Who Makes Club Car Golf Carts? (Explained)

The number of manufacturers of golf carts has increased dramatically over the past two decades, as the industry has shifted from gas-powered to low-speed electric vehicles.

Club Car manufactures strong and reliable golf clubs and utility vehicles. These vehicles are usually gas or electric-powered. Bill Stevens Sr., is the founder of Club Car, while Mark Wagner is the President and CEO.

Many big names have been adding additional manufacturing facilities to meet the growing demand.

This growth has created confusion as to which companies are the biggest producers of these vehicles, as most factories are secretive about the number of vehicles they make annually.

Let’s take a look at some of the top names in the industry and their products.

Yamaha Golf Cart

Both the Yamaha and Club Car golf carts have many great features.

The Yamaha golf cart has a seat width that is three inches wider than the Club Car’s, and its canopy is 3 inches higher. It also features independent suspension, which means that it won’t be affected by uneven roads.

The Club Car, on the other hand, uses leaf-spring suspension. Because of this, it tends to have a less firm ride.

Both Club Car and Yamaha have high-tech features that will enhance your golfing experience.

Both of these brands have a cargo box, which makes them practical on uneven terrain.

Some models come with a lift, which makes them useful for property management. If you don’t have a large yard, a golf cart with a cargo box may be the answer for you.

The Yamaha golf cart has an impressive range and is known for its gas efficiency. The company claims to increase gas efficiency by up to 25%.

The company promises to produce fewer hydrocarbon emissions, which is an important concern for the environment. Yamaha is among the top brands when it comes to gas golf carts, so you won’t be disappointed.

In addition to its strong battery performance, the Yamaha golf cart offers great convenience. It has ample storage space, cup holders, and USB ports.

A Yamaha golf cart has many high-tech features and is relatively inexpensive. Moreover, it’s easy to operate and maintain. Moreover, it’s also easy to transport, making it an excellent choice for any commercial or residential property.

A Yamaha golf cart also comes with customization options, so you can add extra accessories.

The company’s official website is user-friendly, and its customer service team can help you locate a dealership in your area. Yamaha carts are among the most popular in the US, and a Yamaha cart is likely to last you a long time.

Other features of the Yamaha golf cart include GPS and Bluetooth speakers. The dash-mounted GPS is visible to the golfer, unlike the roof-mounted one.

EZ-GO Golf Carts

The EZ-GO brand offers a variety of electric and gas-powered golf carts. These carts feature a variety of upgrades, including programmable technology and GE motors.

They also have a steel frame for durability. While they are popular with golfers, you should keep in mind that some of these carts are not suitable for hilly terrain.

They may also suffer from wear and tear from constant exposure to salt water.

Among the features that make the EZ-Go cart stand out from other models is its rust-resistant steel frame.

This makes it safer for people who drive on uneven surfaces. The steel frame also helps to reduce the cart’s center of gravity, which makes it easier for people to drive.

However, steel frames are not ideal for coastal climates or high humidity. Nevertheless, E-Z-GO dealers offer rust-preventative paint to protect their carts from corrosion.

When shopping for an EZ-GO cart, you should also keep in mind what kind of use you will put it to. While a golf cart is useful for golfing, it can also be used for commuting, driving around town, or even hunting.

Knowing which brands are known for making quality golf carts can help you narrow down your choices. E-Z-GO and Club Car are reputable brands with excellent reputations in the golf cart industry.

Among the two brands, EZ-GO is more affordable than the Club Car. EZ-GO carts are also available with modifications and upgrades that can help them cope with different terrains.

But if you’re looking for a more high-end vehicle, the Club Car brand is the way to go.

EZ-GO carts are built with a steel frame, while Club Cars are made of aluminum. However, the difference in construction quality is not huge.

Besides their quality, they are also more expensive than EZ-GO carts. If you are a serious golfer, you might want to invest in a Club Car instead of an EZ-GO cart.

EZ-GO golf carts have great customization capabilities and can be easily found for reasonable prices. EZGO carts are also easier to service than Club Car carts, and their design makes it easier for a mechanic to perform a wide range of repairs and upgrades.

Club Car Golf Carts

The Club Car Golf Carts range of vehicles offers superior efficiency and long-lasting value.

These versatile utility vehicles are ideal for recreational, ground maintenance, industrial, commercial, and residential use.

They are recognized as the industry standard for style and performance. These vehicles can be seen at golf courses around the world. They even inspire imitators in the industry.

Club Car golf carts also offer a variety of upgrades and accessories. However, some of these upgrades can be costly.

In such a case, a Club Car warranty is a good idea. This program is available only from authorized Club Car dealers. In addition, the warranty program is not limited to new carts.

Club Car golf carts are equipped with premium tires that offer enhanced tread life and durability. Besides, these vehicles are surprisingly comfortable and provide a smooth ride.

You can choose from gasoline, standard electric, and AC-drive models. And because they’re completely customizable, you can select your preferred model based on your preferences.

In addition to offering great performance, Club Car golf carts are incredibly easy to maintain and repair. Parts can be purchased online or at a local dealer.

Club Car’s website has all of the information you need to make the right decision for your needs. If you’re having trouble finding a Club Car golf cart part, contact your local dealer.

Club Car golf carts are also very durable, with a robust frame and powerful engine. This allows them to run on a variety of terrains.

The carts also feature high-quality stock motors and excellent steering. In addition, they’re made of sturdy aluminum structures and feature smooth suspensions.

If taken care of properly, they can last up to twenty years. However, they are not as affordable as other golf carts.

Club Car golf carts are low-speed vehicles that are designed for commercial and personal use. Some are even street-legal in some areas. However, these regulations vary from state to state.

Before you buy a Club Car golf cart, contact your local authorized Club Car dealer to find out what the legal requirements are for your area.

Bintelli Club Car Golf Cart

If you’re interested in buying a used Bintelli club car golf cart, you can do so through various online marketplaces.

These include Craigslist, eBay, and Facebook. You’ll be able to find many different models of Bintelli carts for sale at various prices. Used Bintelli golf carts generally cost around $5,000, although they can be more expensive depending on their features.

Bintelli golf carts are considered street legal and are capped at 20 to 25 miles per hour. This limit is in accordance with state regulations regarding low-speed electric vehicles.

If you want to go faster, you can configure your cart to de-restrict the speed. However, it is important to note that if you do this, you may invalidate your insurance policy.

A Bintelli golf cart has a luxurious look and feels with a leather-covered seat and wood grain trim.

These features make them feel like luxury cars. A Club Car golf cart, on the other hand, is a more utilitarian design and comes with comfortable seats but no stylish wood trim.

The Bintelli golf cart has an AC motor and an aluminum chassis. It can carry up to 800 pounds.

You can find used Bintelli carts on eBay and Craigslist. You can also purchase them from third-party dealers. Some people will sell them on Facebook or Craigslist.

Compared to other types of golf carts, Bintelli club cars have a variety of features. Some features are standard, while others are optional.

These carts have AC motors, Bluetooth speakers, and rear cameras. They also feature three-point seat belts for the driver and passenger.

Bintelli offers a limited warranty that covers both the frame and all the welds on it. The rest of the parts are covered for one year.

The warranty does not cover labor costs; however, if you need a repair, you can purchase a longer warranty.

Golf cars typically have aluminum frames, making them lightweight and durable.

This reduces fuel costs. An added benefit to the lightweight aluminum bodies is the fact that they resist rust and corrode much better than steel.