Can Cross Trainer Shoes Be Used For Pickleball?

Cross Trainer shoes can be useful for playing Pickleball.

cross trainer shoe

However, it depends on how flexible you are.

The more mobile you are, the more stress you will place on your body.

If you do not wear the right shoes, you might end up hurting yourself.

In this article, we will discuss how to choose the best pair of cross trainers for pickleball.

Best Shoe Brands for Pickleball


Asics cross trainer shoes for pickleball are an excellent choice for indoor play. They have excellent cushioning and support. ASICS Gel-ROCKEt 8 shoes provide excellent support and comfort.

The Forefoot GEL Cushioning System adds extra impact absorption. They also use the TRUSSTIC System technology to reduce weight while maintaining structure.

ASICS Gel-Dedicate 5 pickle ball shoes have an additional feature called the Forefoot GEL Cushioning System. These shoes also have a solid rubber outsole and feature TRUSSTIC System technology to minimize excessive twisting.

For more durability, you may want to go for a more expensive pair. Most companies offer mid-range and high-end models. However, midsoles can break down before the tread wears out. Consequently, you may have knee and back aches.

Despite the price, the main objective is a comfortable shoe and efficient movement on the pickleball court. You can learn more about choosing a good pair of pickleball shoes by watching a YouTube video.

Unlike many other brands, Asics Gel-K-Swiss is a bit narrower than its predecessor, the Gel Resolution. If you’ve worn Asics before, you may want to go up half a size larger.

The shoe will feel snug when new, but break in time will help them break in. Unlike many other sports shoes, Asics Gel-K-Swiss is designed for extended play. It is also made from highly durable rubber.

A good pair of pickleball shoes should have removable inserts. Choosing a pickleball shoe should be an investment in your health.

If you wear high-quality pickleball shoes, they will last you the entire season without needing to be replaced. Choose a pair that offers excellent arch support.

Otherwise, you risk developing a pronation problem, which can lead to a game-ending injury.


If you are looking for a high-quality cross trainer shoe for pickleball, the K-Swiss is a great choice. They feature a wide design that is surprisingly comfortable, which will help you stay balanced on the court.

The shoes’ exceptional level of comfort makes them a standout choice and helps justify their premium price. The wide design is not a detriment to many pickleball players, though.

These sport shoes were specifically made for pickleball. They feature an in-built shock-absorbing system and an improved rubber density on the outsole. They also feature a leather upper and softer mesh.

They are ideal for indoor courts because they are not as slippery as outdoor surfaces, making them ideal for playing pickleball indoors.

Compared to other types of athletic shoes, these are made for pickleball play, which means that they are not only more comfortable but safer as well.

Among K-Swiss’s pickleball-specific footwear, the Volley Zone shoe from Fila is an excellent choice for pickleball. Its lightweight design provides lateral support and is very comfortable.

Another great option from K-Swiss is the K-Swiss Express Light Men’s Pickleball Shoes.

These shoes feature a soft cushioning and high-quality materials. This shoe is also very durable, and is an excellent all-around choice.

Regardless of the type of pickleball court, it’s important to choose a sturdy pair of shoes. Shoes with a durable outsole and reinforced uppers are ideal.

A cross-trainer’s sole is not meant to last long, so choose a sturdy pair for outdoor play. If you’re a beginner, consider wearing a pair of tennis shoes. The durability and flexibility of tennis shoes will keep you on the court for a long time.

Asics Gel-Tactic 2

There are several factors to consider when buying a new pair of pickleball shoes. First, you must consider your playing style.

Women’s shoes should offer lateral support and cushioned toecaps. Men’s shoes should be light and flexible, as pickleball players’ feet to move around a lot on the court. For added comfort, look for a thicker sole and gel insole. Additionally, they should be comfortable and well-fitting.

