Does Nike Make Squash Shoes (If Yes… How Much)?

Squash shoes should offer the necessary stability to play squash safely and without injuries and at the same time offer maximum flexibility and freedom to shine in a dynamic and agile game. Squash shoes, rackets, and balls, are among the most important parts of your squash equipment.

So, does Nike make squash shoes? Yes, Nike makes Squash shoes. The sports brand is well-known for making the best shoes, vest, jerseys, and other sports equipment and tools. Nike Court Shuffle V is the most popular squash shoe loved by the pros.

In squash centers, you have to wear indoor shoes. The soles of which do not rub off on the light-colored floor. In addition, good squash shoes offer your feet optimal protection and support when they are put to the test. Squash is a sport with lots of explosive and often unexpected movements in any direction.

If you’re not sprinting quickly, then it takes a big step, with your feet cushioning a shift in your body’s center of gravity. With the right support from a squash shoe, you can prevent injuries. Most squash shoes are equipped with a good footbed and a reinforced heel, which ensures a better grip.

In addition, squash shoes must fit well and be breathable. Most squash shoes are therefore made with so-called mesh panels. This gauze-like fabric ensures adequate air circulation that keeps the foot dry and prevents skin irritation and blisters.

Like different games, squash may get as exceptional as possible. Moving effortlessly starting with one then onto the next end inside a court ought not be troublesome.

Subsequently, having the right shoe has a critical job in your whole squash adventure. Fortunately, Nike is a main brand with regards to sports shoes, squash notwithstanding. Its footwear consists of premium quality materials at a sensible cost. 

In case you’re an ardent aficionado of Nike and are keen on playing squash, you’ve arrived at the right guide on choosing the right Nike for you.

How do I choose the right shoe size?

Choosing the right squash shoe is important for both beginners and advanced players. Choosing the right shoe size also plays an important role when it comes to optimal support and protection of your foot. Nothing is as annoying as a shoe that is too small or too big.

The most accurate and easiest way to determine your shoe size is to just look at the number of inches your foot is long. Almost all major brands now refer to shoe size in centimeters. 

The first piece of advice we give is to find out the number of inches in the current squash shoe or any other athletic shoe.

If you can’t find the size, we recommend measuring your feet and determining your shoe size based on the number of centimeters.

How do I measure my foot exactly?

Take a pen and a piece of paper and stand with your heel against the wall. Draw a line at the end of your left and right feet. It is best to ask someone to help you, as you have to stand with your full foot on the paper. Then you measure both lengths with a ruler or tape measure. Finally, add 1 cm to the number of inches of your tallest foot to determine your shoe size. It is important to measure accurately. 

If you are used to using a shoe size chart, you should take into account that the dimensions for different brands can be different. You should also note that your feet are slightly larger at the end of the day than they were in the morning. 

The evening is therefore the best time to take measurements. One tip from Asics is to measure your feet immediately after a game of squash. Feet are usually not exactly the same. Therefore, you assume the largest foot when you choose the right shoe size.

Best Nike Shoes for Squash

Nike Men’s Court Lite 2 Tennis Shoe

Having the best help ought to be your need when playing squash. Since you will be moving a ton, you should guarantee that your shoes can keep up with your exercises. Nike’s Court Lite 2 guarantees solace, breathability, and backing. It has the lightest weight and padded sole ideal for indoor ball games. 

Court Lite 2 has an engineered and elastic sole that holds well to the floor. Regardless of how exceptional the game gets, it assists you with abstaining from slipping or popping your lower legs. The outer cowhide material adds to its strength and breathability. 

Dissimilar to ball shoes, this one has a lower scale at the back. Both the front, underside, and back have cushioning to carry solace to your feet. Thus, you will probably get rankles on your lower legs. In addition, it also comes with a shock-absorbing Phylon padded sole to shield you from abrupt stance developments and monstrous effect. 

On the off chance that you are excited about subtleties, you may see the framework plan at its sole. This addresses every development squash players realize when in court. While this footwear is for tennis, it works out positively for squash, as well, as a result of its great characteristics. 

The icing to the cake is the pair’s cost. You can get it’s anything but at least $50 and the cost doesn’t go past $100. Aside from being agreeable and strong footwear, it’s anything but a pragmatic and sensible decision. It’s no big surprise why various clients consistently suggest these Nike shoes.

Nike Squash-Type Casual Shoe Mens Cj 1640-102

In each game, Nike has an item that suits it. Its squash-type shoe gloats a retro-style look with a similar premium quality viable with your playing style. The shoe may look straightforward outwardly, however it can give you the best help once you venture into your landmark. 

The materials utilized for the upper piece of the shoes are calfskin and cross section, which makes it breathable and agreeable. It’s anything but a delicate elastic cup sole that adds strength to its fabricate and adaptability to your developments. Additionally, it’s anything but an elastic outsole for a superior hold as you crush that ball and dominate the match. 

From the start, the shoes resemble your average shoes. In any case, when you put it on, you will feel an entire distinctive energy that would urge you more to play squash. Comfort is the most pivotal part when picking a squash shoe, and its cushiony design makes it an ideal fit for you. 

In fact, Nike has rethought the vibe of 80s sneakers to make it proper for other ball games, similar to crush. It looks new, breathable, and trendy. You can even match it with your easy going clothing in the event that you are in the disposition to utilize it outside the court.

Nike Womens Zoom Hyperace 2

Amplify your potential with Nike’s Zoom HyperAce 2 with a lightweight and delicate component for better court development. 

These shoes were initially created for volleyball use. Notwithstanding, Nike shoes are well known for being an overall frill, so you can likewise utilize it for different games, similar to crush.

It’s anything but a TPU confine that adjusts to your feet’ shape for ideal solace and a more viable fit. The Zoom Air material is answerable for its breathable quality. 

Like other footwear from this brand, it’s anything but an elastic outsole for a superior hold on the floor. You would now be able to move, run, and bounce without agonizing over slipping the floor as you land. You can undoubtedly wear it without loosening the shoes since it’s anything but a draw on tab on the heel’s back part. 

In the event that it is your first time wearing Nike sports shoes, you dislike how delicate it is on your first attempt. Give it a couple of more minutes until you become accustomed to how agreeable it may be. You will before long appreciate and feel grateful that Nike realizes how to guard players while playing a serious fight.

Nike Air Zoom Prestige Men 002 Size 6 Black/Crimson

On the off chance that playing squash is a vocation to you, you may be searching for shoes viable with serious play. Nike’s Court Air Zoom Prestige can give you that as it had a few overhauls from its archetype, Air Vapor Advantage. It has quality, weight, and control that are significant variables when picking squash shoes. 

The game may get somewhat testing, yet the Air Zoom Prestige will keep things lighter and endurable. Move effortlessly as you step on its delicate and cushiony underside that embraces your feet well.

The open cross section front has legitimate ventilation that keeps the wind stream and controls your bottoms from being sweat-soaked and hot. 

It likewise gives magnificent curve backing to keep your muscles from stressing with a lot of pressing factors and developments.

You can depend on this on the grounds that it’s anything but an amazing elastic sole that doesn’t rapidly wear out.

Nonetheless, you may discover the toe box of this item somewhat open. A few players are more alright with cozy fitting footwear. 

Additionally, it is accessible in different plans with stunning shadings. Every one of them come in rich and formal shadings that would work out positively for any of your games clothing. These highlights you will get at a sensible cost than most brands that offer premium sneakers.


Nike have proven themselves time and time again as a company in the top tier of quality shoe producers. In this article, we have discussed top Nike squash shoes that are suitable for your court needs.