How Tall Are Female Volleyball Players?

How tall are female volleyball players?


This article provides an average height for female volleyball players.

The tallest female volleyball player is Nelly Alisheva, who stands at 2.08m.

She is 5ft 6 inches, while the shortest is Ai Seo, who stands at 165cm.

Below are the other average heights for female volleyball players.

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Average height of female volleyball players

Average height of female volleyball players has changed little over the years, but there are still differences among teams.

Players in the highest level of women’s volleyball are usually taller than other players.

The average height for professional female volleyball players is approximately 5 feet 7 inches.

The average height of male volleyball players is five feet six inches. Although volleyball is an extremely competitive sport, height is not a necessary factor for success. Players should have multidimensional talent and skill sets.

Unlike many sports, volleyball is a game that is not just for tall women. Those under 180 cm are often considered too short to play in certain positions.

Women under 175 cm may play libero or setter positions. Players in this height range can also be middle blockers and defenders.

These positions require a high level of athleticism. A high school volleyball player can start playing at an early age.

There are also shorter players who play in the highest level. For example, liberos are traditionally the shortest players on a volleyball team. While they do not need to be tall, they do need to be quick and agile. As such, they can’t attack balls from above the net. The average libero is five feet four inches tall. But if your height is lower than that, you may have to consider another position.

Although the average height of female volleyball players is increasing rapidly, it is not associated with the won-loss record of the team. The tallest female player in a 13U team might be the middle. On the other hand, the tallest female player on a 17U team might be the libero. These are just two examples of what the average height of volleyball players in different levels can mean for a team. And don’t forget to set realistic expectations for yourself and your goals!

As the game of volleyball is increasingly popular among women, female volleyball players are often taller than their male counterparts. Taller players can use their height to hit the ball harder and faster than their male counterparts. However, this sport requires a great deal of strength and conditioning and can be risky without the proper training and conditioning. However, female volleyball players are a growing sport and are becoming more common in sports around the world. For this reason, it’s an excellent choice for anyone who enjoys a challenging and physical sport.

The average height of a female volleyball player varies from five feet ten inches to six feet. Women’s volleyball players are usually 5 feet 10 inches or taller, while men’s average height is six feet.

Generally, middle blockers are taller than their female counterparts. Defensive players are shorter. However, the average height of a volleyball player differs between the top level and the lower level.

The average height of female volleyball players varies by position. The DS/L 32 players are taller than those of the top ranked teams.

In general, setters are 72 inches tall. Outsides and middles are seven feet three inches taller than setters. This difference in height may be due to the practice level and the type of position. If a player is playing in an unpaid position, they may be a bit shorter.

A typical female volleyball player weighs between ninety and 35 pounds. While there is no universal height standard, female volleyball players typically weigh about 95 pounds, or about 130 kilograms.

The average height of a volleyball player may range from to 4 feet, 5 inches, and 6 inches.

However, a volleyball player should be proportionate to her weight. It is important to note that female volleyball players should be proportional to their height.

While the average height of female volleyball players is still five feet, there are a few notable exceptions. Iranian player Farhad Zarif is the shortest female volleyball player in the world, measuring 165cm (5 feet, five inches).

While she may not be officially the shortest volleyball player, she is the shortest in popular competitions. While the average height of female volleyball players is still a big question mark, don’t give up your dream!

Average height of male volleyball players

Many men wonder if they can ever play volleyball at a competitive level. In this graph, the average height of male volleyball players is provided in relation to their teammate’s height. The data comes from the top Italian men’s competition and includes individual players, spikers, setters, and middles.

Though they may not be the tallest volleyball players, they are among the shortest. So, it’s no surprise that some men are taller than others.

The height of a volleyball player has a lot to do with their performance. Taller players perform better in the game. Their vertical jump is another essential skill.

Taller players have an edge over short players in all areas of the game. However, there are other factors that affect a male volleyball player’s performance as well.

A taller player has a better vertical jump, so it’s important to stay realistic about your height in relation to your teammate’s height.

Male volleyball players have an average height of around 5 feet nine inches. The tallest player in the world is Wuttichai Suksara, a middle blocker from Thailand. His height allows him to wear shoe sizes between 22 inches and 56 inches in the US.

He has also been diagnosed with gigantism, a condition in which his height exceeds his body’s normal growth. If you’re wondering what the average height of male volleyball players is, read on.

A good rule of thumb for male volleyball players is to be under 180 cm. If you’re too short to play the libero position, you should consider playing as a defensive specialist.

This position requires great athleticism and coordination and you will be expected to be able to defend the net well. If you’re short, however, you have the advantage of a shorter opponent and better ball passing.

A male volleyball player with a short stature can still have a great career in this sport.

If you’re a male volleyball player, you probably aren’t tall enough to play in the highest leagues. Luckily, there are plenty of short-statured players, as well.

In fact, many Japanese volleyball players are even shorter than the average!

So, don’t give up on your volleyball dreams! And remember that volleyball is always evolving! Keep playing and you’ll be a great player.

In fact, the tallest male volleyball player in the world is a 2 meter, 16-centimeter-tall Russian player. Aleksey Kimerov is 2.15m tall and plays opposite positions.

Dmitriy Muserskiy is 2.18m tall and plays the center-forward position. They both have played for the Russian national team. He’s a part of the bronze-medal winning team at the 2004 Summer Olympics.

A number of studies have shown that male volleyball players have different average heights. The European Championship was won by an 182-cm-tall player in 2013. A study of elite beach volleyball players at the 2016 Olympic Games also found that male athletes were taller than their female counterparts.


Players were taller on 8×8 courts than on 9×9 courts. The smaller court dimensions also resulted in higher average height for blockers, although they decreased agility.

While many of the most famous and talented male volleyball players are short in stature, their game has become more diverse and taller.

Players like Lance Franklin and Tom Hawkins are taller than their opponents, but there are some exceptions.

They have a good balance between height and are often capable of playing key positions on the court. Amongst the players with the longest average height, they are: