Do Pros Wear Spikeless Golf Shoes (If yes, why)

If you’re a casual golfer, you may be wondering if pros wear spikeless golf shoes.

This article will tell you whether they’re more comfortable than spiked shoes, and if so, why they’re becoming so popular with pros.

There are many pros who swear by spikeless golf shoes, but do they really perform as well?

And are they more comfortable for casual golfers? We’ll answer all of these questions and more!

Does PGA Tour wear spikeless golf shoes?

Although some PGA Tour pros still use metal spikes to help increase traction, most of them have moved to softer replaceable shoes. Moreover, soft spikes wear down quickly on certain surfaces, and they aren’t comfortable to walk on when the ground is wet.

Spikeless golf shoes solve several of these issues. The added benefit of these shoes is that you can wear them off the golf course, too. They make the transition from the office to the golf course a lot easier.

One of the most popular collegiate-level golfers is Brooks Koepka, who has joined the PGA Tour. He recently won the CJ Cup and was ranked World Number One last October.

In college, Koepka played on the Challenge Tour in Europe. In 2012, he turned professional and is now part of the Tour. He wears a driving cap designed by Puma.

Even if a professional golfer uses spikeless golf shoes, they don’t consistently wear them. The PGA Tour pros do use spikeless golf shoes from time to time, but not regularly.

This may be due to the increased wear and tear they receive. Nevertheless, these shoes are not as durable as traditional golf shoes. The sole is often contaminated by dirt, so it’s important to replace them after each game.

The main advantage of spikeless golf shoes is their increased comfort. Since they don’t have spikes, they don’t have any pressure points, whereas spiked golf shoes have a higher chance of wearing down.

As a bonus, they can be worn anywhere, not just on the golf course. Hence, they are a good choice for golfers who are planning to retire in 2022. But if you’re not sure about the benefits of these shoes, here are a few things to consider.

The S2G spikeless golf shoes from Adidas are made for durability. They have a bouncy midsole that provides all-day cushioning and flexibility. They have a stylish design that’s versatile enough to wear with any outfit.

These shoes are available in sizes 7.5-15 and come in seven colorways. These shoes are made to fit men’s feet, so you can wear them to work as well.

Despite being made for PGA Tour professionals, there are still a number of high-end spikeless golf shoes available in the market.

Footjoy DryJoys Tour golf shoes are 100% waterproof and usually cost on average $150 to $200.

The Adidas ZG21 is another comfortable spikeless golf shoe that is worn by PGA Tour pros.

Besides being waterproof, it also has aggressive soft spikes. It can be worn comfortably and can be used by weekend warriors as well.

Are Spikeless golf shoes more comfortable than spiked golf shoes?

Are spikeless golf shoes more comfortable than their spiked counterparts? That’s a question many golfers ask themselves.

Those who play casually often put comfort over performance first, and will likely be fine with a few slips on wet fairways or aching feet.

Despite this, the underlying benefits of spiked golf shoes are far greater than their spikeless counterparts.

Although some professional golfers use spikeless golf shoes, the majority of golfers prefer their spiked cousins. The reason for this is simple: the spikes offer better traction and balance on the green.

Golf shoes with spikes also prevent blisters on the toes and feet from hot pavement.

Interestingly, some golf courses prohibit the use of spiked shoes for safety reasons.

Therefore, it is vital to check with the course’s rules about whether spikeless golf shoes are allowed before making your purchase.

The spikes on spikeless golf shoes are more comfortable than spiked golf shoes, especially if you’re playing on flat surfaces. They’re lightweight, breathable, and provide more support than sneakers.

Unlike spiked golf shoes, spikeless golf shoes are easy to put on and take off. Many golfers even wear spikeless golf shoes to work and out on the town. That’s just how comfortable they are.

There are several pros to both spikeless and spiked golf shoes. The most important thing for golfers is comfort. While both types of shoes provide excellent traction, spikeless golf shoes are more comfortable in the winter, and spiked golf shoes offer greater support in cold conditions.

Those with hard swings may want to consider traditional cleats. They help balance high torque levels. And many professional golfers wear spiked golf shoes.

Despite the differences, both styles of golf shoes are made to be comfortable for your feet. If you don’t need to use spikes, spikeless golf shoes are more flexible than spiked ones.

They are also lighter and easier to walk in. In addition to being more comfortable, spikeless golf shoes offer better traction on the green.

The only major difference between spiked and spikeless golf shoes is the type of traction they provide.

However, both golf shoes have their benefits. The spikes are replaceable and can last between 12 and 24 months. However, the lifespan of spikeless shoes is significantly less than that of spiked golf shoes.

As a result, they wear out more quickly, so it’s important to change your shoes periodically.

Even though spikeless golf shoes are more durable, they do require regular maintenance to prevent fading or detraction.

Depending on how much you walk on hard surfaces, you can expect a shoe to last anywhere from 18 months to three years.

In addition, your preference for spikeless or spiked golf shoes will depend on the climate you play in.

A desert golf course will require much different footwear than one found on a sunny Florida course. If you’re going to play in a humid climate, you’ll probably want to opt for spiked golf shoes.

In these cases, spiked golf shoes are a better choice if you want to keep your feet dry.

Are Spikeless golf shoes more popular with casual golfers?

Well, this depends largely on personal preference. The slender advantages of spikeless golf shoes include increased comfort, and lighter weight, along with an improved traction system.

Casual golfers may find spikeless shoes more comfortable to wear than more expensive, spiked shoes, but if the goal is ultimate traction and comfort, spiked shoes are best.

The spikeless golf shoe has become a popular fashion item. Its design makes it comfortable to wear outside the golf course, similar to trainers.

The traction is important but shouldn’t detract from comfort. Sports brands now make spikeless shoes with good traction.

Casual golfers can still purchase spiked golf shoes for performance. The traditional thinking behind golf shoes has changed and spikeless golf shoes are no longer the most comfortable option.

While spikeless shoes are more comfortable, they are still a little less flexible. Casual golfers may prefer spiked shoes for muddy conditions.

They might also prefer spikeless shoes for summer golf courses.

Spikeless golf shoes can look a little odd in the early morning or if you’re playing in a damp climate. Regardless of the style you choose, the key is finding the right shoe for your feet.

As with any other type of golf shoe, spikeless shoes are not cheap. However, they have improved and now have a place in casual golfers’ wardrobes. And they look great, too. That makes them a versatile choice for casual golfers.

So, don’t underestimate the benefits of spikeless golf shoes! You’ll be glad you did. Take a look! You might be surprised how versatile they are!

Casual golfers prefer spikeless shoes over conventional footwear. Their durability is improved and they are not as easily damaged when walking on hard floors.

And, they’re more flexible than spiked golf shoes. And they’re perfect for playing golf on holiday.

But you should be aware that spikeless golf shoes are still not for everyone. If you’re looking for a more casual golf shoe, it’s better to go for a spikeless pair.


Casual golfers tend to value comfort over performance. They’ll put up with an occasional slip on wet fairways and may not appreciate painful feet.

Casual golfers might also like spikeless shoes for their comfort and style, as they’re essentially the same type of trainers.

They can be worn to the 19th hole, too. This makes them an excellent choice for social golfers.

While many golfers are satisfied with the comfort and durability of spiked footwear, they may feel hesitant to invest in a pair of spikeless golf shoes.

Spiked shoes can also provide a more durable grip and last longer. And they’re also more versatile.

You can choose to wear spikeless golf shoes on the golf course as a casual option if you like. The choice is ultimately yours.