stringing machines.

The fact that the machine is operated electronically boosts the speed of the process. 

The downside of this machine is its high cost. It is the most expensive type of stringing machine but it guarantees best results.

It operates by applying constant pull on strings until the desired tension is achieved. Once this is done, it will release a buzz sound to notify you.

This article will provide the best electronic stringing machine that costs below $500.

Qualities of a Good Stringing Machine

A good stringing machine is one which will safeguard your string and racket head.

You have to assess the machine to ensure that it would not destroy your strings or racket head while applying tension.

The purpose of a stringing machine is to enhance the comfort of its users.

The best stringing machine is one which offers the most comfort. This can be measured by the degree of rotation the machine offers.

It is best you go for a machine that offers 360 degrees rotation. A machine with 360 degrees rotation will provide you better control while stringing.

Stringing machines are meant to provide frame support. It would be difficult to work on a racket that is not properly held in place.

It would be helpful if you select a stringing machine that provides multiple points of support to your racket. 

Conventional frame support offered by stringing machines range between two and six points of support. For best results, you should select a stringing machine with six points of support.

Lastly, you can consider the portability and ease of mobility of the machine. Stringing machines are either table top or stand alone. Table top machines are heavier but more mobile.

Gamma X-2 Racquet Stringing Machine

The gamma company is an american stringing company. It has been on the scene for about 40 years.

The company is considered as one of the best stringing companies around the world.

The Gamma X- 2 racquet stringing machine is distributed worldwide and all their machines come with a one year warranty.


According to Dadozen, the Gamma X – 2 is the best stringing machine that costs below $500 (US). This string machine is suitable for all levels of stringing.

You can use it to string for yourself, your friends, and as a professional for tennis clubs or tournaments. 

Components of the Gamma X -2 Racquet stringing Machine

The main components of Gamma X-2 racquet stringing machines are the control panel, the tension head, the mounting system and the clamps.

The electronic stringing machine is packed with features aimed at easing the stringing process. 

1. Control Panel

The control panel is meant to give you control over the settings of your string machine. It provides a series of options to which will ease the stringing process. 

Adjustable features on the Gamma X – 2 control panel

  • You can change the level of tension using buttons located on the control panel. The machine is accurate up to one decimal point.
  • You can change from pounds to kilograms 
  • You can also pre-stretch the string by ten or twenty percent. This is a great option for tennis players who use natural gut and multi filament strings. Pre- stretching is going to increase the tension maintenance for these strings.
  • You can also adjust how quickly the tension head pulls the string. 
  • You can vary the pull rate between slow, medium, and fast. 
  • You can adjust the knot tightening button. This feature is meant to tie the string to your racket firmly without breaking it. The machine has a memory option that allows you to store and change tension settings. This feature is handy if you are working in a tournament or when you are simply under time pressure.

The machine comes with a diagnostic check which will help detect possible errors in your settings.

2. Tension Head

The tension head for the stringing machine is located directly above the control panel.

It supplies a constant pull for the stringing machine. When you are pulling back the string, it will pull back to the required mount instead of stopping midway like other stringing machines. 

The tension head will pull the string and keep it at the  required tension.

This is very beneficial to the overall restringing process as the constant pull will provide it with a whole lot of accuracy and consistency while stringing. 

The level of pull guarantees users of this machine the best string job for personal and commercial use. 

3. The Mounting system

The machine also comes with a six point support mounting system. This system is perfectly fitted on a 360 degree turn table. 

According to Racket Warrior, there is no racket that can’t fit into this string machine.

The six points provides balance and stability for all tennis rackets. This feature is especially appreciated when it is compared to the stability offered by two or four point mounts. 

It is quick and easy to use to put rackets in and out with this mounting system. It is also suitable for different racket head shapes and sizes.

Everything will fit in securely on the Gamma X – 2 mounting system. 

4. The clamping System

The machine possesses diamond coated stringing clamps. These clamps are very easy to use and can be swung around very comfortably.

They can be pinned in place easily and are suitable for both thick and thin gauged strings. 

The dial on the side of the clamp will allow you adjust the grip of the clamp on the strings. The clamps mount very little pressure on the individual strings. 

The machine also comes with tools. They include: two sets of pliers (straight nosed pliers and bent nosed pliers), a diagonal cutter, a pathfinder tool and a viable stand.

Stringing a Tennis Racket Using Gamma X – 2

You can string your rackets to 70 pounds using the Gamma X – 2. To begin, you will have to cut racket strings using a plier. 

Start from the middle of the racket. Cut the first string and then cut across the racket. 

Once you have cut across the racket vertically and horizontally, you can then use your fingers and pull the strings out of the racket.

The aim is to free up the stings so that they can be pulled individually from the opposite side of the racket. 

Once you have successfully isolated the strings, you must pull them out the opposite side of the racket. 

Next step is to mount the stringless racket on the 6 points mount. You need to fit the racket properly and screw them in firmly. 

You should screw them in softly at first but once the machine has a grip on all six points of your racket, you can then screw each point in firmly.

To be sure they are firmly fitted, you can shake the racket from side to side. 

Take steps to ensure that the clamps are not too tight. If you tighten the nuts too much, you will over compress the racket and that is not good for the overall re-stringing process. 

Once you have firmly secured your racket, you can turn the machine on and begin stringing.


The best stringing machine that costs below $500 is the Gamma X-2 Racquet stringing machine.

This machine is available online in Amazon stores and comes with a one year warranty.