Are Pro Wrestling Belts Real? (The Truth Revealed)

A lot of people enjoy watching professional wrestling matches, but they also like to know if they would get their money back after they quit.

wrestling belt

If you stop watching after one or two matches, then you might not get your money back.

But, how do you know if a wrestling belt is real or fake?

Are Pro Wrestling belts real?

The answer is Yes, one of the wrestling belts given to the champion in a match is real gold, which the champion is expected to keep at home, while the other belt is merely dipped in gold. This isn’t real gold, and the wrestler is required to travel with it.

There are two schools of thought about the quality and authenticity of real wrestling equipment. The first school is highly regarded and has strong supporters. It holds to the fact that the belts are authentic and that they were used by professional wrestlers.

They used them because they worked and they could get some pretty stiff competition if they didn’t have something like this to fight with.

The second school of thought is less credible. This school believes that there are no legitimate belts out there and that they are nothing more than impressive costumes worn by well-meaning fans.

Both schools have good points and counterpoints. The real fans believe that if a belt has been worn on television it must be real.

While many people will wear a shirt that says wrestling when they enter the ring to fight, there is no real way to tell if it’s real or not unless you go to the show and ask to see the belt.

There are plenty of T-shirts out there that say football on the back that says wrestle on the front.

Pro-wrestling is a competitive sport

It’s not just for little guys. Many wrestlers weigh over 400 pounds and they get into some pretty nasty situations when they’re in the ring.

Most wrestling belts are around the same weight like that. If they were made for kids, they’d be the lightest, tiniest, smallest wrestling belts out there.

Pro-wrestling is also much more than just hitting someone and getting the win. You need to be able to defend yourself as well. You need to be able to defend yourself from being pinned and then winning the match.

A lot of the moves in wrestling involve striking and blocking. It’s not just a bunch of swinging of the arms and legs. Most of the moves involve locking the other person up so they can’t get away.

So the question is, are pro-wrestling belts real? To answer that question you have to look at what wrestling really is. It’s not just hitting someone and winning the match. It’s all about competition and proving yourself.

How much is a wrestling belt worth?

What’s the best question to ask when getting ready to buy or rent a wrestling belt? Wrestling belt is worth $1,000 – $10,000. However, the question of how much a wrestling belt is worth depends on this factor:

The company or brand

Yes, it depends on the company you are buying the belt from. There are basically three types of wrestling organizations in the world.

They are the Independent Professional Wrestling Organizations (IPWO) such as Ring Wrestling Pro and Cageside Wrestling; the Major League Baseball leagues; and the United States National Football League (USFL).

The last one is the only one with a legitimate title that doesn’t require a television contract.

If you want to be paid to wrestle, then you have to go to a wrestling school. To become a wrestler, you have to get training at a wrestling school.

You also need to sign a contract that guarantees you a certain amount of time to train and no one can move you from position to position for any reason. So there are all those little aspects to consider.

Now, you could just rent some T-shirts at the local mall or buy a few pairs of discount jeans at a consignment shop.

Or you could buy a belt that is professionally made from a reputable company, but they often cost more than one hundred dollars. So, that is a major expense that should be factored into your decision.

I recommend you buy a belt that is authentic. This way, if you win a match and you were paid to wrestle, the company can offer you a refund.

If you lose, you don’t have to worry about that either because you were paid to lose, and there is no win or lose situation in most professional wrestling organizations.

Final thoughts

There are also promotions that will allow you to buy your merchandise at a discounted price if you were there for a particular date or show. That is a great deal, especially if you buy in bulk for later sales.

You can always check with the company or person selling the gear to see what kind of price range they are talking about.

The only thing to keep in mind is, you are only getting paid what the company is willing to pay you. So try to get a good idea of what kind of pay is out there.