What Squash Racquets Do The Pros Use? (Top 7 Reviews)

Choosing a squash racket is a very important step. Its quality and characteristics have a great influence on your level and your style of play.

You have to take into account different elements such as weight, sieve or even balance when choosing between several squash rackets.

Squash is an excellent sport that allows you to work on both your endurance and your explosiveness. The cardiovascular system is extremely stressed, the first times you play, after 10 minutes, you are already exhausted. It is therefore one of the most calorie-intensive sports.

The health benefits are numerous, you make the heart work, you improve your reflexes and your flexibility while keeping the figure. It is a fairly complete sport that involves a lot of muscle groups.

Contrary to popular belief (which is starting to date), squash is far from being a dangerous sport, you just have to take the time to learn the basic techniques.

We cannot give an exact definition of a good squash racket. It is up to each player to determine the tool that will suit his level and his playing techniques according to the criteria of his category.

For example, a professional player will be able to express himself better with an ultra light squash racket while the beginner player will learn better with heavier equipment. Attention, the weight is only one criterion of choice among many others.

In addition to criteria based on playability, criteria based on material quality are also to be taken into account. Moreover, in the comparison of the products that follow, you can find all the points to know about it. In this article, we would be focusing on the best racquets for pros.



Squash is a British sport that has been around since the 19th century. Today, it is practiced all over the world and allows its followers to fully exert themselves on the court. To practice this palm sport well, you have to think about buying the best squash racket on the market.

The equipment should not only be conclusive in terms of value for money. It must correspond upstream and downstream to the profile and style of play of the player. Its comfort of handling, its robustness, as well as its handling must also be taken into account.

What is the squash racket?

The racquet used in this sport is similar to that used for playing tennis or badminton . Only, it is lighter . The frames of these tools can be delivered with or without ropes. At the level of the strings, the adjustment of their tension must be done with great precision, because this is the criterion which will determine the rebound capacity of the ball.

How to choose your racket?

The rackets are chosen according to the level of the player as we have already seen previously. In addition, it is always more interesting to take a model already strung and calibrated in the factory if you are still new to the discipline. Here are also some criteria that should guide you to make the best choice :

The weight

When you are a beginner in this game, it is better to take a heavy racket (170g) otherwise it will be very difficult to control the trajectory of the ball. When you start to master the game, you have to take a slightly lighter model (150g). As for professional players, they always play better with the lightest models (110g).

The shape of the head

The shape of the tool head will have a lot of impact on its performance and therefore on the performance of the player. The strength, control and attack surface of equipment depends entirely on its form.

Elongated teardrop shape

The elongated teardrop-shaped racquet offers a large hitting surface. Because of the arrangement of its strings, however, it is much more difficult to control. Generally, it is not recommended for beginners and intermediate players.

The balance

Here we talk about the weight distribution of the tool from its head to its handle. You will find models that are heavier at the head, those that are heavier at the neck, and those that have an even balance.

When the head of the racquet weighs less than its sleeve, we often notice better playability. Anyway, it also goes about a matter of habit. The choice of balance will thus depend on the player’s preference.

The ropes

If you haven’t bought a Technifibre racket, go for the frames without strings. The strings of your tool should be properly tensioned. The tension will depend on the size and weight of the frame. It will also be determined according to the speed of the player. If you do not know how to string your tool, consult a professional to avoid possible damage.


The arrangement of the strings

The arrangement of the strings is also a very important element. Quite logically, if the frame holds many strings, it will offer a larger hitting surface. If you are a beginner, then prefer models designed according to this ideal.

Top 7 Racquets for pros

Prince Pro Rebel 950

The Prince Prince Pro Rebel 950 squash racket is the best squash racket on the market . By its construction and characteristics, it is unique. It’s a great choice for anyone looking to improve their game and performance.

The first element that you notice when you take it in hand is its featherweight, only 135g. This allows for extreme maneuverability and unparalleled ease of use. This causes the head of the racquet to move faster, which increases your power.

Head Nano Ti110

Among the squash rackets tested, the Head Nano Ti110 is the one that offers the best quality / price ratio.The lightest racket , it is made of titanium and graphite and weighs only 110g! This allows excellent handling and exceptional speed, thanks to this your power will be multiplied.

 In terms of weight distribution, the head part is a bit heavier, but the balance remains excellent, resulting in an efficient racquet that is easy to handle.

In terms of touch, the sensations are excellent, we feel that we have almost perfect control. It’s very enjoyable and, whatever the style of play, the racket transmits exactly the momentum you want to give. The racquet is slightly less precise than the very best.

Dunlop Force Evolution 130

This squash racket is very interesting, it is quite versatile. Whether for a long game or closer, it is more than satisfactory.

With 130g, it is slightly heavier than the other two squash rackets that we have just tested, the difference is not huge, however, it is still very pleasant to handle. Its graphite construction appears to be of good quality.

On the other hand, according to the manufacturer, the weight is supposed to be distributed evenly, during our test it appeared that the head of the racket is in fact a little heavier. In most cases, this is not a problem, it allows you to have more power.


Wilson Force 155

When you want to buy your first squash racket, it is important to make the right choice: it may make you love squash or hate it if it is not suitable.

Price is the most important criterion here, but you shouldn’t sacrifice too much in terms of quality. This is why you really have to avoid squash rackets with a price lower than the price of this racket (around 40 euros). Here we select a kit to get started: the squash racket + the cover + balls.

This racket is heavier than the others tested, obviously, at this price, the materials are not as light. But when you start, it allows you to have the racket in hand, and to be more aware of its grip for example.

 Oliver Orc A Supralight anthracite squash racket

This squash racket has a 12 kg SQ X9 string. The equipment displays a long string style and has been made in a nano-eplon material. In addition, it offers a balance in the handle to offer maximum comfort to users.

The use of this racket is particularly suitable for professional level players.

The racquet benefits from the optimal comfort of its sleeve and it’s good handling.

Tecnifibre Carboflex 125 X-Speed

The Tecnifibre Carboflex weighs 125 g and has a balance of 350. The balance of the tool is at the level of its head. In addition, it is made of graphite.

This equipment promises a high rate of strikes and proves to be an excellent choice for experienced players.

HEADi110 squash racket

This 110g squash racket has a 12 by 17 string arrangement. Its balance technology is 37.0 cm and its head size is 500 cm².

With its optimal handle size and lightness, this product will benefit a professional player better than a beginner. However, given its sieve size, the pros will find it better for training than for a competition . The equipment is appreciated for its level of precision.


Squash is a great game for keeping fit, and boosting your agility, and reflexes. The gear for this game is quite important, in this article we have discussed the best racquets for your gaming experience.