What Irons Does Tiger Woods Use to Win Tournaments?

If you want to know what Irons Tiger Woods uses to win tournaments, there are a few options for you to look into.

The truth is that Tiger Woods has used quite a number of Irons (mostly from TaylorMade) as a professional golf player. He believes there’s no one-size-fits-all Iron that ‘wins’ all the time.

In this article, I will discuss his TaylorMade P-7TW irons, P-770 long irons, MG2 TW grind wedges, and M3 19-degree 5-wood.

If you’re interested in purchasing a set of Tiger Woods irons, this is the article you need. Let’s dive right in.

TaylorMade P-7TW

The TaylorMade P-7TW iron set was created for Tiger Woods, who has been using the P7TW since 2015.

The new irons feature a hidden tungsten weight that concentrates mass behind the sweet spot for a unique blend of feel, flight, and control.

The irons are also made of 1025 carbon steel and undergo a CNC milling process.

These irons are forged and tested by Woods before they are released to the public.

The P7TW irons are designed with a thin top line, little to no offset, and a modest blade length. Their thin topline and milled channel also help Tiger Woods controls his ball flight.

They also feature a satin face and chrome toe and heel. Overall, these irons are built for lower handicap golfers.

They’re also lightweight, making them a great option for those who want a more forgiving iron set.

Tiger’s P-7TW irons are crafted with a thinner topline and flatter sole than his previous irons.

The new P-7TW irons also feature Milled Grind technology, which prevents variations in sole geometry, resulting in a more consistent feel from head to toe.

The new irons also feature a tungsten weighting behind the sweet spot and more closely spaced grooves for better flight control.

The P-7TW irons are forged with 1025 carbon steel. TaylorMade’s engineers created the iron heads using the exact specs that Woods requires for optimal golf performance.

Unlike traditional golf irons, these irons are made with the same milled sole as TaylorMade wedges.

These new irons eliminate the need for thousands of practice hits. It is estimated that Tiger Woods changes his iron sets twice a year to ensure the optimal performance of his game.

TaylorMade P-770

Since the Masters, Tiger Woods has been using TaylorMade P-770 irons.

According to the TaylorMade website, each P-7TW iron is a “personalized fit” for Woods. In particular, he switched his long-standing 3-iron for the P-770.

The new irons are designed to provide power from the tee, while improving feel and sound without sacrificing ball speed.

The new P770 irons are compact hollow-body iron with a forged 8620 carbon steel body and 4140 stainless steel face.

The P-770 features a Speed Foam cavity fill that helps absorb excessive vibrations, without reducing ball speed. The P-770 also features a lightweight shaft, a Thru-Slot Speed Pocket, and a reinforced tip section.

Tiger’s new P-770 irons feature a thicker, more forgiving clubhead than the traditional TW Prototype.

As a result, Tiger’s ball can roll well past 300 yards even when facing a stiff wind. This club is a solid choice for a golfer trying to cut the wind. You’ll be able to hit a long, straight shot with the P-770, thanks to Tiger’s precision.

During the 2007 PGA Championship, Tiger Woods benched his 5-wood for a P770 2-iron. The P770 2-iron has a greater launch than the 5-wood and offers a higher loft for long-iron stingers.

Whether you’re trying to make a par or win a tournament, the P-770 irons can help you achieve that goal.

Designed with Tiger in mind, the TaylorMade P-770 irons are a precision-built set that can be used to hit the greens. Tiger has a personal connection with his golf equipment and uses TaylorMade irons.

This is a great way to get a glimpse of the gear the pros use, and how it affects your game.

TaylorMade MG2 TW grind wedges

The TaylorMade MG2 TW grinding wedges are designed to fulfill the unique needs of Tiger Woods.

The 56-degree version has a heel relief of nearly 11 degrees while the 60-degree model has a dual-bounce sole and pronounced leading-edge relief.

This combination of grinds gives the MG2 TW a massive degree of versatility. The MG2 TW grind is the perfect wedge for players with a steep attack angle and need a high-bounce wedge.

