The Best Tennis Racquet For Counter Punchers: Top 10 Picks

Now that you have acquired lots of technical skills in the tennis game, perfecting your shots, and working on improving your tennis abilities to hit the tennis ball over the net, are you looking for the best tennis racquet for counter punchers?

tennis racket

Look no further.

In this guide, we review the 10 best tennis rackets for counter punchers, which are proven to bring more power to your game and help spice up your game.

The tennis rackets reviewed here are the best tennis rackets for Wimbledon and the other big tennis tournaments.


This is the best tennis racket for players who prioritize power. It is suitable for a big-hitting and aggressive tennis game.

Though this racquet comes in different iterations, all iterations feature a minimalist matte look and Countervail technology that maximizes the player’s energy.

This racket is very handy and is made from braided graphite and basalt, which is an elastic material that improves the flex of the racquet.

The pricier iteration Blade 98S features the “Spin Effect Technology,” which increases ball revolution per minute (RPM) without tennis players having to change their swing.

2. Babolat Pure Strike Team

This amazing racquet has a head size of 100 sq. in and weighs285g. It also has a length of 27in and string tension of 50 to 59lb (23 to 27kg).

It comes in an attractive white, orange, and anthracite-colored frame. The frame also combines both square and elliptical shapes, which give a modern feel to the classic design of the racquet.

Babolat Pure Strike Team racquet reportedly generated more power when counter-punching than when generating its power. Being the lightest racquet in the Pure Strike family, it is the easiest to swing, and the best option for tennis players who need a light performance racquet but with a great feel.

3. Head Graphene XT Radical

If you’re looking for a flamboyant yet powerful racquet to spice up your tennis game, this limited edition Graphene XT Radical racket from Head is your best choice – it will make you look good on the tennis court.

There are just 10,000 copies of this racket on the market. This racket is as flamboyant as Nick Kyrgios’ style of play. It also features a 16/19 string pattern for spins.

However, this racket is not just pretty, it also features an improved energy transfer and an improved distribution of weight for a more powerful game – thanks to the innovative Graphene XT technology.

4. Slazenger Pro

This is one of the best cheap racquets for counter punchers. Though it may not have the most glamorous design, it of course has lots of amazing features like the more expensive racquets.

It has a soft handle for comfortable play and a 16 by 19 string pattern, which gives better control and power. It is also made of lightweight graphite and offers performances similar to that of Wilson and Head.

Slazenger Pro is ideal for beginner tennis players who may not want to invest heavily in the sport yet until they are pro.


This premium tennis racket is based on a Grand Slam-winning racket. It is modeled on the personal racket Serena used to win her 23rd grand slam. This racquet features a large head size and dense string pattern for good control.

Though this racket looks similar to others in Wilson’s Blade range, an impressive difference is the all-important signature of the tennis pro, Serena Williams, on it. Not only does it bear the signature, both Serena and Venus also contributed to the design of this racket.

The racket has a large head size that Wilson says ‘enhances the sweet spot for pure strikes’ as well as a dense string pattern for good control.


This is another amazing racket from Wilson’s Blade range. It is a graphite racket endorsed by the tennis pro Federer, who also helped to design the racket.

This racket is borne out of the 18-month collaboration between Federer and Wilson. WILSON PRO STAFF RF 97 AUTOGRAPH racket is lightweight, has a larger head size, and has a wide racket beam for a significant boost in power.

It is made from a mixture of ‘Tuxedo’ and matte ‘Velvet’ braided graphite with pops of red, which makes it look flashy. The racket bears Roger Federer’s signature and an image of his face.

Though this racket is for pro tennis players, there are also two lighter-weight versions of this racquet for beginner tennis players – the Pro Staff 97 LS and Pro Staff 97 ULS.


Head Speed Pro is a great tennis racket for speed and control. This racket is recommended by pro tennis player Novak Djokovic. It combines top technologies with design elements inspired by Novak’s favorite animal – the falcon head.

Head Speed Pro is built for speed, features a “stealth pattern” and uses the Graphene Touch technology for a great sound and solid dampened feel. It also features the 18/20 string pattern, which gives tennis players extra control.

8. Head MXG 5

Head MXG 5 has a head size of 105 sq. in and weighs 275g. This large head size is one of the largest on offer. With a length of 27.2in, a balance of 335mm, and a string pattern of 16 by 18, this racket is made for powerful shots.

Head MXG 5 generates good power without being too stiff. It also helps players to serve well and offers control on groundstrokes.

“Power under control” is how Head promoted this model. Head MXG 5 racket is suitable for tennis players looking for easy power and a generous sweet spot.

9. Manti 295iii Racket

Manti 295iii Racket is the third generation of Mantis rackets. It has a head size of 98 sq. in and weighs 285g. It has a length of 27in, a balance of 325mm, a string tension of 44 to 60lb (about 20 to 27kg), and a string pattern of 16 by 19.

Mantis 295iii is a solid but simple and elegant racket. Some tennis players found it difficult to generate power with this racket from the baseline, some also complained of its head being too light to achieve real power.

However, other players have been attracted to the lightness this racket made for crisp games.

10. Pacific X Fast LT

This racket bears a similar design to the Babolat Pure Drive. It has a head size of 100 sq. in and weighs 288g. It has a string pattern of 16 by 19 and string tension of 50 to 60lb (about 23 to 27kg). It has a length of 27.3in and a balance of 322mm.

This racket has lots of power and pop and is a good all-around racket. While some pro tennis players may find it harder to control the ball with fast swing speed, beginners and intermediate tennis players who are ready to invest in a good racket would find this racket interesting.

So, if you’re looking for a tennis racket that is powerful from the baseline and solid for sliced shots, this could be a good choice.


While this post has helped you to narrow down the best tennis racquets for counter punchers, it’s very important to use this post only as a guide to keeping you in the right direction.

Avoid being swayed by what other tennis players (including the tennis pros) are using. Before you settle down with a tennis racket, ensure you demo it. It’s advisable that you demo with at least two rackets before you make a choice.

More so, consider the racket string. Note that the type of strings you choose and the tension of the string can have a significant impact on the performance of the racquet.

So, while you consider the string, let your level of experience influence how much consideration you should put into choosing the tennis string.

Finally, when you’re considering a tennis racket, choose a racket with the appropriate grip size. Otherwise, you may not be able to comfortably hold and swing the racket and this will adversely affect your game performance.