Best Tennis Net for Driveway: Top 10 Reviews 2020

Tennis is one of the most popular games played across the world.

It’s quite easy to learn and can be played by anybody for good reasons – for fun, as a profession, etc.

Playing tennis can also improve your health, mental, and physical ability. 

Luckily, you don’t have to head to the tennis court every other day to play the game.

The tennis game can also be played almost anywhere you have some open space and flat surface as long as you have the necessary basic equipment.

That’s why you need a tennis net for driveway that you can easily take with you anywhere and quickly set up wherever you want.

Having a portable tennis net gives you more freedom to set up and play tennis when you want and you won’t have to depend on public parks, which might be in use by other.

Buying a tennis net for driveway may seem like an easy and straightforward thing to do.

However, there are many things that go into buying the best net for driveway that most people may not know.

Here are 10 best tennis nets for driveways to consider in 2020:

1. Vermont 3.5mm DT Championship Tennis Net 

This portable tennis net is made by Net World Sports and made to look very similar to the nets used in Grand Slam championships.

This makes the net look professional.

This Vermont Tennis Net is 42 ft. long, made from a double-layered mesh of 3.5mm braided string of HDPE, and has overlocked edges around all its sides.

This makes the net more durable.

This net can be easily attached to any type of tennis posts – whether round or square. To prove its durability, this net is backed by a 2-year warranty.

2. Set of Pickleball, Badminton and Quickstart Tennis Net 

This net from Lifetime is the second best tennis net for driveway in our list. It is a set of heavy-duty net for three games – tennis, badminton, and pickleball – so that you can quickly play any of them. 

This set is 20 ft. wide and can be adjusted to three levels of heights, which include 36in., 48in., and 61in., according to the game you want to play.

This set comes with powder-coated steel poles, which offer durability and stability to the net. You can easily fill the base of these poles with water or sand for proper standing.

This set comes with 1-year manufacturer’s limited warranty.

3. Combination of Vermont Net by ProCourt 

You can use this combination set of nets to participate in several different sporting activities, which include Badminton, Tennis, Pickleball, Volleyball, and Soccer Tennis with your family and friends. 

This combi set of Vermont nets comes in a portable system, which allows you to take it with you wherever you go.

The nets can be easily assembled on the steel poles included in the pack.

The net is made from 6 plies 1in. thick PE strings and the poles are made from powder-coated rust-resistant premium quality steel. 

This combi set of Vermont nets is available in three sizes. You can choose the appropriate one as per your requirements.

4. Edwards 40LS Tennis Net 

This 42 ft. tennis net from Athletic Specialties is one of the best for playing tennis in clubhouse, school, and community tennis courts.

It’s made from high-quality braided 3.5mm netting of polyethylene with rows of double mesh at the center to ensure its durability.

This net features a heavy-duty headband made of polyester, which protects its top from the impacts of rackets and tennis balls.

The net has perforation on its sides enabling you to easily attach it to the poles.

5. Wilson EZ Tennis Net 

This net from Wilson is a perfect tennis net for young tennis players – tennis players of age 10 and below trying to learn the tennis game.

This net can be easily mounted and taken away. The USTA approved this 18 ft. wide tennis net for the tennis tournaments of 10 and underage players.

6. Mini Portable Tennis and Soccer Tennis Net for Kids 

This is another tennis net for kids. It is made by Aoneky. This tennis net is 33in. high and between10 to 18 ft. wide.

This size enables young children to play the tennis game as a part of their physical activities.

This net can be easily set up and taken away anywhere. Aside from juniors, pro tennis players can also use this net for improving or practicing their tennis game in routine.

7. Net for Badminton, Tennis, Volleyball, and Pickleball

This is a portable tennis net for experienced players from Wilson.

This net can be easily set up using the included 10-foot long ropes to attach the net on its either side to trees, posts, and patio chairs.

This versatile tennis net can also be used for other sports that require net, such as badminton and volleyball.

8. Tennis Net by MacGregor

This portable tennis net by MacGregor is made from 2.5 mm thick black colored twisted strings of polyethylene.

This net has a breaking strength of 225 pounds. 

Its headband is made of 4 rows of lock-stitched HD quality vinyl and has a tensile strength of 320 pounds. The sides and bottom of this net are also covered with HD vinyl tapes.

9. Set of Portable Net by Boulder

This is an awesome set of nets for Badminton, Tennis, Pickleball, and Soccer Tennis.

It also includes a volleyball net for Kids Volleyball.

This set of portable nets from Boulder enables you to play various types of games with your friends and family. 

This net is lightweight and comes in a foldable design. You can also mount this net at the beach site or any other place to play any of these interesting games during vacations.

You can easily set up and taken down this set of nets at various heights within a few minutes.

It can be used for both indoors and outdoors games as it is made from anti-rust materials. It can be used by both kids and adults for practicing games and also for playing casual games.

10. Portable net for Beach Volleyball, Badminton, Soccer Tennis and Tennis

The last net on our list is the portable net from Street Tennis Club.

This portable net can withstand any condition and can be taken with you wherever you want – thanks to the included carrying bag for easy handling or carrying in your car trunk.

All the parts of this net are joined to a starchy string so that you may not misplace them while setting up or taking down.

It can also be easily set up and taken down within a few minutes anytime and anywhere.

The included poles are made from painted steel to prevent it from rust. This net can also be used indoors or outdoors to play the game of your choice.

Tennis nets for personal use

The portable tennis nets listed above are suitable for tennis enthusiasts looking for a tennis net for their personal use.

They can also be used to prepare your students for a PE game at school or to run a tennis club.

In case you can’t get any of the listed net above, here is a simplify information to help when deciding which tennis net to buy. 

The two main factors that should influence your decision when choosing the best tennis net for driveway are the net thickness and the perfect headband type. 


Headband is a double layer of vinyl-like or polyester material. It is usually made up of four rows with locked stitching to hold the layers together. 

Tennis nets with polyester headbands are commonly used on hard tennis courts because the surface material can easily stick to the fabric.

However, tennis nets with vinyl headbands are commonly used on soft courts because they’re more resistant to ground debris and dirt and are easier to clean.

Most times, headbands come in white canvas-type material for aesthetics and durability.

However, your court style and personal preference will have an impact on what type of headband to get.

Net Thicknesses

The beauty of every tennis net depends on its thickness. The thicker the tennis net is, the more durable it is.

Tennis nets can either be braided or twisted. 

The braided tennis nets are often more durable than the twisted tennis nets because they are stronger.

Braided net has added absorption ability, this makes tennis balls to remain closer to them instead of ricocheting off.


Although, some people may see this as a minor feature, it can save them from having to chase down the tennis ball all through the entire game.

The tennis nets are usually made from two materials, which are polyester and polyethylene.

These two materials are high-quality tennis net materials because they are less likely to be affected by sun radiation and adverse weather condition.