The Best Tennis Bags For Ladies: Top 10 Picks

Though regular gym bags may be fine for carrying most sports equipment, most gym bags do not fit a racket.

women's tennis bags

Hence, tennis players need a bag specially designed to accommodate a racket.

A good tennis bag should be able to comfortably hold two or three rackets as well as tennis balls, water, extra clothes, and other personal items.

The best tennis bags will help you pack your items, hold everything you need to take along to the court, and stay organized for your next tennis game.

Even if you’ve got a regular gym bag to carry your tennis gear, you would be impressed with how comfortable and easy it is to pack, carry, and unpack your tennis equipment with the right tennis bag.

There are several excellent tennis bags on the market. But when choosing the best tennis bag, you need to consider the style, color, shape, and size to ensure that the bag would be right for you.

This post reviews the best tennis bags for ladies to help you find the appropriate bag suitable for you – let’s get started.

1. NGIL Tennis Racquet Holder Bag

The NGil tennis racket bag comes first on our list because of its stylishness, comfort, distinctive prints, and high quality.

It’s a useful backpack for female tennis players. This bag brings all the functionality and stylishness needed in a tennis bag.

This bag features an eye-catching and attractive print. It also comes in a compact size, which makes the bag easy and comfortable to carry anywhere.

The bag has adjustable shoulder straps for easy customization and comfortable carry. The straps are fully padded to keep them from digging in even when the bag is packed full.

The bag features a separate racket compartment capable of holding two rackets and also has plenty of room for extra clothes, tennis balls, shoes, water, etc.

Female tennis players will love this bag and appreciate the protected inside sleeves for their mobile phones.

2. Prince Club 6 BackPack

Prince has been manufacturing high-quality tennis gear since 1970. Prince is well-known for its innovative rackets and top-quality tennis apparel and accessories.

This tennis bag is a great option for ladies who prefer to carry a few backup rackets with them in addition to other tennis gear and accessories.

The high-quality material and roomy design of this bag make it a winning option for serious female tennis players.

Female tennis players, who used this bag, raved about its ability to completely unzip to reveal a full inside view when you need to search for things.

The bag also features a padded shoulder strap that is comfortable and adjustable to different sizes.

3. HEAD Core 6R Combi Tennis Bag

Head is among the top tennis racket manufacturer in the tennis industry. The Head also manufactures high-quality tennis bags.

This tennis bag is spacious and has amazing features that make it the best option for tournament-level tennis players.

The HEAD Core 6R Combi Tennis Bag can conveniently hold about six rackets together with other standard tennis gear.

This tennis bag is made of durable fabric that can withstand continuous and hard use.

This tennis bag has padded straps and can be worn either as a backpack or over the shoulder for easy carrying. Female tennis players that used this tennis bag praised its high-quality construction, sporty and stylish design, and affordable pricing.

The HEAD Core 6R Combi Tennis Bagis a professional and perfect tennis bag for ladies who are serious about their tennis game.

4. All For Color Tennis Shoulder Bag

If you desire a tennis bag that adds color and fun to every aspect of your life, this All For Color tennis shoulder bag is your best choice. This tennis bag is specially designed to attract and get noticed.

Ladies that love fashion would definitely love this functional and fun bag. The All For Color tennis shoulder bag comes in several different bright colors that will make your tennis bag stand out from the crowd.

This bag is also spacious and has enough room to accommodate two rackets and everything else needed at the tennis court.

The bright colors, multiple compartments, and spaciousness are what users praise most about this bag.

Most users also mentioned how lightweight this tennis bag is, something you won’t find easily with other bags.

If you want a functional and stylish tennis bag on the tennis courts, the All For Color tennis shoulder bag is the best option for you.

5. Ame and Lulu Women’s Tennis Backpack

The Ame and Lulu brand started in 2003 and manufactures stylish head coverings for female golfers. The founder eventually included stylish bags for female tennis players.

The Ame and Lulu Women’s Tennis Backpack is known for its signature eye-catching style, bright-colored prints, and high-quality construction. The bag can comfortably accommodate two rackets.

It also has multiple interiors and exterior pockets for holding other tennis gear and personal items.

It features a cinch drawstring closure that makes it possible to open and close the bag quickly and also helps to keep your items within the bag securely.

This bag comes in a backpack style to comfortably carry all of your tennis gear to and from the tennis court. This tennis bag is desired for its roominess and its footed bottom, which keeps the tennis bag from resting directly on the dirty ground.

6. Cinda b. Tennis Tote

This tennis bag is also one of the best tennis backpack-style bags. It is also very colorful and attractive.

This stylish tennis tote bag has quilted handles for comfort and also a cross-body strap that enables you to wear the bag hands-free.

This cute tennis bag has sufficient room to accommodate other tennis accessories, extra clothes, and personal items. Carrying this bag makes you look stylish and fashionable both on and off the tennis court.

7. Jetpac Retro Hearts Floral Tennis Backpack Bag

If you prefer a tennis bag that stands out, you should consider this floral tennis backpack bag. This bag features a unique pattern that will stand out from the crowd.

It has a unique shape and bright colors that make it fun and stylish. This bag can conveniently hold two rackets. It also has a large main storage compartment for other equipment or items.

The bag also features straps that can be zipped together into a sling or unzipped to use the bag as a backpack.

8. Athletico 3 Racquet Tennis Bag

Athletico 3 Racquet tennis bag offers something more classic. So, if you need more classic tennis bags for ladies, consider this bag. Athletico 3 Racquet tennis bag can conveniently hold up to about three racquets.

The bag comes in three different colors you can choose from. The bag also features an exterior pocket to perfectly keep your wallet, keys, smartphone, etc. You can choose to carry the bag with a handle or use the shoulder strap.

This bag is very functional and perfect for ladies that are looking for a tennis bag to carry their rackets and personal items to and from the tennis court.

9. K-Cliffs Tennis Racket Bag

This tennis racket is a more functional tennis bag. It can carry everything including your shoes. K-Cliffs Tennis racket bag has a shoe compartment to keep your shoes in a separate section.

It also has several other compartments to hold your items and foods. This durable tennis bag can hold up to three racquets. It also comes in three different styles.

10. Women’s Tennis Tote Bag

The last tennis bag for ladies on our list is this Women’s Tennis Tote Bag. This tennis bag is so unique and doesn’t look like it is designed to hold tennis racquets?

This is a fashionable tennis bag that can hold two tennis racquets. It can also function as a gym bag or weekend getaway tote bag.

This bag comes in several different styles so you will find the style that fits your needs and personality.

One of the amazing features of this bag is the several pockets on it.


The reviews above are essential enough to ensure that you make the right choice when choosing the best tennis bag.

From the reviews above, you can choose your favorite bag with the functionalities that fit your specific needs.

Just ensure that your chosen tennis bag has an ideal price point, is comfortable, functional, and durable.