Are Running Shoes OK For Pickleball?

Are running shoes OK for pickleball?

running shoes for pickleball

Yes, and no. Let’s look at what you need to know before buying a pair.

The best shoe for pickleball is a hybrid of cross-trainers and tennis shoes.

But even if you don’t use them specifically for this sport, most quality commercial sports shoes will suffice.

Read on to decide for yourself. Then, you can buy a pair that’s just right for your game.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Shoe for Pickleball:


Using the correct type of footwear for pickleball is important. While a pair of running shoes may not be the best option, they are fine for indoor play. Asics shoes are an excellent option and are highly durable.

Asics volleyball shoes have gum rubber soles that provide brilliant grip on smooth indoor courts.

Asics shoes also have a synthetic upper that offers good airflow. That means your feet will stay cool.

When buying a pair of pickleball shoes, keep in mind that the right choice will depend on the surface on which you will play.

Generally speaking, you should purchase tennis shoes, which provide stability for quick starts and lateral movements.

While running shoes are not a good choice for pickleball, some companies have introduced pickleball-specific court shoes.

In addition to the correct shoe style, you should also consider the type of outsole that you’ll need for the sport. A good pair of tennis shoes or cross trainer shoes will provide adequate cushioning and arch support.

When buying pickleball shoes, make sure they have reinforced toe caps to avoid injuries.

Similarly, you should check used shoes for worn toecaps to make sure they’re safe to wear.

The bottom line is that running shoes were made for forward movement. The lateral movement of pickleball puts additional stress on the body. Having proper pickleball shoes will help prevent injuries and keep you on the court longer.


As you search for the right running shoes for pickleball, you’ll want to consider the cushioning. This is the best way to ensure that you’ll feel comfortable and protected while playing this game.

Some running shoes are better for certain types of play than others. For example, the Gel-Lyte III is the lightest shoe in the line, but this doesn’t mean that it doesn’t offer adequate cushioning.

The rearfoot Gel-Cush System provides superior comfort and attenuation of shock during impact. Other features include the TRUSSTIC System, which reduces the weight of the sole unit while maintaining the shoe’s structure.

Runners looking for pickleball shoes will want to look for models with a high level of cushioning. In addition to being comfortable, you’ll want to make sure that the shoe is durable and will last for a long time.

A high-quality running shoe should be comfortable and durable, so make sure to check the brand’s warranty.

It’s also worth knowing that some running shoes have a limited warranty, so you don’t have to worry about wearing them for a long time.

One option for pickleball runners is the ASICS Gel-Resolution 7. These shoes have a low-density midsole for added comfort.

They also have a trusstic system technology and gel cushioning for optimal performance.

However, the ASICS Gel-Resolution 7 is more narrow than other pickleball shoes, and may require a longer break-in period. Despite their low cost, the men’s version is still a good option.

Rubber lugs

Pickleball is played on indoor courts, so you won’t need to worry about slipping or losing grip on the hard court surface.

A standard pickleball shoe will provide the same range of motion. If you are playing on an indoor gym court, you can use a gum rubber shoe. A running shoe with rubber lugs is not recommended for pickleball.

Rubber lugs are not good for the pickleball court, so you’ll probably have to buy a brand new one.

However, if you’re a beginner, you should be aware that running shoes are not suited for the sport. Running shoes are primarily designed for forward running. Pickleball requires lateral movement, which is more difficult in running shoes.

Wearing the wrong shoes can cause an ankle sprain, which could keep you out of action for weeks. You should also consider buying pickleball shoes that are specifically designed for the sport.

The most important thing to remember when choosing pickleball shoes is to check the traction. Running shoes with rubber lugs are not good for pickleball, and you may not be able to find shoes with those.

You should always check with a professional before purchasing a pair. Rubber lugs in running shoes will be bad for your feet, so you should avoid them if you play pickleball on the streets.


You may have wondered if running shoes are good for pickleball. Well, it depends.

