Are Volleyball And Squash Shoes The Same (Any Difference)?

What’s the difference between volleyball and squash shoes? Are they basically the same? Can you wear the same shoe to play both games?

Yes, Volleyball and Squash shoes are the same. These are Indoor Court Shoes worn by players in a limited space, where similar movements and supports are required. So they’re basically the same.

You might as well prevent it right away: using running shoes to practice volleyball or squash can only be a fallback solution.

Unsuitable for lateral and multi-directional movements, running shoes increase the risk of ankle sprains. As these sports become regular activities, specialized footwear is a necessity in order to prevent joint trauma.

Whoever says indoor sport says grippy sole. All to ensure excellent downforce and eliminate any uncontrolled slippage.

Because of the multiple jumps that a volleyball player performs, the shoes must offer sufficient cushioning, proportional to the body of their owner, to allow shock absorption, especially at the heel and toe.

Favor shoes with a low cut and flexible profile: they will guarantee good flexibility at the moment of the impulse for smashes or blocks.

Other qualities required: lightness and ventilation. Lightness to facilitate movement without constraint, ventilation to quickly wick away perspiration.

Remember that shoes are a very personal piece of equipment. As a result, the ideal shoe does not exist. The main thing is “to be comfortable in your sneakers” and to find the pair that best suits your body type. Above all, do not hesitate to test it with the match socks, preferably in motion.

Volleyball and squash require very similar movements and supports, which means that the shoes used for each sport are for the most part interchangeable. Unless you’re a full-time professional in dire need of that little extra something, you’ll be able to use the same shoes.

Price side, prices vary on average between 40 and 150 euros. If the quality is generally proportional to the amount spent, a pair of first prize can quite meet the expectations of beginners. In this article, we would be looking at the various shoes appropriate for both your squash, and volleyball comfort.

What are squash shoes?

Squash shoes are shoes designed specifically for playing squash. They share similar characteristics to shoes designed for other gymnasium sports such as  handball, or  volleyball . However, they also have unique characteristics. Among these characteristics, we find:

  • Lateral support to prevent you from slipping
  • A sole designed for quick changes of direction and optimal grip.
  • Highly resistant insoles and outsoles
  • A non-marking rubber
  • A low waist
  • Cushioning distributed over the entire surface of the foot
  • Great lightness

Squash shoes will give you better grip to accelerate on the court and extra support for quick direction changes.

They also offer better shock absorption to keep you comfortable during endless exchanges and increased responsiveness to help you find the loophole. They’re also lightweight, which means you can quickly get back to the “T” and dominate the pitch.

Why using the wrong shoes is a problem

Squash, and volleyball involves rapid, multi-directional movements in a small space. As a result, players can get very hot. Shoes designed for regular fitness or for running don’t provide the kind of support your feet and joints need. You are more likely to slip into the wrong pair of shoes and injure yourself as a result.

Speed or stability?

Each player looks for different qualities for their shoes. Generally speaking, there are two categories of players and shoes:

Stability for power-driven play

If your game is power-oriented in order to throw your opponent off balance, you will need special features for your shoes:

  • Stability and support for a stable feel in short distance rotations and sprints.
  • Protection against impact from jumps and landing
  • Perfect fit to keep you comfortable throughout the game

ASICS offers a variety of shoes in this category. For women, the ASICS GEL-TACTIC ™ is a smart choice, while the ASICS UPCOURT ™ range is perfect for men.

Speed ​​to cover the whole court

If your game is all about your explosiveness and speed, you will need different characteristics:

  • Low waist and excellent responsiveness to promote speed and agility
  • Optimal traction to grip the court and facilitate sudden changes of direction.
  • A large pivot point on the sole to promote more efficient and sharper changes of direction
  • A good fit to ensure all your abilities are deployed in the field

Top Shoes For Both Sports

Now let’s take a look at some shoes that are suitable for both volleyball, and squash players:

Mizuno Wave Mirage 4 Shoes

The Mizuno Wave Mirage handball shoes are back with an even more successful 4th version! And yes, it is possible.

A men’s indoor shoe that is as light as air, easier to put on, more comfortable. It is simply the fitted men’s handball shoe that you will need!

The hard shell at the back of the shoe has been removed on this new model to improve comfort.

Adidas Counterblast Blue Shoes

This model of Adidas Counterblast handball shoes is ideal for players looking for lightness and stability .

