Does Callaway Own Cleveland Golf?

The Cleveland Golf company was founded in 1979 by Roger Cleveland.

Today, it produces high-end wedges and sells Srixon wedges.

In addition to making high-quality wedges, Callaway also makes Tour-level products.

Cleveland Golf is owned by Callaway

Cleveland Golf has been around since 1979 and has been one of the most trusted brands in the industry.

They specialize in high-quality wedges and use state-of-the-art materials and proprietary technologies to make their clubs.

They also offer their products at a reasonable price point. In the past, Cleveland Golf was known for making some of the most outstanding oil-hardened persimmon drivers.

Cleveland Golf was started by Roger Cleveland, who sold his interest in the company to Callaway Golf in 1996.

The company was previously owned by Sumitomo Rubber Industries, and in 2007 it was acquired by the Japanese company.

Sumitomo has other brands, including Dunlop and Srixon, in the sports industry. In 2006, it was the largest company in Japan at the time. The new owners wanted to expand the brand’s business in the U.S., and bolster the Cleveland Golf business as a whole.

Cleveland Golf’s products are aimed at the average golfer. They manufacture golf wedges and irons for all levels of skill. Their high-performance wedges are designed to be high-forgiving off the ground.

They also make decent irons and drivers. Cleveland Golf is a smaller brand, but it produces high-quality golf clubs for players of all levels.

Cleveland Golf is owned by Callaway Golf Company, which makes golf clubs and golf balls in the United States.

In addition to Cleveland Golf, the company also owns TaylorMade, OGIO, Cobra, TravisMathew, Jack Wolfskin, and a number of other popular golf brands.

Cleveland Golf has a strong presence in Asia. The company represents some of the largest players in the region. The company manufactures some of its golf clubs in China, which is cheaper, but the quality is high.

Calaway Golf was founded by Roger Cleveland in 1979

Callaway golf is an American company that manufactures a wide range of golf clubs and accessories. The company specializes in high-end wedges and irons for players of all skill levels. Its equipment is equipped with the latest in golf technology.

The company is headquartered in Huntington Beach, California. The company is owned by SRI Sports, a Japanese company. The company was founded in 1979 by Roger Cleveland.

Mr. Cleveland founded the company in 1979 and worked as a chief designer and president. In the following years, he focused on the design of golf clubs for leading professional players.

He was born in Long Beach, California, and graduated from the University of Southern California in 1966. Currently, he lives in West Los Angeles.

Cleveland was an avid golfer. The company is the home of the legendary Cleveland wedge. His wedge designs are among the most popular in the world.

The company’s latest offerings include the JAWS MD5 Wedges, which were designed by Cleveland. Cleveland’s visionary approach to golf has led to the company’s current leadership position in the wedge market.

Cleveland has continued to design golf clubs, and he is now the head of Callaway’s wedge department.

The company has evolved through various ownerships, but the name remains synonymous with high-quality wedges.

Cleveland started the company in 1979, building persimmon woods, but soon found his true calling in short-game sticks.

Cleveland Golf is known for its wedges, and also designs for recreational players.

Cleveland golf products incorporate state-of-the-art materials, proprietary processes, and modern designs, but they maintain a reasonable price point. Cleveland golf is a great place to begin your search for a new set of golf clubs.

Cleveland produces Tour-level wedges

Tour-level wedges are a key component of any golf bag, and Callaway is no exception.

These wedges are used by the world’s top players, including Dustin Johnson, Rory McIlroy, Colin Morikawa, and Tiger Woods. They come in a wide variety of lofts, and are available with a steel or graphite shaft.

These wedges feature Callaway’s CC-Grind technology and have been designed with Tour-level players in mind.

The company’s unique groove pattern provides enhanced spin, while the Variable Weight Port System keeps the center of gravity away from the heel of the club for greater feel and a better shot. These wedges are available in 54 to 64-degree lofts.

The Callaway Mack Daddy 2 wedges are a great choice for players with different swing speeds and styles. The wedges are designed to be versatile enough to be used on the practice green and on the green.

A full fitting will be required to find the correct fit. It is important to consider what loft is most comfortable for you before you buy a wedge.

Callaway’s Mack Daddy 2 wedges have different looks from the original Mack Daddy wedge.

They come in chrome or slate finishes. They are more modern than their predecessors, but still have a traditional look.

The name “Callaway” is etched in a classic font on the backside, while the chevron symbol is etched in a more modern font. The chevron symbol is a nod to Callaway’s history and forward-looking philosophy.

Callaway’s PM-Grind wedges are designed by Phil Mickelson and Roger Cleveland.

Their high-toe shape and full-face grooves allow the golf ball to contact the grooves even if the shot is hit outside of the target.

The wedges also have added offset and a high center of gravity. They also have generous bounce angles.

Callaway sells Srixon wedges

Callaway has made a strategic move by beginning to sell Srixon wedges. Srixon is a popular brand that has a rich history and a strong overseas presence.

But, the company is not widely available in the US, making it difficult to find its products on a golf ball store shelf.

The big box stores are cutting back their golf business by getting rid of unsold inventory, and Srixon is no exception.

Srixon wedges are designed to be used as extensions of iron sets. They have a forged, muscle back blade and knife-like address profile that provides exceptional feel and consistency in hitting the ball.

Wedges are available in a wide range of lofts, and they are designed for different levels of player skill.

Callaway makes its wedges in its Carlsbad, California manufacturing facility. The company’s products are marketed to golfers and are approved for competitive play by the USGA.

Although the company doesn’t specify where they are manufactured, it’s likely that SRI has an agreement with an existing premium manufacturer to produce their wedges.

Those serious about golfing can also order custom-fit Callaway wedges. These are created with Roger Cleveland, the world-renowned wedge maker. Their wedges are designed for a high score, and they consistently receive supreme reviews from consumers. They are available in many bounces and lofts and will improve any golfer’s game.

It distributes Callaway irons

Cleveland Golf is an iconic brand in the world of golf, but it is no longer a manufacturer of its own full line of irons. Instead, Srixon has taken its place and is now seriously attempting to compete in the US market. The company has many young golf stars on its roster.

Callaway’s ST line of irons, designed for mid-handicappers, are a little bit more forgiving than their competitors. These irons have wider top edges than their competition and are more forgiving when the ball goes off-center. This will reduce your scores, as you’ll hit more greens in regulation.

Callaway irons can make a huge difference on the course. For example, the Diablo Octane iron features a new, revolutionary technology called “Forged Composite.”

This material is lighter than other metal alloys, but stronger than steel, and it offers the golfer increased distance.

It also has an offset hosel for more confidence at address.

Whether you’re looking for a new set of irons to play better golf or just want to improve your game, Callaway has the perfect iron to fit your needs.

The Apex series irons are perfect for mid-handicappers who have faster swing speeds.

While these irons do not have the greatest distance, they do have an increased shot-making ability. As such, they’re ideal for golfers who need a premium brand iron with increased forgiveness.


Callaway irons have an incredibly wide sweet spot, thanks to the unique perimeter weighting.

Additionally, the clubface is broader than other brands, which helps the ball glide through the turf.

The clubface also has a cavity back, which evenly distributes weight along the perimeter.

This increases the ball’s moment of inertia and makes it more forgiving.