Depending on your level of play, a light-weight pair can be comfortable and supportive. However, more lightweight pairs tend to be heavier and will not be as durable as more heavy-duty ones.

Fortunately, you can find inexpensive and comfortable pickleball shoes that will suit your needs and budget. However, you should remember that they are not always as durable as the best ones for pickleball.

Men’s pickleball shoes should be durable and comfortable. Look for a shoe that has a solid rubber outsole and a lower-density midsole. This type of shoe is designed for pickleball and offers excellent support and mobility.

You should also check out the ASICS Gel-Game 6 for men, which are lightweight and feature a polyurethane film and synthetic leather overlays.

The durability of a pickleball shoe depends on its design and materials. A lightweight pair of tennis shoes can be great for this sport because it’s more comfortable. However, if you’re playing in an indoor court, an outdoor pickleball shoe should be better.

It should also be lightweight, which is a big plus for indoor pickleball. You’ll be moving a lot and will need good grip.


You can find a great pair of lightweight running shoes designed for pickleball on the market. Asics make some great models for women’s pickleball players.

These shoes are lightweight, durable, and feature a new Gel technology that reduces impact vibration during abrupt landings. They also come in a variety of fun colors. For women, the ASICS Gel-Renma shoes are ideal.

Indoor pickleball courts are usually slippery, so you’ll want to wear the right shoes. A shoe with a well-structured midsole provides good support. Moreover, many indoor pickleball courts require shoes with a non-marking sole to avoid damaging the court surface. That’s why many top tennis and volleyball shoes have this feature. So, look for a pickleball shoe with a non-marking sole.

For women, lightweight shoes are especially important, since pickleball players put a lot of stress on their feet and ankles. The right pair of shoes will protect your feet and help you sharpen your skills. Choose a pair of lightweight running shoes designed for women’s pickleball. Don’t be afraid to try a pair of running shoes if you don’t know which ones fit you best.


When it comes to flexibility, running shoes are important for playing pickleball. A high-quality pair of running shoes will not only provide you with excellent traction, but also ensure that your feet remain protected during the game. One option is a pair that features Wave technology, which is known for providing players with lateral support and quick movements during play. However, the quality of these shoes depends on their specific design and fit.

When it comes to flexibility, you should choose a pair of shoes that are designed to provide adequate support and cushioning for the feet and ankles. Running shoes, for example, are not the best choice for pickleball. They lack the lateral support that pickleball players need to stay in the game. In addition, these shoes will likely wear out quickly on a hardcourt. So, if you are on a budget, you can consider a pair of cheap running shoes.

While you may not have to buy the most expensive running shoes available, high-quality pickleball shoes are the best choice for the sport. In addition to offering ultimate comfort, they are flexible enough to allow players to move quickly and smoothly across the court. High-quality shoes will also prevent injuries caused by the lateral movements of Pickleball. Flexibility will also improve your speed changes and slide more easily, helping you minimize the chance of injuries during the game.


Pickleball shoes should complement your feet and keep your ankles protected from injury. While running and jumping, pressure is applied to your feet, so choosing a pair that gives your feet the extra cushioning they need is vital. Poor quality shoes can lead to an awkward landing and injury, which could be a real problem if you’re a serious player. A high-quality pair of shoes will also have enough support for your heel and forefoot.

While it’s tempting to purchase a pair of running shoes and use them for pickleball, you should avoid buying them just to play the game.

Although these shoes are designed for forward movement, they don’t provide the lateral support necessary for quick starts and pivots.

Moreover, because pickleball is played on the balls of the feet, they don’t offer enough grip for a hardwood floor.


You should also look for durability and comfort. While a cheap pair may not be as durable as the more expensive ones, it will still provide good support.

You can buy running shoes with a high-quality sole. If you’re looking for high-quality running shoes for pickleball, the Asics Gel Rocket 9 is a great choice.

Asics is known for the quality of its shoes, and this pair has reinforced insoles that increase comfort and reduce shock on the foot.

They also have a Trussic System, which connects the forefoot and midfoot for added durability.