These sneakers are recommended by the Sport-time team for the practice of all indoor sports thanks to their high-performing technologies on cushioning, support, and lots more.

ASICS Gel-Rocket 9 women

The ASICS GEL-Rocket 9 women is the ideal indoor shoe for all athletes who are looking for good cushioning and stability. The special GEL technology ensures optimal shock absorption and the spring-loaded EVA midsole gives you power on the court.

 In order to support the many short and fast movements of indoor athletes well, ASICS has developed the component TRUSSTIC SYSTEM ™ under the metatarsus so that your fast footwork is not restricted by your shoes.

Product features:

  • Mesh insole
  • NC RUBBER ™ outsole for optimum grip
  • Removable ORTHOLITE ™ sole ensures effective moisture management.

Adidas Stabil Next Gen

The adidas Stabil Next Gen has been reinvented so you’re ready to hit the arena. This successor to the iconic adidas Stabil was created for your powerful game.

The knitted top is streamlined and lightweight so you can keep going until the last minute. Since the sides are hot-pressed, you get additional support for abrupt sideways movements.

Product features:

  • Energy – reducing Boost midsole for more comfort and speed
  • Outsole with rounded edges for more stability during fast maneuvers
  • Lace closure with integrated lateral support and anchoring

Asics Gel Sky Elite FF 2 Shoes Black

These Asics volleyball shoes are highly valued by volleyball and handball players in search of the best cushioning , a stability and a continuation perfect.

This year, the Gel Sky Elite FF is back with even more freedom of movement, whether inside or out. 

  • It is one of the models that the Sport-time team particularly recommends for intensive athletes.

ASICS GEL-Tactic 2

The ASICS GEL-Tactic 2 indoor shoe is a versatile and stylish choice for every athlete. The GEL ™ technology in the back and forefoot area provides unparalleled cushioning and resilience.

While the TRUSSTIC SYSTEM ™ component under the metatarsus provides additional stability when changing direction quickly, so that you are always one step ahead of your opponent.

The GEL-Tactic 2 will fit your foot perfectly thanks to the special ORTHOLITE ™ sock liner. The sole can be removed and replaced with your own if necessary. In addition, these indoor shoes have an NC RUBBER ™ outsole for excellent grip and abrasion resistance, so you can give your all over and over again!

Product features:

  • – EVA midsole
  • – Mesh insole
  • – NC RUBBER ™ outsole
  • – Removable ORTHOLITE ™ sole
  • – GEL ™ technology in the front and back of the foot


The Asics GEL-Tactic GS indoor shoe for children is equipped with the special GEL ™ technology in the forefoot area. This provides additional shock absorption when running and jumping. The DURATEX ™ insole and the spring-loaded EVA midsole also offer elasticity and cushioning for even more comfort when running. 

The feet stay comfortably dry thanks to the effective moisture management ORTHOLITE ™ sock insert. The sole can be removed and replaced with your own if necessary.

Product features:

  • – Standard width
  • – EVA
  • – midsole – DURATEX ™ insole
  • – Removable ORTHOLITE ™ sole


This shoe offers you: stability, grip and support. Combined with your speed and agility, you are at the forefront in this shoe. The UPCOURT 3 is a non-marking indoor court shoe for all indoor sports.

The EVA midsole improves the springback properties and reduces breakage of the midsole, whereas the outsole made of natural rubber gives a more natural feel than the conventional solid rubber sole.

With a combination of mesh and synthetic reinforcements, the shoe offers additional support so that your foot feels stable and secure while you sprint from one side to the other.


Mesh material outside: The upper of the shoe is well ventilated and light. In this way, the foot also receives fresh air from above.

California Slip Lasting: The California Slip Lasting technology has the foot extra firmly in the shoe to prevent it from slipping in the shoe.

Forefoot GEL® cushioning systems: Reduced impacts at the moment of impact and during rolling ensure smooth handling.

Trusstic System: The so-called Trusstic System is a one-piece system that mimics the function of the plantar tendon under the arch of the foot and strengthens the natural forefoot lever.

The system ensures a powerful transition from the stance phase to the push-off phase. The runner receives more feed and tires less quickly.


Volleyball, and squash are great sports with wonderful gaming experience.

Getting the right gear for these sports are essential, and shoes are not an exception. In this article, we have discussed just the right shoes to provide an awesome gaming experience for you.