Which is Better Stiga Or Joola: A Comparison

The STIGA Advantage and the JOOLA Inside are two of the most famous ping pong tables on the planet right now.

The two of them on paper share a great deal practically speaking as far as highlights and construct quality. In addition, they have garnered large number of five star surveys and both beginners and professional tennis players love them.

So, which is better: Stiga or Joola table tennis table? STIGA table tennis table is a 10-minute easy assembly brand with single playback and compact storage. It’s 63 x 56 x 5 inches in dimensions. It also comes with 3 inch lockable casters for easy setup, while JOOLA table tennis table is a 15mm MDF surface tournament table, coupled with tournament-grade regulation size 72 inches.

In this article, we will pit the STIGA Advantage versus JOOLA Inside and contrast them head with head to see which one is better. 

Before we begin

Tables look basically the same. There’s an intriguing justification that: 

The JOOLA Inside 15mm table tennis table was made back in 2012 and turned into a moment achievement. Finally, a fair table tennis table for under $400! 

After five years, they were a smidgen really slow, STIGA US (claimed by Escalade Sports) chose to get in on the activity. They chased down the production line in China that delivers JOOLA’s Inside table and got them to make an indistinguishable STIGA form. 

On the off chance that you’ve perused our manual for purchasing a ping pong table here you’ll realize that the thickness of the table’s surface is perhaps the greatest factor in the playability of the table. Basically, the thicker the surface the better the ball will bob. 

In case you’re searching for a sporting table for your home we suggest getting somewhere around a 3/4″ (18mm) thick surface as any less and you’re simply not going to have a decent game. 

STIGA Advantage: Overview 

The STIGA Advantage, as the majority of the well known ping pong tables available right now is accessible in three diverse table thicknesses: 

  • STIGA Advantage Lite – 1/2″ (13mm) 
  • STIGA Advantage – 5/8″ (16mm) 
  • STIGA Advantage Pro – 3/4″ (19mm) 


Development and construct 

The STIGA Advantage is worked with a 5/8″ thick table thickness that gives a sensible decent ricochet thinking about the cost.

It’s more than fine for home games yet we generally suggest getting a thicker table in the event that you can bear the cost of it. In case you’re viewing your table tennis appropriately and need to enter official table tennis competitions you’ll have to get a thicker table. 

The entirety of the STIGA Advantage models are extraordinarily simple to set up and begin playing as it shows up 95% pre-gathered and all set. It should require just 10 minutes to set up as you should simply append the legs. 

Discussing the legs, the STIGA Advantage has 1.2 inch thick legs made with steel that are solid and sturdy. Toward the finish of the legs are elastic agents to forestall scratches and furthermore permit you to guarantee a totally level table.

The table is really two sections that split into two and overlap away effectively and lock into spot to guard it conservative and when away. It likewise has 8 x 3″ thick caster wheels to make it truly versatile and simple to move around to where you need to put it. 

As you’d expect, the STIGA Advantage accompanies a 72-inch competition grade net and post set. We ordinarily suggest supplanting the modest nets that accompany tables in the value range; however fortunately the one that accompanies the Advantage is entirely acceptable and simple to gather. 

Masters of STIGA Advantage 

  • Simple to amass – From box to playing shortly 
  • Fair ricochet – Considering the value it’s a decent skip for easygoing play 
  • Sensible cost – Very moderate cost and an incentive for cash 
  • Individual playback mode – Can be utilized in playback mode 
  • Incredible audits – It gets fabulous input from past clients 

What could be better 

Not thick surface – We’d preferably go for the Advantage Pro as it’s marginally thicker 

Presently to take a gander at the JOOLA Inside. Very much like the Advantage it comes in three diverse table thicknesses however they’re somewhat extraordinary. 

  • The JOOLA Inside 15 – 15mm (5/8 inch) 
  • The JOOLA Inside 18 – 18mm (3/4 inch) 
  • The JOOLA Inside 25 – 25mm (1 inch) 

The JOOLA Inside has a 25mm (1″) thick model that is ITTF endorsed for competitions and conveys an extraordinary bob. On the off chance that you have the spending we’d strongly suggest going for this table. 

