Klippermate Review: Best Stringing Machine 2020

In this Klippermate review, you’ll discover how the Klippermate stringing machine works, the features, and whether or not you should get it.

The klippermate machine is specifically designed for beginners, who want to learn how to drop weight tensions with accuracy.

It gives you enough time and space for trial and error while you master stringing.

Klippermate stringing machine is a multi-faceted machine that works on all kinds of tennis rackets. It also accepts other similar sports racquets regardless of the frame size.

klippermate are highly-quality machines that help you minimize cost, while you become an experienced tennis player.

As you read further, you’ll learn the specifications, features, and benefits of Klippermate that will guide you in your quest for the best tennis racquet stringing machine easily. 

Let’s get started.

Klippermate History

Klippermate is a USA based company, specialised in the production of tennis string machines.

The company has been in the production of string machines since 1967. Ever since, there has been an improvement on the quality of the machine.

Since inception, Klippermate remains the only company producing tennis string machines in the USA since 1967. 

Klippermate aren’t just the only producer of stringer machines, but they offer good and high-quality products, which many users have rated to be best among string machines in the market.

One of the patents and the first manufacturing stringing machine is the hydraulic racquet stringer. 

There was an improvement on the strings, which gave birth to the production of Electro-Matric.

The Electro-Matric stringer machine made by Klippermate, is the fastest and more accurate stringing machine in the USA.

The brand has continuously recording success, and thereby building on it to produce a full range of portable stringers. 

The stringers from Klippermate offer users the quality and assurance they need to professionally string their racquet.

The quality and demand has positioned Klippermate brand to be the leader of producing racquet stringing machines in the USA.

The company isn’t just the benefit of being the only Klippermate tennis racquet producer in the USA., but enjoys the benefits of producing the best string product in the market.

The company is customer friendly and their products are easy-to-use because the machine has already been set up.

As a beginner, all you need to do is to follow the instructions before you go ahead to practice. Hence, you’ll not understand how it functions for your maximum satisfaction. 

Is Klippermate Stringer Machine Easy to Use?

The tennis stringing machine produced by Klippermate is a complete and easy-to-use machine.

Unlike other stringing machines in the market. 

You don’t need any instructor when you buy a klippermate stringing machine. It’s simple to understand and put to use.

The Klippermate machine is easy to use because it comes with an owner’s manual that contains the step-by step instruction on how to use it.

The klippermater process isn’t complicated, just follow the instructions as in the owner’s manual.  

As you keep on practicing and following the process, you’ll notice how better you keep going as the time goes.

The processes specified in the owner’s manual are simple and easy to understand. Once you’re ready with your Klippermate machine, just follow the instructions on the manual.

The klippermate string-tension machine system requires no strength to operate. You can be gripping and releasing the string easily. 

This is made possible when you carefully follow the direction stated on the owner’s manual.

So, as a beginner or first time user of Klippermate machine, you need to learn the process for some time before you can understand how it works.

Though, the process is not complicated but simple and easy to understand. The owner’s manual includes tennis and racquetball stringing instruction for an excellent result. 

After the period of learning, you can use it on any surface with or without the stand. 

However, this is a tabletop machine that comes with features, built into it to enhance or improve your skill as a beginner.

Invariably, the Klippermate machine is the simplest stringing machine in the market that you can easily use.

Does Klippermate Stringing Machine Uses Clutch Or Ratchet?

The Klippermate doesn’t use a clutch or ratchet pulling system because it delays the pulling system.

Beside most of the clutch or ratchet are plastic composite clamps, which doesn’t hold or clip well. Some of the matching using clutch or ratchet have sharp edges that don’t allow easy pulling out.

The Klippermate stringing machine uses Cam String Gripper for its pulling system. Meanwhile, this is the best pulling system out there in the market. 

Though, the Klippermate has a cam string gripper pulling system, which is made with steel that lasts for lifetime. 

The steel materials used in producing clam string in Klippermate, is from high quality steel that’s anti-rust, and water resistant.

Because of the Clam String Gripper pulling system, the Klippermate is able to pull out at an average stringing tiem of only 30 minutes.

This is the best pulling time among other tennis stringing machines out there in the market.

The Cam String Gripper is covered by a lifetime guarantee. It means, if anything happens to the Cam String Gripper during the course of usage, you can ask for replacement.

