Are Refurbished Golf Balls Good? (Read this first)

Refurbished golf balls are not completely useless.

But the question of whether they’re good or not depends on how you view the product.

For example, they tend to get scuffed and spin less easily than brand-new balls.

Are refurbished golf balls good? Generally, refurbished golf balls have bene refined and repainted. They tend to wear off and you can see the worn out old cover underneath. However, refurbished golf balls can perform similar to a new ball especially if they’re not too old or too waterlogged.

There are some benefits to refurbished balls. Let’s see:

1. Refurbished golf balls are better than new ones

Refurbished golf balls have similar qualities to new balls. They are restored in a less invasive manner. Unlike new balls, refurbished balls are not cover-blasted.

They are improved cosmetically, depending on what they need most.

Depending on their condition, they may need arrows painted or logos restored if they are faded. You’ll find that refurbished golf balls offer much better value for money.

The difference in performance between recycled and new golf balls is not huge, but a refurbished ball will last a longer time and still be in excellent condition.

Refurbished balls are ideal for beginners and those who lose a few balls on the golf course.

For a starter, they will be cheaper and are a great alternative to new golf balls. Beginners should avoid new balls if possible and use recycled ones when possible.

Refurbished golf balls are better than brand new ones because they are made from quality materials.

Most manufacturers say that a new golf ball should last two to three years in normal conditions. However, excessive heat will shorten the ball’s life span considerably.

Refurbished balls cost 50% or less compared to new ones, making them a great investment for golfers.

They are also worth it if you’re on a tight budget, since refurbished balls will be just as good as new balls.

Refurbished balls have higher spin rates than new ones. The new Pro V1 shot carried 210.6 yards and was 51.8 feet high, but the refurbished ball was only 210.6 yards longer and flew 36 feet lower than its new counterpart.

Although this difference may not seem significant, it is a good indication that the refurbished ball was in poor condition before being repainted. This could be because of the refurbished golf balls being repainted.

Refurbished golf balls spin more easily

Golf balls are not made the same for every golfer. Some spin better than others, while others have high spin rates, which can make them less playable for some golfers.

Depending on how hard you hit a shot, there are a few factors to consider when choosing the right ball. For example, if you slice often, a high-spinning ball will cause you to miss more shots.

Refurbished golf balls are softer and may have higher spin rates. If you want to improve your game, you may want to consider refurbished balls.

Refurbished golf balls tend to get scuffed

Despite their name, refurbished golf balls are not necessarily less reliable than brand-new balls.

Refurbished golf balls usually have their covers painted or refinished, which exposes the worn-out old cover underneath.

This is why they tend to perform similarly to new balls — that is, they are not waterlogged or too old.

However, some refurbished balls might not have been in the best condition before being painted, and are thus masquerading as brand-new balls.

When considering the durability of a ball, look for light, medium, and moderate scuff marks.

A light scuff marks the ball as expected, but it does not alter its performance. In contrast, moderate scuffs markedly altered the ball’s spin axis and significantly affected its peak height and distance. A ball with moderate scuffing flew nearly 50 yards off-target and fell below the baseline.

As with golf clubs, golf balls can take a beating. In a golf tournament, competitors use one ball and must switch to another of the same make and model.

Often, golf balls with scuffs are used as practice balls or for a game of a certain difficulty level. Even if the scuffs don’t affect the ball’s performance, it’s still recommended that you replace them.

Refurbished golf balls are the cheapest way to restore your golf ball’s luster and sturdiness.

These balls have scuffed covers that are wet-blasted and painted again. A variety of companies refinish golf balls.

Many of these companies will stamp “refurbished” on their balls. However, the quality of the finished product may suffer. If you are worried that your ball will be scratched and lose its luster, you can check out the comments section below.

Refurbished golf balls often have less obvious defects. These balls are still in good condition, but they might have minor marks or scuffs. Retailers grade refurbished balls differently. They may label them as “mint,” “near mint”, “good,” or “value.”

Some retailers place used golf balls with pen marks and other brand-related logos on them. If you’re worried that refurbished golf balls are too rough to play with, keep an eye out for scuffs and scratches.

Refurbished golf balls tend to be cheaper

If you’re interested in saving money while still buying a top-notch golf ball, refurbished balls are a great choice.

Refurbished balls are often cheaper than brand-new balls, so they’re an excellent way to test out a wide range of styles and brands. You can also choose to buy recycled balls, which are much more affordable.

Despite their low price, refurbished balls can be of poor quality, with paint peeling off or even a different logo on the ball.

Refurbished golf balls can be purchased from a variety of places, from local clubs to online stores. Some golf shops sell refurbished balls, but you may be able to find a better deal online.

Websites like Found Golf Balls offer nearly every type of ball available, from Titleists to Srixons and Nikes to Noodles. They also grade their balls on a scale from pristine mint to ‘good’ condition, so you can be assured that you’ll find a bargain.

Compared to new balls, refurbished balls tend to have more distance. But they often lack the durability and feel that golfers prefer. Refurbished balls don’t last nearly as long as new ones, and can be a good option if you’re looking to save money.

You don’t have to sacrifice control, either. Even if they’re slightly less expensive, refurbished balls can improve your score.

Refurbished golf balls are made from recycled golf balls. These balls undergo a simple cleaning process, but are often not as durable as brand-new ones.

They’re still excellent balls for practice, as they’re virtually identical in appearance.

Refurbished golf balls tend to be cheaper than brand-new ones and are the ideal choice for beginners and mid-handicappers. The only difference between refurbished and new golf balls is the cost.


Refurbished balls are cheaper than new ones. Buying refurbished balls will save you money and avoid the hassle of shipping and handling.

Compared to new balls, they also tend to be of higher quality.

Aside from being cheaper, refurbished golf balls have been carefully tested to ensure that they meet high standards.

They are a great way to save money without sacrificing quality.

However, remember to buy a brand-new ball if you really need to.