The Best Tennis Racquet for Lady Beginners (Top 10 Reviewed)

Tennis can be best enjoyed as a female who is learning how to play, when you have the right and best racquet.

And searching the internet for the best quality racquet for as a start out female, it’s sometimes daunting and time consuming.

Especially, in the midst of many brands of tennis racquets producers in the market today.

Choosing the right equipment to play any sport is very important, because it will help you to learn fast and get on your feet without seamless instruction.

Likewise, how faster you learn tennis depends on many factors, which tennis racquet is part of the factors.

So, this write up is put together to show you how to identify the best quality tennis racquet for women who are beginners.

In a bit to help you, here are the top best 10 tennis racquets for ladies who are beginners.

1. Babolat 2020 Boost Strike Tennis Racquet

Are you a lady starting out tennis or having the intention of begging to play tennis, and you don’t know how to get the best tennis racquet?

Then you have no more challenges because Babolat 2020 boost strike tennis racquet is specifically designed for people like you.

One of the best tennis rackets that offer beginners the amazing power, control, and stability as they start out to play.

A racquet that’ll make you enjoy the comfort from standpoint, even on your very first day in the game.

Ladies who have used this racquet, have it to say that the racquet provides a ton of power and forgiveness, which make it to be an ideal fit for both learner and experienced tennis.

Babolat 2020 boost strike tennis racket frame is built with carbon fiber. This material makes it possible for the racket to absorb impact, still providing the learner the amount of controlling power they need to play.

This is one of the most precision rackets you can use as a beginner. With this racket, you’ll hardly miss the ball.

This racket is well-balanced with an excellent combination of speed, spin and power that’ll make you learn the game faster.

The Babolat 2020 racket comes with an modern technology feature called Babolat Woofer system, which is built to provide comfort and a soft touch. These features make learners feel good especially on the very first day.

The Babolat Woofer protects your hand against vibration stings and impact shock and reduces the rate of arm injuries.

2. HEAD TI Conquest Tennis Racket

Head TI Conquest Tennis are known for their uniqueness. These rackets are specially designed for beginners. it’s caught across both genders.

As a beginner, you need an oversized head. The Head TI manufactured racket with oversized head that offer learners a large sweet spot. 

This type racquet minimises the chance of the player to miss the ball. It’s built with modern technology features that makes it one of the best rackets out there.

Head TI Conquests are extremely lighter because it’s produced with Nano-titanium technology, which makes an excellent racket for beginners.

The oversized head is 108 square inches. This size is common among many companies that produce rackets.

The head size makes it easy for learners to maintain a stable standing point and master precision during the cause of learning.

The headlight balance helps to minimise vibration stings on your hands while hitting the ball and provide you stability as well. 

The weight of the racket is 9.7 ounces and it is durable because of the titanium. Most people regard this racket as the improvised athletic equipment.

3. Wilson Tour Slam Lite Tennis Racket

The best racket for a female beginner irrespective of their age because the manufacturer has a racket for all female tennis players.

Wilson Tour Slam Lite Tennis Racket had made available for learners. This light oversized head racket from Wilson is designed to increase the learning skill of females. 

The racket is specially designed for ladies to improve their power and boost their consistency of recreational players.

The head of the racket 113 square inches (729 cm²) offers a  better chance to shoot and sweet spot.

The power bridge provides longer ropes for an excellent bounce speed and energy. This power makes it possible for a female to play all through the day without getting worn out.

Designed with V-Maxtrix technology, which allows a larger sweet spot and greater power for shot and stability.

The frame is built with AirLite Alloy that increases light resistance. It has stop shock sleeves for less racket vibration and a better feeling.  This is one of the best tennis rackets for female beginners. 

4. RANSOME Master Drive 19 Mini Tennis Racket

This is another amazing racket that’s right for ladies who are just starting out their tennis game. 

This racket is designed to increase the desire of the learner because of the excellent features built with it.

The racket comes with a vibration damping system that makes it perfect for female learners to use and master the tennis within a few periods of time.

The vibration is on the racket bridget, which makes it to be easily accessible by the users.

The racket is designed with different femine colors that makes ladies like it more. The colors are yellow, white, brown, and blue. It is produced with durable metallic materials. 

RANSOME Master Drive is a comfortable and simple racket that any beginner can use without receiving much training.

It offers maximum stability and power not to miss the ball irrespective of the age of the players.