The  klippermate tennis racquet machines are known for their drop weight tensioning system. 

The brand is known for system accuracy within the tennis racquet industry standard of plus and minu one (+ and -) pound.  It has been measured or calibrated for lifetime.

The steel clamp string glipper makes the Klippermate machine pulling system very easy and flows the way a tennis string machine ought to have work.

The steel material used to make Clam String Gripper, helps to remove any friction that could result from an abnormal pulling system, which may have delays or stop the pulling system. 

Klippermate is a renowned tennis racquet string machine, which helps beginners to master stringing with a short period via constant practice.

Is Klippermate Tennis Racquet Based solid?

The base of the tennis racquet string machine plays a major role in the functionality of the machine.

One of the factors that determines how the string machine performance is based. The sturdiness of the base depends on the materials used to produce it.

The tennis racquet string machine needs a solid base before it can function at the optimus point.

The Klippermate tennis racquet machine base is produced with steel. The steel material makes the based solid and fit during uses.

Most other string machines are produced with lightweight aluminum or plastic. This material doesn’t make the base solid or film on the ground while using it.

The light-weight aluminum or plastic based of a string need to bolt or clamp the stringer down before you can perfectly use it. 

The bolt will enable you to stringer any time and get your expected result. But when you fail to bolt down these set strings, then you’ll not be able to use them.

However, the Klippermate string doesn’t require you to bolt or clamp the stringer down during use.

The steel based klippermate is flat that can sit on any surface without experiencing any shake during usage.

The steel based of the Klippermate is resistant to any weather elements. These materials are solid to withstand the recommended unbearable winds.

Klippermate Mounting System Guarantees?

The twist conditions most string machines have during the stringing process depend on the mounting system of the frame.

If the frame isn’t well mounted to prevent twisting during stringing, it will result in poor performance of the stringer.

Though, there different level of stringing mounting; 

  • 2 mounting system
  • 4 mounting system
  • 6 mounting system

Sometimes, those using a 6-point mounting system see a 2-point system not strong enough to hold the string.

Though, Klippermate machine makes use of a 2-point mounting system, which keeps the racquet secure on the Klippermate.

The mounting system of Klippermate is a hands-on process that requires you to follow the instructions on the owner’s manual.

The 2-point mounting system is not the sturdies one in the market, it helps you to get the job done excellently well.

Irrespective of how it twists on specific frames when you’re stringing does not affect the overall job of the string.

The 2-point stringing mounting system allows you to set the tension between the range of 20 and 90 pounds.

The Klippermate stringing machine mounting system makes it possible for it to use racquetball and squash racquets.

The Klipper mate stringing machine is a versatile string machine that has a solid based, good mounting system to accommodate both tennis racquetball and squash-racquets. 

The 2-point mounting system removes any stringing damage and has the capacity to support racquets.

Klippermate is among the 2-point systems that guarantees damage free stringing in the market. Over the years customers have testified to this important point of stringing damage free.

How many Players are required to use the Klippermate stringing machine?

The Klippernmate singing machine can be used by many players. The machine is built to be used by many players.

Unlike other stringing machines out there that require only players. But the Klippermate is not like that.

The accommodation of many players at the process of stringer is one of the reason that 

makes many players buy the machine.

You can use the Klippermate string machine with your friends to have fun or during the learning process.

The thirty minutes pulling system of the Klippermate makes it easy for many players to use the machine at the same time.

The Klippermate is use by many users and still maintains accuracy. The machine is specially designed and accurately tested and trusted by customers.

Does Klippermate Tennis Stringing Require Assembly?

The Kalippermate tennis stringing machine is built to solve every customer’s needs  or requirements.

The stress of assembly after purchase is removed by the manufacturers. Therefore, you don’t required to assemble it any longer.

All the parts have already been put together for you to have fun with your friends. There’s nothing to be afraid of, because if you notice any part that’s not functioning you can easily apply for replacement to stop  

The Klippermate is already assembled inside the carton, therefore you aren’t required to assemble it again.

The Klippermate comes with a complete tool kit along with a free string and grip package that make stringer easy for you.

Is Klippermate Stringing Difficult?

The string-tensioning system of Klippermate doesn’t require any training or virtual strength to operate .

The Klippermate gripping and releasing of string is easy because of the Clam String Gripper pulling system 

The default releasing of string is 30 minutes, but you can either adjust it high or lower based on your experience.

