The Best Tennis Racquet For Drop Shot (Top 10 Reviewed)

In this article, you’ll discover the best tennis racquet for drop shot.

Knowing how to drop shot a few times in tennis is go, but it’s not enough. With the right racquet, you’ll be able to enjoy the entire process and get consistent at dropping amazing shots.

Learn how to drop shots like a pro. Your opponent will marvel! 

Apart from the top racquets you’ll see here, you’ll also see the built-in features, which make them the preferred racquets in the market.

These racquets are specifically built for drop shots for tennis players. Drop shot racquet is the best tool that you can quickly use to change the course of the game.

With these racquets on your hand, you have the best opportunities to force your opponent forward and smash a win.

The racquets reviewed here are from well-known brands, which are carefully selected to guide your purchase decision.

The Best Tennis Racquet For Drop Shot

Here are the 10 best tennis racquets for drop shot:

1. ianoni Beach Tennis Racket

ianoni racquet

Are you looking for an easy-to-grip racquet to drop shot? 

Then what you need is ianoni Beach Tennis Racket. This racquet is specially designed for both beginners and experts who want to drop shots in a clever way.

The ianoni Beach Tennis Racket is produced with carbon fiber with graphite composite.

These materials are combined together to make the racquet have an excellent surface that’s good for drop shot.

The surface allows better traction and perfect accuracy, thereby producing maximum ball control. 

The racket has a density Pro EVA core that makes the players get more feelings as they play on their strokes.

Drop shot with this racquet becomes enjoyable and pleasurable because of the features built into it.

It has extended length that enables the player to gain total control and stability. The handle length only ranges from 53cm to 49cm.

This length provides greater leverage, impact and longer reach. It helps to improve the rate at which you can retrieve a shot when running. This is an amazing racket you may miss if your desire is to drop shop.

The racquet is a lightweight paddle, which measures to be 310g – 330g. The lighter weight makes the player move quickly to drop shots without losing focus.

With this weight you can easily maneuver and gain adequate control for better improvement on the swing harder.

The ianoni Beach Tennis has a grit face. The grit face has a textured grit surface that helps players to spin their ball and maximum control on the court.

The ianoni Beach Tennis Rackets are durable and sturdy to play continuously without having friction on your arm.

2. GRANDCOW Beach Tennis Paddle Racket 

grandcow racquet

GRADCOW Beach tennis rackets are built with fibre that has EVA Memory, which allow you to have great play while on the field.

It is constructed with an excellent foam core tennis paddle on the head that you can use to produce a greater shot.

It has a graphite composite surface that provides high performance and high speed impact hit response. 

The racquet enables the player to enjoy absolute control and excellent performance. It also allows your hand to enjoy a soft feel, even when you play for a long time.

The racket allows you to smash hits while you still maintain perfect control and enjoy maximum comfort.

The grip handle is built with soft non-slip and sweat resistant grip with adjustable safe wrist tether. 

The grip handle soft prevents the paddle from slipping off your hand while playing and avoids wrist swing. This also enhanced your paddle grip fit into your hand.

With the matte surface you can easily put spin on the ball and have better soft control.

The handle extended length is an added advantage by which you gain leverage and efficiency of hitting back during running.

3. Drop Shot Spektro 5.0 Professional Beach Tennis Paddle Racquet

This is one of the high-end PRO-Paddle with maximum radii size of 50cm (19.75 Inch), pro length that ranges from 330cm – 335cm.

It has a med-small of (4 3/8), which increases maximum maneuverability.

These features make it easy for players to drop shop and get the opponent to change positions that sometimes lead to defeat.

The frame is produced with complete carbon fibre that makes it lighter in weight. The weight of the racket makes it easy to gain total control and resilience while on the court.

Carbon fiber is among the strongest and durable materials for constructing rackets. So, this racket is highly-durable and meets all your needs when it comes to rackets to drop shots.

The technology make up of Spektro is 3D contour spin face, and 22 profiles with 3D. The surface is spin coating for a superior and controlled twin tubular frame.

The canbon fibre provide maximum durability and make the racket unisex. Distortion is reduced to its minimum bearing at all points of impact.

The EVA PRO CORE makes the racke to be anti-ultraviolet. It provides maximum elasticity, comfort and consistency.

The racket has silicone grip channel coating layered with 2 mm of maximum absorption cork. The silicone helps to reduce the vibrations on the impact and off-center hits. 

The racket also has a protective zip cover. The silicone grip channel makes it comfortable and enjoyable.

4. HEAD Graphene 360+ Gravity MP Tennis Racquet

Are you looking for the best racquet that’ll help you deliver to a high drop shop and dominate the game?

What you need is the Head Graphene 360+ Gravity MP that has the features to quickly drop shot your opponent in a surprising manner.

This is one of the best rackets to help you deliver the maximum drop shot and take complete possession of the game.

Apart from the PRO and Tour, the Gravity MP has a 16×20 string pattern that the player takes an advantage of to brush up on the ball or hit in a devastating drop shot from the baseline.

