Old Wilson Golf Clubs (What Are They Worth)?

There are a variety of different old Wilson golf clubs on the market. Some are coveted, while others are simply common and cheap.

This article will explore the value of old golf clubs, as well as the commonality and availability of old golf clubs.

To better understand the value of these clubs, we’ll start with the fact that these golf clubs were created in the mid to late 1900s.

In addition, we’ll look at how to authenticate an old Wilson golf club.

Value of old Wilson golf clubs

The history of Wilson golf clubs is one of the most impressive in the world. With more major championship wins than any other manufacturer, Wilson has been the choice of some of the best players in the game.

Their irons, in particular, have a rich history, having been used by top players for 75 years.

They have won the major championship in every decade since Wilson began making them, including Gene Sarazen, who won seven in a row with Wilson irons.

Despite their age, many old Wilson golf clubs were stored in a garage or basement, where moisture and temperature changes can cause rust. If a club is made of wood, it’s also susceptible to the natural elements of storage.

Wooden shafts are especially susceptible to deterioration, so they’ll need to be properly cared for.

Ideally, the wood heads have no cracks, loose inserts, or missing soleplates. Leather grips should be tightly bound, with the whipping string intact. Shaft bands are also typically intact, though it’s not common.

If you’re interested in selling your old Wilson golf clubs, there are several options. A few retailers offer a trade-in value, which is the amount they give you for your old clubs when you trade them in for new ones.

Some will only accept the club in exchange for a gift certificate that can be used to purchase a new set of golf clubs.

Other retailers will accept old clubs in exchange for gift certificates or other purchases. If you’re looking to sell your old Wilson golf clubs, be sure to check with an expert to find the best value.

Old Wilson golf clubs are also collectible items. You can purchase them for ten to twenty dollars and even find some with a very high value.

Be sure to buy a good-condition club, as these items can fetch a considerable amount.

If they’re in mint condition, a good-quality driver with original hardware can be worth upwards of twenty-thousand dollars. If you’re interested in a new driver, however, you can try auctioning it on eBay.

Authentication of old Wilson golf clubs

The Wilson Staff D9 line of golf clubs was developed by the company to address the needs of modern players.

They feature a range of metal and wood clubs in addition to hybrids. They have been designed with player input to provide high-performance equipment to athletes who want to perform at their best.

Wilson has been a leader in the field of sporting goods for over a century. They continue to push the boundaries of innovation in the sport today.

Old Wilson golf clubs design

Old Wilson golf clubs are easy to come by and can be great bargains for avid golfers. They typically feature titanium woods, flex steel alloy irons, and wood shafts.

Old Wilson golf clubs used to use hickory shafts and persimmon wood heads and were hand-forged irons. One of our made-in-Chicago collection’s Exhibit A is a 1920s Wilson “Success” 1 Mid Iron.

Although Wilson Golf Clubs are manufactured in Tullahoma, Tennessee, their head office is in Chicago, where they design each club individually.

Famous players who have used Wilson clubs include Arnold Palmer, Walter Hagen, Gary Woodland, Padraig Harrington, Kevin Tway, Bren Steel, and Kevin Streelman. As the world’s leading manufacturer of golf equipment, Wilson has been in the top tier of the market for decades.

Availability of old Wilson golf clubs

Whether you’re looking to upgrade your golf set or are just interested in playing with some old Wilsons, you can find them for sale online.

The company began making golf clubs in the early 1930s with the help of Henry Ford’s assembly line techniques.

The company then hired American golfer Gene Sarazen as an adviser and began designing clubs under his guidance. In 1933, Wilson introduced the Wilson Ogg-mented irons, which were designed to move the player’s weight from their heel to the ball-striking sweet spot.

These rare golf collectibles are not particularly rare, but they are rare. Those with a high-quality set may be worth several hundred dollars.

However, the prices for common golf collectibles are still quite reasonable, and they don’t have a very high value. However, if you’re interested in buying a vintage golf club to enjoy its history, it may be worth your time to do some research.

Wilson has a long history of producing good quality golf equipment. Many of today’s top golfers have used Wilson equipment, including Gene Sarazen, who had a 75-year contract with the company.

The equipment is also of high quality and offers a wide range of options for golfers at different skill levels.

If you’re a beginner, look for the Callaway Strata set or Wilson Profile XD set.

If you’re an intermediate or an advanced golfer, consider the Wilson Staff model. It features forged irons and a large cavity.


Wilson Golf sold Game Improvement irons in the early 2000s.

The company also cut its Tour staff and relied on low-margin, high-volume boxed-set sales.

Unfortunately, the management made bad decisions and slashed the sales force and marketing budget.

While the company did recover, Wilson Golf still continues to make golf clubs. And Wilson still makes the coveted Wilson irons. This brand is a great bargain.