Does Nike Have Badminton Shoes (If Yes, How Much)?

With badminton shoes, you have to choose between speed and stability. Do you feel more comfortable on the net, or do you prefer to hit hard balls from behind? Badminton sounds like a simple game – 2 to 4 players, a shuttlecock, a net.

The rules are very simple and the playing field is compact. But professional and club players alike know that badminton is more complicated. 

So, does Nike have badminton shoes? Nike has a history of making the best Badminton shoes. The brand is well-respected for making the best badminton shoes, vest, shots, and other sporting accessories. Nike Court Shuffle V grey seems to be the most popular squash shoe loved by the pros.

The positional play on the field is very important, speed and agility are just as important as a good tactical understanding. Players also have different styles of play.

Some are bouncy attackers who score with quick, acrobatic strokes on the net. Others play longer clears and lifts to force their opponent to make mistakes. 

Above all, badminton shoes should be convincing with a high level of comfort and provide good cushioning even on particularly hard surfaces.

For this reason, we are introducing the best shoes for children, women and men to all badminton lovers. Wilson, Asics and Yonex in particular prove to be real specialists. But Adidas and Puma can also convince with good test grades. 

In this article however, we are focusing on Nike badminton shoes. Although they are not solely sophisticated for badminton, and might serve as both tennis, and badminton shoes, they are still a great choice for your playing experience.

Badminton Shoes – The Optimal Shoes For Sporting Success

The origins of the popular recreational sport of badminton go back a long way. Even the ancient Incas hit a ball with chicken feathers with flat pieces of wood and passed it to each other. Today, badminton, which evolved from the original shuttlecock in 1872, is one of the fastest sports using a ball.

 So that you don’t slip while playing, there are badminton shoes specially designed for this sport for optimal grip. In addition, good badminton shoes offer maximum cushioning and stability.

Why You Should Not Do Without Badminton Shoes

Badminton places high demands on your physical condition. Fitness, strength and endurance are elementary so that you can master the frequent sprints and quick changes of direction with flying colors.

Relying on your usual running shoes would not be a good idea. Running shoes are designed to run almost exclusively in a straight line. 

The soles of these shoes are relatively high so that they can provide a high level of cushioning for your foot. If you change direction quickly, this is more of a hindrance, as you can bend over very easily. Good badminton shoes are characterized by their excellent support in all movement sequences required in badminton. 

Every change of direction means extreme stress on your joints and ligaments. To prevent possible injuries.

What Distinguishes Good Shoes In Badminton

Badminton shoes give your foot the support necessary for a fast game. Sophisticated technologies give your foot the dynamism that is so important. They provide support where it is needed and allow you the flexibility to take effective steps.

Only a shoe that can follow your movements uncompromisingly enables you to have unlimited fun in the game and top athletic performance. In addition to the right size and a good fit, there are a few things to consider when buying badminton shoes:

  • Do your badminton shoes have a non-slip sole?
  • look for a flat, non-staining sole.
  • Badminton shoes should have a reinforcement in the toe of the shoe
  • good cushioning is essential
  • lateral stability helps avoid painful twisting
  • breathable upper material offers the necessary comfort


Be it a flexible synthetic sole or an abrasion-resistant rubber sole – it is important that it is non-slip. This is the only way it can give you enough grip and a perfect hold.


A flat sole is required for fast movements. In order to avoid impairing the hall floor, the sole of your new badminton shoes should not rub off under any circumstances.


Good badminton shoes have a reinforcement at the tip of the shoe that is intended to reduce increased wear and tear on the shoe. If you step out, you will very likely drag your foot. And it is precisely this tightening that quickly damages the toe of the shoe.


Well-cushioned badminton shoes not only ensure improved wearing comfort. They also minimize your risk of injury. The area of ​​your heel in particular is put under considerable strain during the many jumps. Sufficient cushioning is therefore imperative to protect your joints.