Klippermate Tools

The Klippermate comes with high-quality floating clamps, good awl to punch through closed grommet holes, and piers. 

These tools make the use of Klippermate machines become friendly. Especially the starting pin that makes the beginning of a string job easy. 

The tools make the Klippermate easy to use. The floating clamp makes the machine reliable.

These are essential tools that you don’t find in other string machines out there in the market. 

Klippermate comes with a set of strings you can confidently practice with until you master how the machine works.

This is a simple machine that has all you need as a beginner or intermediate to get focus and master the game.

The system features two floating clamps

  • Fliers 
  • Awl

These system features are built into it to make your stringing easy and simple without stress. 

These two feature systems are the important tools you need really at the very beginning before you gain more experience.

Benefits Of Klippermate Machine At Home

There are so many benefits you’ll gain when you have a Klippermate stringing machine in your home.

It will not only increase your appetite for the game but it will also help you to save money, especially when you’re a regular player.

Investing on Klippermate will help you save those money used to play outside often. Also having it at home will help you master the string on time.

The Klippermate helps you to have fun with your friends once in a while, especially when they’re the best type and they like Klippermate.

The Klippermate is easy to use because it is built to be consumer friendly and with features that make it easy to use.

The Klippermate string machine offers an unlimited lifetime guarantee and a 30-day money refund back guarantee. You’ll also enjoy free shipping when you buy the product online. 

Does Klippermate Adds Convenience and Consistent Tension?

Often taking your racquet to the local sports store, waiting for it to be strung is time consuming and makes you not comfortable.

Mostly, it becomes inconvenient when you can’t get there during the business hours of the day. And  in some cases, it takes more days than you propose.

These are the inconvenient parts of it.

With your Klippermate string machine you can string a racquet at any time or at night and back to the court the next morning play. 

Your personal home Klippermate gives you control over the whole process. It helps you to manage your time.

Another advantage of you having your own Klippermate machine is, when you string your own racquet, then you get the exact consistency in the tension in the bed.

You might end up getting variation in the tension, when you visit different professional stringers with different machines. 

The tension you’ll get depends on which stringing machine was used during the string. So, having your own Klippermate machine will help you maintain one tension string.

Those who are concerned about the tension of their string don’t visit multiple stringers but love stringing your racquet with the same string every time.

Klippermate machines will help you string your racquet faster than the time it, then also consider using spring tension winder tennis stringing.

Improve Your Game with Klippermate string Machine 

Do you want to make your racquet strung? Then what you need is the Klippermate machine to give you the desired string tension.

Most times, some of the challenges you find in the game is as a result of the string. But once you remove the restringing more regularly, it will help to improve the string machine.

Don’t wait for your string to break before you re-string the racket, because it will get to a point that your racket will lack pizzazz.

Once your racket lacks pizzazz and the string loses tension, you’ll find that your racket lacks control and your game suffers, then you need to re-string the racket.

The string tension is of a racket it actually the point to restring your racket to make it work out.

It Helps You Become More Knowledgeable

The more you use different strings the more you become knowledgeable on how it works.

One of the knowledge about string tension is that the higher string tension gives you more control in your game while the lower tension string gives you more power.

Though, when you string many rackets, it will enable you to know, which will best fit you. The more you string many rackets, the more knowledgeable you become about different sizes of rackets.

When you have your own Klippermate you can be able to test different brands of string as well as different types and different gauges.

This will help you to know which one that’ll best fit you. The different types of strings you may like test with include: 

  • Poly, 
  • Synthetic gut
  • Textured 
  • Hybrid

There are some strings that are soft on your arm while there are some that’re hard on your arm.

The soft strings are perfect for those who are suffering from arm or shoulder pains. While the hard strings are for those that don’t experience any pain.

Though, you’ll get used to any string tension after several hours of play. This type of exercise is good for hard string tension. 

The importance of owning your own Klippermate tennis stringing machine is that you learn so much more than just how to string a racket. 

You learn more about tennis string racket, and how to improve your game because you become skilled in assessing what is best for your primary piece of equipment – your racket.

Getting your Klippermate machine will not only save you money, it will help you learn more about the game.


The Klippermate tennis string machine is designed to help you improve your skill while learning how to play.

It’s renounced tennis stringing in the USA that maintains it quality over the years. It is the only Klippermate produced in the USA.