The MG2 TW grinding wedges feature Milled Grind technology to ensure consistency, accuracy, and high-tolerance levels.

The TW grind offers the same technologies as the MG2 TW wedge, including a True Temper Dynamic Gold Tour Issue S400 shaft and Golf Pride Tour Velvet Full Cord grip. Whether you’re playing for Tiger or just want to try one of these wedges, you’ll find them to be great investments.

The MG2 TW GRIND wedges have a raw steel face and a milled sole. The MG2 TW grind wedges are designed to produce higher ball spin while delivering more consistency. The wedges also feature a Laser-etched surface-roughening pattern.

Tiger uses the same wedges for every tournament he enters. If you want to play the way Tiger does, you should consider buying these wedges.

The MG2 TW grind wedges are made to be more versatile than conventional wedges. They feature dual-sole grind technology and heavy heel relief, enabling you to use the club in either open or closed-face situations.

The TW grind wedges are also designed to be versatile enough to work well in firm and tight conditions, and Tiger Woods uses a 60-degree wedge with an extra leading edge relief.

TaylorMade M3 19-degree 5-wood

Tiger Woods has switched his fairway wood from a SIM Ti model to the M3 model. Originally, he used the new TaylorMade Stealth Plus iron as his three-wood but has since switched back to the SIM Ti, which features a loft of 19 degrees.

The club is fitted with Mitsubishi Diamana shafts, and Tiger Woods also occasionally removes it for a longer iron.

Tiger has always been extremely picky about his equipment. Generally, he avoids adjustable features and sticks with glued-in shafts.

While this may have been the case for the M3 last year, he has recently switched to the new version of the club.

He initially used the club with movable weights in the back heel and center-track positions, but later changed them to the center track. Now he uses the M3 to hit longer and straighter shots.

The M3 is the most versatile golf club in Tiger Woods’ bag. Its asymmetric sole and new Inertia Generator increase aerodynamics and help Tiger Woods controls his swing speed.

The M3 also offers greater forgiveness. This wood is the second most popular in Tiger Woods’ bag, and it is used by many of the world’s top players.

The M3 is one of the best drivers on the market. Developed by Tiger Woods, it is the ideal club for the average golfer. Its thin profile and small sweet spot make it ideal for long shots.

Tiger Woods has used it since his rookie years. If you’d like to own one, you can click on the link below to purchase a TaylorMade M3 5-wood.

TaylorMade SIM Titanium 15-degree fairway wood

When it comes to fairway woods, the TaylorMade SIM Titanium 15 degree is one of the most popular options. The titanium face reduces the curve of shots that are struck off-center. This feature makes this wood a great choice for the average golfer.

In addition to its impressive performance, this fairway wood offers many customizable options. This review will cover the benefits and drawbacks of the TaylorMade fairway wood.

TaylorMade designed the SIM Titanium fairway wood with a combination of titanium, steel, and carbon fiber in its face.

The titanium material reduces weight and helps the face flex efficiently, resulting in higher ball speed and distance.

In addition, the titanium face and heavy soleplate lower the center of gravity, creating a higher launch angle. The SIM Titanium fairway wood also features an improved loft, with 1.5 degrees more forgiveness compared to the previous generation.

The titanium head and titanium shaft also make it easy to hit off the tee. The Epic Max has a forgiving and workable head shape. The Epic Speed is more advanced and has a smaller head shape.

The TaylorMade SIM Titanium 15-degree fairway wood is an excellent choice for the average golfer. The club is also one of the top-performing premium clubs on the market.


Tiger Woods’ TaylorMade SIM Titanium fairway woods have the same distance, but their weight is slightly different.

Depending on your preference, you may want to go with a different shaft if you want to have the same distance as Tiger.

For better distance and control, you might also want to consider a shorter driver shaft.

The shorter shafts help you drive the ball farther, and they can provide you with more power than ever.