ASICS has made sure to provide its customers with performance pickleball shoes. These pickleball shoes feature a molded EVA footbed that contours to the shape of your feet. Gel cushions to help absorb impact and prevent foot pain during and after long matches.

In addition, the rugged outsole is made for outdoor hard courts without sacrificing durability.

The Asics Gel-Tactic 2 cross trainer shoes for pickleball will not only provide maximum comfort but also help you to hit the ball with precision and accuracy.

The Asics Gel-Tactic 2 provides excellent stability and traction on the pickleball court. Its seamless mesh upper provides a comfortable fit, and a supplemental toe guard protects your toes from injury. The GEL-Tactic 2 is equipped with the signature GEL technology cushioning system and the advanced Trusstic System to maximize stability.

Another great option is the Adidas Gel-Lyte III pickleball shoe. The high-quality shoe features a GEL Cushioning System in the forefoot. This system provides shock-absorbing support at toe-off, and a new side wall construction limits the weight of the shoe. Additionally, this model comes with a soft sock liner.

ASICS Gel-Dedicate 5

If you’re an avid pickleball player, you’ll appreciate the support and stability offered by the ASICS Gel-Dedicate 5 cross-trainer shoes. This pair features the Forefoot GEL Cushioning System, which helps absorb shocks and provides stability during a quick forward motion. Additionally, they use the TRUSSTIC System technology to help minimize weight and maintain structure.

As with any new pair of tennis shoes, the ASICS Gel-Dedicate 5 cross-trainer shoe is best for players who are accustomed to wearing athletic footwear. The lightweight construction of this shoe ensures that players don’t have to worry about slipping or sliding on the court. The sole unit is crafted from a combination of carbon fiber and EVA, which reduces weight without compromising the structural integrity of the shoe. The ASICS Gel-Dedicate 5 is a good pick for pickleball players, but beware of the price.

For more casual play, the Asics Gel Rocket pickleball shoes are ideal for the sport. This pair of cross trainer shoes also features a molded EVA footbed that contours to the shape of your foot. It also has gel cushions to minimize impact. The gum rubber outsole helps keep your feet from being bruised. It also makes playing pickleball more comfortable and prevents you from feeling pain.

If you’re new to the sport of pickleball, it is important to buy a pair of good quality, durable pickleball shoes. They should be rotated every three to four months. Depending on your play style, you may need to replace your shoes every 60 hours. The sole is the part of the shoe that wears out first. The insole is designed to last for a longer time. If the shoes are too old, you should switch them out with a new pair.

Asics Gel-Dedicate 5 women’s

If you’re a fan of indoor pickleball, you might be interested in the Asics Gel-Dedicate 5 Women’s Cross Trainer Shoes. Asics shoes are famous for their high-quality shoe technology and they offer some excellent features. In this pair, you’ll experience enhanced comfort and shock absorption, thanks to the Forefoot GEL Technology. In addition, these shoes feature the Trussic System, which connects the midfoot and forefoot to add durability.

Designed for indoor pickleball, these cross trainer shoes by ASICS are lightweight and cushioned with gel padding on the forefoot.

The shoe’s gel cushioning system protects the forefoot and absorbs the shock of each step, and the EVA midsole provides targeted support during the movements.

Cushioning is crucial for this sport, which involves quick changes of direction and rapid movements.

The Asics Gel-Dedicate 5 Women’s Cross Trainer Shoes features a flat heel structure to support the correct foot position during movement.

The shoes also come with a lightweight, breathable, and flexible mesh upper to keep your feet dry and free from blisters.

A solid rubber outsole gives you traction and stability on the court. The trusstic system also makes the shoes easy to maintain, which helps keep the shoe structure sound.


Whether you’re playing indoor or outdoor pickleball, the right shoes are essential to your success. The type of court you’re playing on determines what kind of shoes you need.

Outdoor pickleball courts are usually rough and require a more rugged shoe.

A durable outsole and rubber midsole will last you a long time, and the right pair will also provide you with good ankle support.