JOOLA Inside: Construction and fabrication 

Very much like the Advantage, the JOOLA Inside 15 has a 5/8″ thick, dull blue silkscreen striping table surface that gives a very decent skip for easygoing and sporting players.

In any case, for more genuine players and on the off chance that you can manage the cost of it we’d suggest one of their two thicker models like the JOOLA Inside 25. 

It’s such a great deal better and just marginally more costly. However, on every one of the models we found that it’s anything but a smooth and steady bob across the whole surface of the table. It’s anything but a 1.5 inch steel tube cover as well. 

With regards to set up and gathering, the JOOLA Inside is basically the same, being prepared to play in less than 10 minutes and showing up 95% pre-amassed. You simply need to assemble the legs and append it to the table. You’ll likely need a second individual however as table tennis tables can be quite weighty. 

Like the Advantage, it folds into equal parts for simple conveyability while moving it to where you need it. This likewise implies that you can place it into individual playback mode and practice without an accomplice. 

The edge and underside is additionally basically the same as the Advantage however somewhat beats it as the legs are 1.5 inch thick steel. This is a decent indication of its solidarity and sturdiness to hold the table up, yet the disadvantage is it is somewhat heavier thus.

It likewise has 3″ caster wheels to make it simple to move around. The wheels are lockable to lessen the odds of the table moving away when away as well. It additionally has leg levelers to change the table tallness and guarantee it’s totally level and give you the most attractive game conceivable. 

Experts of the JOOLA Inside 

  • Simple to gather – Around 10 minutes to set up 
  • Great quality – Considering the cost truly sensible 
  • Solid legs and edge – 1.5″ steel legs and edge for great help 
  • Moderate – Well estimated 
  • Extraordinary surveys – Thousands of five star audits 

Cons of the JOOLA Inside 

Normal net and posts – We weren’t excessively dazzled with the net and posts set on the 15mm model and would consider redesigning it to something like the JOOLA WM net.

What we didn’t care for in each table 

We didn’t care for the STIGA Advantage light and wouldn’t suggest it. At the cost, it truly wasn’t great. Simply spending that tad extra and going for basically the 5/8″ table is such a ton better. 

A few clients of the two tables detailed that they accepted their table with a couple of missing fasteners and screws. For the most part the two brands have great quality control however in some cases one falls through. 

We generally suggest buying through a table tennis retailer like Megaspin as their client care is awesome and they will assist you when managing the maker on the off chance that you do experience any difficulty with your table. 

About STIGA and JOOLA 

STIGA is a Swedish games brand that has been creating sporting equipment for more than seventy years now. Their administrative center is in Eskilstuna, Sweden where table tennis is extremely mainstream. Their items are accessible in more than 100 nations and in each landmass! 

JOOLA has additionally been around since 1952 subsequent to being established in Germany.

They’ve developed fundamentally from that point forward to get quite possibly the most unmistakable names in table tennis. They stock a total scope of table tennis gear from tables and oars to balls and robots. 

Which could we purchase? 

So which one would it be a good idea for you to go for?  Well in the event that it were us purchasing another table today we’d go for the JOOLA Inside 25. It’s by a wide margin the most ideal alternative out of the six models that JOOLA and STIGA offer here.

It’s anything but somewhat more cash than the others however the nature of the bob, the solid examination outline, the simplicity of collapsing and solid casters make it a table that will keep going for quite a long time and a simple proposal for us to make. 

Our subsequent option would be their STIGA Advantage Pro. It’s anything but very as thick of a table surface as the JOOLA Inside 25 however a nearby second for us. We wouldn’t suggest taking a gander at the STIGA Advantage Lite however.

It’s extremely slender and just marginally more affordable.


The JOOLA Inside, And STIGA Advantage are both amazing ping pong tables to experience the full thrill of the game.

Despite the fact that the tables are quite alike, we have taken out time in this article to explain which of them is the best, and why to give you the best gaming experience.