The Gravity MP is built with Graphene 360+ technology that enhances the racquet’s flex with a clean feel at the impact. 

The Head is 100 sq. in. 645 sq. cm. And length 27 in. The weight is 10.9 oz./310 g. Unstrung Weight: 10.4 oz./295 g. String Pattern: 16 Mains x 20 Crosses

5. Beach Tennis – EUFORIA – Head

The Beach Tennis – EUFORIA – Head is specifically designed to meet the requirement for drop shot. 

The weight of the racket ranges from 350 – 360g. This weight helps players to drop shots with excellent control of the ball while on the court.

It has a 50 cm length that you can use to shoot from a long distance without missing out the ball.

The thickness is 22mm. The frame is made of material carbon. It has a face material that’s well treated with Italia varnish for better adhesion in the blows.

The racquet has manufacturer Warranty against manufacturing defects.

Your money is always safe when you buy Beach Tennis – EUORIA, because you have 100% refund of money if there is dislike on the product.

6. XS XSPAK Pickleball Paddle Set of 2

XS XSPAK produced a high-quality racket with excellent features to transform your game. 

When you get XS PACK you have 2 pickleball paddle and 2 zippered neoprene cover to protect the pickleball racket.  

It’s produced with carbon fibre and polypropylene honeycomb composite core paddles set. This material makes the racquet to be lightweight.

The racket is approved by USAPA to be the most satisfying racket you need to achieve your goal.

The racket has a graphite face that gives the player the maximum control for occurrence. This is one of the rackets to drop shot and increase how faster you drop shot.

The presence of the Polymer HoneyComb core makes the racket one of the softest, and quickest rackets to deliver high-performance and durability.

It has a lower pledge guard with high durability protection. Very slim racket, which reduces that rate of mis-shoot.

This racket is suitable to everyone irrespective of your age and gender. 

If your concern is what racket will make you enjoy continuous drop shots, then XS XSPAK is designed for you.

7. Wilson Pro Staff Team Tennis Racket

The racket with an oversized head gives the player additional advantage to drop shots easily. 

The Wilson Pro Staff is designed with an oversized head, which allows the player to gain maximum stability on the court.

The oversized head and the lighter weight of the racket provide forgiveness and total control of the frame.

The racquet is a multifilament string built for arm-friendly comfort and easily playability. It’s matte finish with detailed patter on the inner rim.

8. Dunlop Sports Blitz Graphite Soft 2.0 Padel Bat


The Dunlop Sports Blitz is known as a highly-soft racquet that is designed to help players gain control of the game.

The racket has a 38mm profile and ultra soft core. The weight of the racket ranges from 350 – 365 grams. 

The weight provides you maximum stability to drop shot and hit the ball from a long distance.

The frame is produced with lightest solid materials that make it durable and a superior frame. The racquet delivers free hand performance that increases stability. 

The racquet is technology designed with a ‘V’ hole, which offers the player the maximum grip on the ball.

The racquet has low density elastic EVA combine to produce exceptional comfort and make the player gain control while on the court.

The racquet is designed to control low swing speed, thereby causing the opponent to be in distaste.

9. Wilson Clash 100L Tennis Racquet 

wilson racquet

Wilson brand is known for the production of lighter weight racquet. This is one of the lighter weights you can use to drop shots.

How easy you maneuver and increase speed depends on the weight of the racquet. Wilson clash 100L tennis racquet is lighter in weight.

It has a freeflex which allows the frame to bend in an all-new dimension for maximum ball pocketing and ultimate control.

The frame is stable and smart that creates a unique frame geometry for the most flexible frame in tennis. One of the best frames that delivers best-in-class stability and power.

It has parallel drilling and it’s consistent, more forgiving string bed response that helps not to mis-shot.

The Wilson Clash 100L tennis racquet weight is 9.9 oz (280 g) unstrung, the length is 27 in / 68.58 cm, Cross Section: 24.5 FB, String Pattern: 16 x 19, Head Size: 100 sq in / 645 sq cm, Unstrung Weight: 9.9 oz / 280 g, and Unstrung Balance: 9 pts HL / 31.5 cm. 

This is among the least weight rackets you can get in the market. The Wilson Clash 100L tennis racquet is highly durable and stable. 

10. Onix Evoke Series Pickleball Paddles 

This is a stable racquet produced with composite Face and Polypropylene Core. It offers the player a great touch and power behind the ball. 

It has a teardrop paddle shape with 4-1/2″ Grip Size, and 15.7″ L x 8.3″ W x 1.5″ H; Medium-Weight 7.0-7.5 oz.

It is designed to focus on the shots in the sweet spot because it is produced with polypropylene core and fibreglass face.


This article is designed to help your search for the right racquet to drop shots easily. 

These racquets are carefully researched to be among the best racquets for excellent playability.

Here you have the right rackets to increase your play while on the court.

They are durable and versatile rackets to gain maximum control over your opponent.