What Putter Does Phil Mickelson Use? (Find out)

If you’re wondering what putter Phil Mickelson uses, you’ve come to the right place.

The truth is that Mickelson is very flexible professional golfer and likes to experiment with several putters, most prominently the Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero putter.

This article will introduce you to the Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero, Scotty Cameron 009M Prototype, Circle T Triple Black, and Odyssey Apex UW.

Read on to learn more about these putters and how they can improve your game.

Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero

In recent weeks, we have seen Phil Mickelson using the new Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero putter. It is one of the more advanced putters on the market.

The design combines a wide, low-spaced face with a unique 50/50 split between different groove sets.

Phil Mickelson is very comfortable with it and has used it during a couple of practice rounds.

The Tour model has a higher compression, and it has the same loft as a standard putter. The higher compression model has increased workability and a firmer feel.

The ball’s alignment lines are also on the ball cover, which gives it more distance.

Callaway is one of the only golf companies that uses a triple-track system. That means that the ball stays truer and fewer strokes are needed to get the desired distance.

The Callaway Mavrik putster is a great choice for the tour. It has a larger sweet spot than most putters, has a great feel and sound, and is durable. Phil Mickelson uses it and loves it!

The Tour version is not available in the US. The Mavrik has an incredible reputation for forgiveness, which could mean the difference between a drive in the fairway and a drive in the hazard.

Until recently, Mickelson used a TaylorMade two wood, but this year, he switched to a Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero. Its sole weight is located behind the leading edge, and it features Jailbreak technology.

With such a high-performance putter, it is no wonder that Phil Mickelson is so successful.

With a low-spinning shaft, Phil Mickelson can hit the ball with more speed and less effort than ever.

For his irons and clubs, Phil Mickelson uses the Callaway Mavrik Sub Zero fairway woods and the TaylorMade Original One Mini Driver. His putter is a Callaway Apex MB ’21 with an Odyssey Milled Blade. His gloves are made of Golf Pride MCC grips. He also wears a Rolex Cellini tool watch.

Scotty Cameron 009M Prototype

Phil Mickleson has been using a new version of the Scotty Cameron 009M putter for several months. Earlier this year, the Australian played with the prototype putter that was used by Cameron a decade ago.

Throughout the years, Cameron has been tweaking the basic concept of this putter. It has a 3-degree loft, a thin topline, and a single black alignment dot. The face is shallower and allows more toe hang.

The 009M putter has been used by Phil for several years by the best golfers on the PGA TOUR.

The company’s flagship putter, the 009M Prototype, is used by 33 players on the PGA Tour. As a result, it is almost double the cost of PING putters. It was acquired by Acushnet Brands, the same company that owns Titleist.

The T10 Select Newport 2 Proto putter used by Brooks Koepka was also a popular choice for the PGA Tour.

Its mallet head is made with a slant neck, giving it more toe hang and making the transition from blade putters easier.

Jordan Spieth’s putter is very similar to the one used by Justin Thomas, who went on a tear earlier in 2017.

Rory McIlroy and Shane Lowry are both Irish representatives at the Ryder Cup this year, and both are using the same putter as Phil Mickleson.

The 009M is the same putter that Rory McIlroy used in his first two major championships, and it’s no wonder he’s enjoying it so much.

The PING Spider X putter is the most popular putter used by top PGA Tour players, while the Odyssey Tour putter is second.

The Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS and the Spider X are the next best-selling putters on the tour. The Odyssey 2 ball was the only putter that achieved the same level of popularity during the early 2000s.

Scotty Cameron Circle T Triple Black

The Scotty Cameron Circle T Triple Black putter is a prototype putter made of 303 stainless steel fused to 6061 anodized aluminum. The shaft is triple black and has a misted effect on the aluminum flange.

The putter shaft is also triple black, with translucent red sight dots. The putter also has a black “Pistolero” grip and a specialty headcover.

The putter was originally created by Cameron for golfer Tiger Woods in 2002. After graduating from college, he worked in a golf shop, designing and making putters for various companies.

He was fortunate to gain experience and eventually opened his own golf equipment company in 1991, using money he had saved. Once he started making his putters, a friend of his offered to represent him on the PGA Tour.

TaylorMade Spider Tour Putter

Another popular putter is the TaylorMade Spider Tour. This model was used by Day and DJ in the Career Builder Challenge.

The T10 Select Newport 2 and the Studio Style have each won a PGA Tour event this year.

Those who prefer blade putters may also want to check out the new SIK tour prototype.

Its sleek design combines classic looks and innovative technology.

In addition to Phil Mickleson’s Circle T Triple Black putter, a lot of the other pros also use Scotty Cameron putters. Bryson Bryan plays with a SIK Pro C-Series Armlock putter.

His other putters include a TaylorMade Spider Tour IB Limited putter and the Odyssey White Hot OG Rossie S.

Odyssey Apex UW

The Odyssey Apex UW putter used by PGA Tour star Phil Mickleson is a new addition to the company’s range of performance golf clubs.

This new putter has a milled blade with the player’s name etched on it. The putter is fitted with a White Hot OG insert. Its heel-shafted design provides plenty of versatility.

The Odyssey Apex UW putter features a distinctive clubhead shape that was inspired by the feedback of Tour pros.

This new putter features a compact profile that helps better players shape their shots with precision. It will be available in Europe starting 20 January 2022.

Odyssey’s Apex UW putter was also used by Phil Mickleson during his recent visit to Howley Hall Golf Club in Leeds.

The Odyssey Apex UW putter is similar to other high-end putters that are widely available in the market. But the X-Forged utility 4-iron and 5-iron are similar to the ones used by Phil Mickleson.

Phil Mickelson doesn’t stand still. He doesn’t let self-doubt creep in. He constantly tinkers and tweaks his equipment until he gets the desired results.

The Apex UW is a hybrid-wood that combines features from various golf clubs. Its head shape is similar to that of a hybrid, but is shorter.

This design is also suitable for players with low handicaps. Moreover, the club’s lofted head allows players to play a variety of shots with ease.

The Apex UW putter is also designed with the help of an AI-designed Flash Face SS21 clubface.

Another popular putter used by Phil Mickleson is the Odyssey Apex UW.

The X-Forged ’21 iron is a great choice for golfers with short stature. Its blade design is designed after Phil Mickelson’s signature style.

Moreover, the Odyssey Apex UW putter comes with a 74-degree lie. Phil Mickleson’s putter is a true masterpiece.


Besides putting, Mickleson also uses a driver that is 6deg lofted. Its new driver features a second weight to minimize spin.

It’s 47.9 inches long and therefore, falls under the 48-inch height limit.

The 5-wood, on the other hand, is used to bridge the gap between irons and fairway woods.

However, Mickelson’s 4-iron required strengthening and lengthening by 0.25in. This gave him an additional 6-7 yards of trajectory.