The lateral stabilization of your ankles relieves your tendons and protects the ligaments. Your knees and joints will thank you!


As an athlete, you know how quickly you can work up a sweat at badminton – even on your feet. Sweaty feet are not only uncomfortable, sweaty feet can also be the cause of illnesses.

High-quality functional fabrics ensure that moisture is transported away and the formation of odors is suppressed. If you want to buy badminton shoes, you should definitely choose models made of breathable upper material.

Badminton Shoes For Women And Men

The fit of your new badminton shoes plays an important role. Shoes that are too small squeeze, pinch and quickly cause pain. Shoes that are too big, on the other hand, do not provide your foot with the support it urgently needs. For example, it can quickly lead to ankle twisting and the associated injuries. 

Badminton shoes from Adidas, Perfly, Asics and other manufacturers are available for women as well as for men. Women’s feet are often narrower than men’s feet. Therefore, it is not only a question of the size in order to guarantee you the best possible fit, but also of whether the shoe was designed for women or men.

 Note that the size specifications can vary slightly from different manufacturers. Some models are slightly smaller or larger with the same size specification. If you want to be sure that the shoes fit perfectly, you should measure your feet and compare them with the respective size charts.

Badminton Shoes Recommendation

Have you discovered this sport that is as fast as it is fascinating and you want to buy badminton shoes? Then you can first access a cheaper entry-level model. Shoes for beginners are available for little money. When you feel that the sport is stuck with you, it’s time to switch to an advanced model .

 Once you have perfected your game, you have to upgrade to very high quality and professional badminton shoes, for which you unfortunately have to dig a little deeper into your pocket.

No matter what level you are looking for shoes – you shouldn’t do without good cushioning and stability! Good shoes protect your ligaments and ankles and reduce the risk of injury.

Stability In The Rear Field Area

If you prefer a more quiet game and play cleverly placed clears and lifts from the baseline, then your shoe must meet certain characteristics:

Stability and support for a secure hold when you turn on the spot or sprint short distances

Cushioning against the impacts when pulling off and landing

Fixed fit for high wearing comfort over the entire playing time.


If you are an attacking player who fires reflexive hits on the net with his athletic agility, then your shoe needs the following properties:

  • A low profile and high responsiveness to aid speed and agility
  • Optimal grip to stand securely and to support sudden shifts
  • A large PIVOT pivot point on the sole to efficiently support aggressive, fast turning movements
  • A snug fit to ensure that no strength is lost when moving

The GEL-BLADE and GEL-PROGRESSIVE can also be used as squash shoes. So you can do several indoor sports with one shoe.

Nike badminton shoes

Nike Court Shuttle V Grey Badminton Shoes

Stay in top form while playing badminton by wearing this pair of dark badminton shoes from Nike. The exceptional quality lattice and material upper adds to the general look and gives fundamental padding to your feet. It’s anything but a decent grasp and discredits the odds of incidental slips as a result of its elastic sole.

Air Zoom Vapor Cage 4 Men’s Hard Court Tennis Shoe

The Nike Court Air Zoom Vapor Cage 4 Men’s Tennis Shoes include strong elastic and intense plastic in high wear regions with a Zoom Air Unit situated at the forefoot foot fast speed accumulation.

Court Air Max Volley Tennis Shoes Mens

Take your game to a higher level in the Court Max Volley Men’s Tennis Shoes from Nike. These smooth coaches offer a padded ride with a noticeable air unit in the heel and a removable cushion insole to assist with engrossing effect during fast body movements. 

The upper is breathability and lightweight with trim conclusion and a sewed wrap to keep your feet secured with a grasped out-sole underneath intended for wear on hard-courts and an ergonomic impact point that upholds the shaking idea of a tennis, or badminton serve and strike.


Nike shoes are one of the top brands of shoes in the world. They hold up their name, and reputation by also having some nice badminton shoes. In this article, we have considered a few choices for your convenience.