Ogio vs Oakley Backpack: Comparison Guide

When it comes to choosing between Ogio and Oakley Backpack, there are several factors to consider.

Fortunately, we’ve broken down both models into their major features to make the process easier.

In this article, we’ll compare each model’s materials, features, durability, and organization.

Continue reading to learn more about the difference between these two popular backpacks.

Ogio vs Oakley backpack: Key features

When comparing the Ogio and Oakley backpacks, you’ll need to consider a few important features.

For regular use, the Ogio Renegade will be fine. However, if you’re looking for a backpack that can withstand more rigorous uses, you’ll be better served with the Oakley kitchen sink backpack.

Both backpacks are equally functional, but the Oakley Renegade is more durable than the Ogio Renegade.

First, consider the capacity of each bag. The Oakley bathroom sink backpack can accommodate most 17-inch laptops, but it lacks a flap. That’s not a big deal, because the other features are the same.

Aside from that, both bags have room for other necessities, such as a water bottle.

The main compartment is spacious enough to fit in your laptop, tablet, and other essentials. The back panel and shoulder straps are made from breathable mesh.

The Ogio Renegade RSS Backpack features a crush-proof tech vault pocket, fleece-lined interior pockets, and a large front compartment with a mesh back.

The top compartment has an easy-access pocket for sunglasses, and the interior is lined with soft tricot material for comfort.

The flap also has a zipped port for earphones, so if you need to use headphones, you can easily put them in there.

The OGIO Mach 5 Backpack is a durable, weather-resistant bag designed for daily commuters and occasional adventure riders.

Its dedicated laptop compartment protects the tablet while the padded shoe compartment allows you to keep your shoes safely. Its external carrying straps are made from Nuback leather. Its padded laptop sleeve allows you to conveniently fit your tablet or iPad while traveling.

Ogio vs Oakley Backpack: Materials

Materials play an important role in choosing a backpack. Both brands offer durable backpacks that are made of high-quality materials.

The Ogio Renegade RSS Backpack, for example, has a padded laptop compartment with zippered access and a large main compartment.

This bag also has small zippered pockets that are convenient for storing smaller items.

The materials used in both the Ogio and Oakley are durable and can withstand daily wear and tear.

OGIO’s Renegade is the most affordable of the two. Launched in 2017, this bag is made of 600D polyester Pindot, which is a tougher material than most laptop backpacks.

Although the two brands don’t specify the denier, the two feel nearly the same when you put them in your hands.

It’s hard to tell which is tougher, but the Ogio Renegade is definitely a better option if you need something for everyday use.

Both the OGIO Renegade and Oakley No Drag Mach 5 have several notable features, including a body-comforting shoulder strap. This motorcycle backpack features an adjustable, quick release exit buckle and a padded laptop sleeve.

In addition, the OGIO Renegade offers reflective safety piping and logos.

Its single main compartment is designed for a 15-inch laptop and comes with a full-featured organizer panel. It also includes a zippered security pocket and a padded tablet/iPad sleeve.

Ogio vs Oakley Backpack: Organization

When comparing the organizational capabilities of a laptop backpack, you should go with OGIO, as their products offer unmatched organization.

In addition to being durable and ergonomic, they are both extremely versatile and provide excellent functionality for your daily commute.

Both OGIO and Oakley have innovative backpack designs that make them highly desirable for travelers and commuters.

Ogio vs Oakley Backpack: Durability

When comparing the durability of a motorcycle backpack, OGIO and Oakley both deliver a good amount of functionality. However, the OGIO No Drag Mach 3 is ergonomically designed for the motorcycle rider.

It offers a removable hip belt, dedicated shoe compartment, and padded laptop sleeve for laptops up to 15-inch screens. It also features a fully featured organizer panel and a zippered security pocket.

One of the most significant advantages of OGIO hard shell backpacks is its organization. The bag can keep your laptop, books, and other valuables organized and easy to find.

The OGIO design is innovative and ergonomic, and it’s sure to meet your needs.

The company’s innovative features make it a superior choice for travelers and commuters. Unlike the competition, OGIO offers an extensive lineup of backpacks.

One notable disadvantage of the Oakley is that it doesn’t have a flap that secures the kitchen sink inside.

The flap is a design feature that OGIO made in a different way. However, this doesn’t mean that the OGIO isn’t sturdy. It’s still a decent all-around backpack. If you have a laptop that’s not quite 15 inches, then an Ogio is the better choice.

If you’re looking for a kitchen sink backpack that’s affordable but offers plenty of storage space, you’ll be pleased with the Ogio Renegade.

It is more sophisticated than a kitchen sink backpack and comes with side pockets for extra storage.

Each side pocket has a zipper to secure your valuables. With a dozen zippers and six padded pockets, the Ogio Renegade is ideal for daily use.

Ogio vs Oakley Backpack: Ergonomics

OGIO – Known for its innovative motorcycle backpack designs, OGIO has improved its No Drag series with new features.

Its ergonomic shoulder straps offer better fit and comfort. It has a padded laptop sleeve and a zippered security pocket. It also features a lightweight, fully adjustable Carbon weave PU shell.

There are numerous ways to carry this backpack, and you’re sure to find one that suits your needs.

Ogio’s hard shell design is becoming increasingly popular. Several factors contribute to this popularity.

Ogio hard-shell backpacks are less expensive than other brands and are favored by athletes, mountain bikers, and hikers.

It has a large user base, and Ogio’s reputation for quality and service is gaining popularity.

The price is usually a secondary factor, as cheap products don’t have any real value.

Moreover, reliability is closely related to durability, so you can expect a good-quality ogio hard shell backpack to last for months.


When comparing ergonomics, the Ogio Renegade is the best choice for most users.

Its 30L capacity is adequate for a laptop, a tablet, and all of your other essentials. Its interior is spacious, and it has an integrated laptop compartment.

The Ogio Renegade also boasts reflective safety webbing.

The overall dimensions of the Ogio Renegade are 19.5” H x 14” W x 10″D.