This an affordable racket that you can boldly trust to make your learn tennis faster and quicker.

5. Wilson  Triumph Tennis Racket

The Wilson Triumph tennis racket is particularly designed for female beginner players. This was built to increase the player’s consistency. 

The racket comes with an oversized head that’s great for hitting the ball and minimises the rate of missing balls.

Also, it has extra large heads and length that provide more power to beginners, which they need to master the game fast.

How oversized the head the more power and forgiveness the racket gives the player. Though, the smaller head the more precision it offers the players.

However, expert players prefer to use standard rackets because they exert their own power and hit the sweet spot with consistency.

6. Babolat Nadal Jr 26

This is a perfect racket for female beginners who love tennis. The racket is designed to help them pick up with the game as early as possible.

This is a small version of Rafa Nadal, which is designed to help female beginners learn fast because of the features built into it.

It’s easy to use and provides a comfortable grip that allows users to have a total control over the game.

This is a beautiful racket for female learners that you can use as a present on either on the day of their birthday or any festive period.

The racket usually comes in yellow and black colors. This one of the top most popular rackets for female beginners.

The racket is made of aluminum and acrylic, with a broad string, these materials give the players a lot of power, stability and good balance. 

It weighs 245 g for a player with a maximum height of 145 cm and the head is 698 cm2. This is one of the affordable rackets for beginners who are willing to learn. 

7. Wilson Hyper Hammer 5.3 Strung Tennis Racquet

This is one of the best rackets for regular female trainees, who are preparing to take up competitions in the features.

The racket will help such females to improve on the game faster. The racket is sturdy enough to generate a lot of power even with a partial swing.

It has a larger head size that allows the racquet to provide more forgiving and offer a sweet spot as well.

The racket gives the female player the power, control, and balance they need to change the shot hit and change the game.

A highly-durable racket and dependable racket you can use to improve your tennis skill. The string on the racket offers more control and gives the player good mobility at the net.

8. Oppum Adult Carbon Fiber Tennis Racket

This racket is sturdy and durable because it’s made of 100% carbon fiber and aluminum carbon.

It has a wide and larger face that helps to aim accurately and maneuver. It has a perfect grip on the racket, which is ideal for female learners.

The racket is built with proper shock absorption neither will it hurt at the peak of your strength. The racket is very lightweight and comfortable.

The racket is designed to absorb that’s why it will not hurt even at the peak of your strength. 

The racket is lightweight and comfortable. The weight makes it easy for beginners to be able to control and gain stability.

9. Prince Textreme Tour 100P

This is one of the most ideal rackets for women, especially those who are just starting out their interest in the tennis sport.

It has an excellent weight, which makes it easy for the beginners to handle, gain stability, proper control, and easily maneuver while playing.

The Prince Textreme racket has an oversized head that makes it an absolute racket to learn tennis and gain accurate shot target of the ball.

The oversized head of the also make it more precision on the game and increase the interest of the learners.

The oversized head has 18 x 20 strings that make the female enjoy good bounce play and gain confidence on the game.

The Prince Textreme is a nice racket you can use to increase your performance, and help you to learn fast. 

You can get this racket for your daughter, colleague, wife, and other female friends to make them learn faster.

10. Wilson Burn 100

Are you looking for a blend power and light weight racket to increase your tennis skill? Wilson Burn 100 is the type of racket that you need.

This racket has the features that as a beginner needs to improve on the game and develop more interest.

It uses spin effect technology to increase the way and pattern you swing the ball to any direction of your choice.

It has a stiff frame that makes it one of the ideal rackets for more power and gain stability by female beginners.

Wilson Burn 100 frames are made with carbon, which makes it durable and last longer than you may think.

It has a parallel drilling that allows consistent string bed effects that give females the appropriate hands swing while on the court.

Wilson Burn 100 racket has an oversized durable head string bed that gives the female learner the maximum control and without not miss shot any ball.

It has a lightweight, comfortable frame, and multifilament string that’s constructed for arm-friendly especially women beginners.


Apart from consistency in practicing how to be skillful in tennis, you need a perfect racket to help you drive your desire home.

That’s why we take time to research and recommend the beat top 10 racket in the market in this article to guide your purchasing decision.

These are some of the top rackets as a female tennis beginner, to improve your tennis skill. You don’t have to search because this is search made easy.