What Putter Does Rory McIlroy Use?

If you want to know what putter Rory McIlroy uses, read on to learn more about the Scotty Cameron Juno and the TaylorMade TP Hydro Blast Bandon 3.

Scotty Cameron Juno

The Scotty Cameron Juno putter is the same model that ace golfer Rory McIlroy uses, but it is a slightly different design.

McIlroy works with the Tour rep Drew Page to get the best out of the putter and has been using it since college.

It has an adjustable loft and a double-bend shaft. This putter is great for players with an arc that is a little more pronounced.

Rory McIlroy uses a mallet putter. His putter is made from German Stainless Steel, and he uses this putter to make all of his birdies.

The Newport 2 is the most recognizable putter on tour and is the most popular putter in the world.

It would fetch over eight figures at auction if sold separately. It is the putter of choice for many PGA Tour players.

Tiger Woods also uses a TaylorMade Juno putter in his warm-up rounds. Tiger Woods used the TaylorMade Ardmore 3 mallet at the US Open but has since switched to the Juno putter. Tiger also practiced with it during last week’s pro-am. He played all four rounds at the TPC Boston course with it.

The TaylorMade TP Collection Black Copper Juno putter used by McIlroy is an excellent option for a new putter.

It features a single black sight line. The putter’s Pure Roll face insert combines polymer and aluminum grooves to promote forward motion.

It also reduces the risk of skidding on putting surfaces. McIlroy’s putter also scored well, ranking 38th overall in Strokes Gained for the tournament.

The Juno putter that Dustin Johnson uses was designed by Tyson Lamb and is the same model as the putters that he has used in the past. The hardcover of Johnson’s putter is stitched with Gretzky’s name and number 99.

It is also made of 316 stainless steel. This putter is very similar to the one that he uses for his other clubs.

The Nike Method putter that Rory McIlroy uses has been touted by many golf fans. McIlroy used this putter in the Honda Classic in 2012. The Tour Provoke putter was a new addition to the bag in 2016.

In 2012, McIlroy switched from a traditional putter to a bladed model. This style of putter has an L-neck hosel, a single sightline, and 36 degrees of toe hang. The Juno putter fits McIlroy’s slightly arcing putting stroke perfectly.

In addition, McIlroy has recently started using the TaylorMade Juno putter, which is a prototype of the Scotty Cameron Newport GSS.

In terms of design, the Spider S is one of the most iconic. It uses perimeter weighting, Tru Path Alignment, and a hydro blast finishing process to make it a smoother and easier-to-hit putter.

The tungsten back bar weighs 40 grams, but it is adjustable to fit different types of putting strokes. The PureRoll insert adds a little toe hang to the putter, which is a popular option for many players.

In addition to these high-quality putters, Rory McIlroy uses TaylorMade golf clubs. He used TaylorMade woods in his final three years in China and used a mix of Callaway and Titleist clubs at the South African Open.

He subsequently fell out of the world rankings, but the tiger-shaped putter changed all of that.

Another high-end putter is the Odyssey White Hot Pro 3 model. Jason Day uses this model for his long putts, and he’s credited with popularizing it with his victory in the Arnold Palmer Invitational presented by Mastercard.

Evnroll putters are also available with Gravity putter grips and are used by over 20 players on all major professional tours.

Rory McIlroy’s putting stroke was particularly impressive during the final round. His lob wedge from 92 yards landed six feet from the hazard, and he followed that with a four-foot putt for par.

In the end, he held off the tiger in the final round, but he’s not yet finished.

Rory McIlroy’s irons and wedges are fitted with Project X Rifle 6.5 shafts. His putter, meanwhile, has a Mitsubishi KuroKage 70 XTS shaft and a TaylorMade SIM driver with an 8.25-degree loft. Moreover, his putter, the Scotty Cameron Juno, also has a 6.5-inch head.

TaylorMade TP Hydro Blast Bandon 3

After years of use by Tour players, the TP Series of putters has received a hydro blast finish. High-pressure water is applied to 303 stainless steel heads to provide the putter with extra durability and artisan aesthetics.

For 2021, the TP Series is now available with a Hydro Blast finish. TP Hydro Blast putters feature the same unique technology as the Spider X, but with a new and improved look.

The TP Hydro Blast Bandon 3 putters are manufactured with Surlyn face inserts, which are proven winners on Tour.

The face grooves are angled at a 45-degree angle, which encourages the ball to roll off the face.

The Pure Roll insert also encourages topspin and roll. It is lightweight and features the same technology as the Spider X putter.

The TP line of putters is designed to meet the needs of every golfer. The TP range has seven putters, including the Spider.

Spider putters are designed to be lightweight, but also feature a high degree of stability. TP putters are also known for their striking finishes. Golfers who are serious about putting will love this model.

In addition to the Bandon, the TP Hydro Blast has a full line of mallets, including a triple-blade putter.

Bandon putters also come in different hosel styles, which will allow every golfer to find the one that best suits them.

This model also has a short slant hosel that creates 32 degrees of toe hang.

Another TaylorMade TP Hydro Blast Bandon putter is used by the world number two, Jon Rahm, who has five PGA Tour victories and six European Tour wins.

He is expected to be selected for the European Ryder Cup team. His fellow European, Justin Thomas, is a perennial contender.

He has won the Players Championship and one Major. He has been using the TaylorMade TP Hydro Blast Bandon 3 putter exclusively for the last few years.