What Is The Best Thickness For A Ping Pong Table?

This is undoubtedly the first question we ask ourselves when we want to create a space to play table tennis at home:

  • What are the dimensions of a ping-pong table?
  • What place will the table occupy in the house?
  • How much space is needed to be able to install a ping pong table at home?

What is the best thickness for a ping pong table? A professional table tennis table has a length of 2.74 meters and a width of 1.525 meters. The white band around the outer edges of the table is 2 cm wide. The white band which divides each plate in two measures 3 mm.

The regulatory height of the net is 15.25 cm and it protrudes the same distance from each side of the table. The net is 183 cm long. During competitions, table tennis tables must bear the words “approved” or the “IFTTT” logo on the sides of the table.

The leisure tables, which do not have this specific mention for the competition, have mostly the same dimensions. The difference between leisure and competition tables is more in the materials and the technicality of their manufacturing elements.

In this article we would be taking a closer look at the ping pong table, and it’s standard dimensions.

Choose your indoor or outdoor ping-pong table?

There are two categories of ping-pong tables: outdoor tables (outdoor) and indoor tables (indoor). The former are specially designed to withstand the vagaries of the weather: rain, frost, sun, etc. They are stainless, they have a good lifespan and require little maintenance.

Indoor ping-pong tables are more technical: made from specific materials, they provide better quality of play (rebound, stability, etc.). They are not designed to withstand bad weather and may warp if they are too exposed to humidity or to strong variations in temperature.

Chill Out with Toulet table tennis tables are available in two versions:

  • Outdoor
  • Indoor

Whatever your choice, they will ensure playing comfort and undeniable technical quality thanks to the integration of Cornilleau game boards.


Where To Ping?

The first thing to consider is your practice environment.

Limited Space

If you have little space, we recommend a medium table.

They are smaller than the standard table, being 2 meters in length and 98 cm in width. For a medium table, the space required for a qualitative game is 10m2.

A Lot Of Space

If you have a lot of space, we recommend a standard size ping pong table.

They are the queens of the garden. You know them: the standard size is the traditional size of table tennis tables that you will find in clubs and competitions. They are 2m74 long and between 1m52 and 1m83 wide (for those whose net exceeds). For a standard table, the space required for a qualitative game is 15m2.

Type Of Land

If you are going to set up your table on uneven ground (garden, gravel, etc.), stability will be very important for your quality of play. For optimal stability, we advise you to take the following elements into account:

Adjustable Feet

This is the first element to consider to prevent the trays from moving. Adjusting the feet allows the chainrings to be level on the one hand and aligned with each other on the other – which promotes quality of play.

Thickness Of the Feet

The thicker the legs, the more robust and stable the table will be.

Table For Frame Thickness

The frame of the table top, like the thickness of the table top itself, has a strong impact on the rigidity of the entire table and therefore on its stability.

Advice: For optimal stability, it is important to follow the assembly instructions carefully, to tighten the screws properly, to avoid play between the parts.

A Few Tips to Keep in Mind

If you are going to set up your table on a flat floor (a patio, for example), the table will naturally be flat and will not need adjustment. In this case, you can choose a table without wheels or fixed.

If you are going to set up your table in a collective or public space (campsite, park, schoolyard for example), we recommend a table specifically designed for these spaces, with greater durability. For public spaces, tables must comply with a safety standard specific to the legislation in force.

Where To Keep Your Ping Pong Table


If you plan to store your table in a garage , under cover, the ideal is to have a compact table to limit its size.

Tables without wheels are the most compact in folded mode: they can be less than 10 cm wide and can be more easily stored in a limited space. On the other hand, to be able to store them, you must wear them, often in pairs.

Tables with (foldable) wheels are becoming more and more compact, to facilitate storage. The presence of the wheels makes it easy to move and you can do it alone.


If you prefer to store your table outside , in a garden or terrace, the use of a table cover is highly recommended. Some fit on your table in the open position (playing position), others in the folded position.

The cover, even if not waterproof, will protect against dirt, UV rays, scratches and keep your table looking new for longer. It will also contribute to the discretion of your product stored on your terrace.

A cover that remains attached to your table is a plus for storage: it will always be within reach and will stay clean.

Which table tennis player are you?

Whether you are an unconditional ping-pong player or an amateur ping-pong player, your table tennis profile will also influence your choice.

How often you play and your level of play will also determine the type of table you need. Competition ping-pong tables have very specific characteristics. The rebound, for example, is measurable: in competition, the rebound of the ball must reach 23 cm when it is released at 30 cm from the height of the table.

Another aspect to take into account: if you are a regular player, folding tables may be damaged more quickly by stressing the opening and closing mechanism of the table too often.

The materials of the ping-pong table

Choosing the right ping-pong table also means paying attention to the components used in its manufacture.

The game board is one of the most important elements, it will largely determine your quality of play and particularly the rebound, but also its durability. The density of the material and its thickness will guarantee you a better quality table top.

In the same vein, the posts and the net must be strong and designed to effectively regulate the tension and the height of the net. It is for this reason that Chill Out with Toulet has chosen the game boards and net systems from the Cornilleau brand for its ping-pong tables.

Choosing a table tennis table by Toulet: the design in addition

As you will have understood, we pay particular attention to the quality and technicality of our table tennis tables. The association with Cornilleau guarantees incomparable playing quality on all our models.

But a ping-pong table made by Toulet goes beyond technical quality. Design being a common objective for all our products, the Chill’Out with Toulet tables above all have original and clean lines, which make them a unique and decorative piece.

Far from resembling classic ping-pong tables, ping-pong tables by Toulet bring you the pleasure of the game and the eyes!

Height of a ping-pong table

A ping-pong table is 76 cm high , which is the height of a dining table.

You could almost consider using your ping-pong table to gather your guests together around a good meal!

The contemporary design of the Pearl ping-pong table makes it a piece of furniture in its own right in your interior. Without the white lines of its Cornilleau top, it could be mistaken for a modern dining table!

What if you are told that everything is in place to integrate the Pearl table tennis table into your interior when your table tennis games are over?

A storage drawer allows you to discreetly store your rackets, balls and nets.

Space needed to set up a ping-pong table at home

To have enough space around the table and play without being hampered, you will need to plan:

  • 1.20 m at each end of the table
  • 60 cm on each side.
  • In other words, the ideal is a surface of 5.14 m by 2.73 m minimum to install a ping-pong table at home.

The dimensions of the Chill Out with Toulet table tennis tables correspond to these essential criteria for practicing table tennis in the rules.

Respecting all the technical aspects of a competition table tennis table, it is their modern and aesthetic design that makes them unique. Not to mention the possibility of choosing the color of the board, and of personalizing your ping-pong table according to your wishes!


Playing ping pong is a great experience, the game has gained popularity in so many homes so far. In this article, we have discussed the dimensions for the right table for you, and how to set it up.