Innova vs Discraft: Key Differences (+ Alternatives)

This is an Innova vs Discraft comparison article. We’ll be discussing the differences between these two popular discs and which is better for distance play.

In this article, we’ll also compare the Buzzz and the Mako3 in particular.

You’ll also learn how the Innova Roc3 fares against the Discraft Roc3.

Mako3 vs Buzzz

When comparing the performance characteristics of these two discs, the Mako3 has a slight advantage over the Buzzz.

The Mako3 is more precise but has a smaller maximum distance potential than the Buzzz.

While both discs are capable of flying straight, the Buzzz flies with more turn and fade. In addition, the Buzzz is more consistent with the hyzer fade, allowing for more shot shapes. The Buzzz also holds a long, sweeping hyzer line than the Mako3.

The Buzzz SS and the Mako3 are both lightweight and durable. While both discs are made of the same materials, they have a slightly different feel. For example, the Buzzz SS has a Z FLX rim, while the Mako3 uses a soft FLX rim.

This makes it easier to grip the disc in wet conditions. Similarly, both discs come with various plastic blends. The Buzzz is available in several plastic types, including Champion, Star, GStar, and XT.

The Buzzz is a better choice for beginner disc golfers. Its comfortable grip and flat top release make it an excellent choice for approach shots and drive off the tee.

Both discs come in a variety of plastic types, and you can choose the one that’s best for you. The Buzzz is a good choice for beginners in Pro D or Z plastic, but it’s also available in other colors.

The Buzzz SS has a lower turn rating than the Mako3, making it easier to throw in headwinds.

The Mako3 is easier to throw and has a higher glide rating than the Buzzz. However, while the Buzzz is more predictable, it doesn’t turn over as easily.

The Mako3 is also faster and more maneuverable.

Discraft Buzzz vs Innova Roc3

When it comes to midrange discs, the Discraft Buzzz and the Innova Roc3 are both solid choices.

They have several similarities and differences, but players often have different opinions about which one is best.

The differences are often due to a player’s skill level and preference. Some players may be better at using a disc with a predictable flight pattern, while others may prefer a straight flier. Either way, the midrange discs are great choices in the hands of the right players.

The Innova Roc3 is a high-speed, midrange disc. It has good glide and is great for controlled approaches and midrange drives.

The Roc3 also performs well in wind. This versatile disc is great for players of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals.

The Roc3 is an excellent choice for intermediate players and is very accurate. However, it takes a little more practice to master than the Buzzz.

It requires good form and a consistent release to be effective. This midrange disc will hold an angle better than Buzzz and is a good option for drivers and flex shots.

Despite their similarities, both discs have their advantages and disadvantages. The Buzzz is more forgiving and has more glide than the Roc3, and is perfect for beginners.

It also has a beadless rim, which makes it easy to handle and throw. The Buzzz can also be thrown from most places on the fairway.

Whether you play in the woods or the open, the Buzzz is a great option if you are looking for a high-quality, affordable disc. It has a low fade, which means it will hold an angle and be predictable.

The Roc3 has a higher speed rating and can cover longer distances with more precise arm speed.

Discraft Roc3 vs Innova Roc3

If you’re in the market for a new midrange disc, the Discraft Roc3 might be your best bet. It’s the most popular disc in its class, and it delivers accuracy at any distance.

In particular, it has an exceptional flight path and holds its angle of release into headwinds. It is also a versatile disc that works well for straight shots, upshots, hyzer shots, and anhyzer shots. It also ages slowly and predictably, which makes it an excellent go-to midrange disc.

While the Innova Roc3 is faster than the Discraft Roc, the former is more flexible and predictable. This makes the Innova Roc3 a great option for controlled approaches, midrange drives, and putters.

The Innova Roc3 also works well in the wind, making it a versatile, reliable midrange disc. It can also double as a putter if the wind is blowing, which is a major plus for players who play on windy days.

Both discs are great for intermediate players. Roc3 is more forgiving and offers better accuracy, while the Buzzz has less forgiving flight characteristics. Buzzz is better for straight shots, while the Roc3 is better for flicks and angled shots.

When it comes to stability, the Roc3 is the better choice if you want consistent, predictable results.

Discraft Roc3 is more stable than Buzzz, so it will be easier for you to get a straight shot even in windy conditions. Its beadless rim and comfortable grip make it perfect for novice players.

Innova Roc3 vs Discraft Roc3

If you’re looking for a good all-around disc to hit long distances with, the Innova Roc3 is a great choice.

The Roc3’s predictable flight and fade make it ideal for a wide variety of throws. It’s ideal for beginners and intermediate players alike.

Despite the similarities between the two discs, the Innova Roc3 is slightly overstable, which means it will hold a hyzer line better and fly straighter on an anhyzer line.

The Roc3 is an all-around disc that can handle any power throw with accuracy. It can hold its release angle even into a headwind and is versatile enough for upshots, straight shots, and hyzer and anhyzer shots.

The Roc3 is also consistent and predictable, aging gradually and predictably. This makes it an excellent go-to mid-range disc.

Innova Mako3 vs Discraft Buzzz

If you’re considering purchasing a disc golf disc, the Innova Mako3 or the Discraft Buzzz may be worth a look.

These two discs share many of the same features but differ slightly in their flight characteristics.

The Innova Mako3 features a flatter, softer feel than the Buzzz, giving you more distance and stability. The Buzzz is more responsive and provides more glide than the Mako3, giving you more control over your throws.

For the average golfer, the Mako3 is ideal for beginners, while the Buzzz is better suited for more advanced players.

The Mako3 offers a lot of versatility and is great for learning proper throwing techniques. It also doubles as a putting disc.

The Buzzz is a great all-around midrange option that is available in an infinite number of plastics.

The Buzzz is also available in an SS version. This disc is slightly less stable than the original Buzzz but still offers a very comfortable grip.

It also has a straight, understable flight right out of the box. A disc golfer will find it a great choice for most golfers.

While both discs offer a good distance, the Buzzz is more versatile. Its long glide and reliable fade make it ideal for flat throws to the basket.

The Innova Atlas, on the other hand, is a new midrange disc that has a turning motion during flight. This makes it perfect for technical shots.