Who Makes Cobra Golf Clubs?

You’ve probably asked yourself, who makes Cobra golf clubs? If so, you’re not alone. Cobra makes some of the best clubs on the market.

And they’re certainly among the most popular. But how do you choose between Cobra and TaylorMade?

Here’s a quick guide. Listed below are the five top Cobra golf clubs.

But which one is best for you? If you’re unsure, just take a look at some of the other top brands.

Cobra Puma Golf

The Cobra Puma Golf state cup series was launched last weekend in Austin, Texas, with more than $200,000 raised for charities including Cap City Kids and the University of the Southwest golf program.

The next state cup will take place in Houston in 2022, and more events will follow in the United States.

The company has also expanded into accessories and bags. In March 2010, the company was acquired by German sports apparel and equipment company Puma AG.

As a name-brand brand, the Cobra Puma Golf brand has an interesting angle. Cobra recognizes its niche in golf and creates innovative clubs to appeal to both amateurs and professional golfers.

You will notice that the headquarters is not filled with bragging banners or serious HQs.

Instead, the offices are decorated with brightly colored shoes from players and a huge orange hat. The Cobra Puma Golf brand is well represented on the LPGA and other women’s tours.

PUMA SE, the parent company of Cobra Puma Golf, is a global sports apparel and accessory company. The Cobra Puma Golf brand offers a wide range of apparel, shoes, golf clubs, and accessories.

A star-shaped golf shoe, the IGNITEPWA PT Caged, will be worn by Bryson DeChambeau during the US Open.

In addition to its design and technology, the Puma golf shoes are exceptionally comfortable and will keep your feet happy for hours.

Thomas Crow

Thomas Crow, the company’s founder, had one goal in mind when he started Cobra: to create the best golf club on the market.

After seeing people spontaneously buy new golf clubs, he decided to launch a company to create one.

He was successful, as the company’s first golf club was the Baffler, a hybrid that aided ball striking and got the ball up in the air faster and easier. The Baffler was a big hit, and Cobra soon became one of the world’s largest golf clubs.

Crow, who had won the Australian amateur golf championship in 1961, decided to turn his passion for golf into a business.

During the early 1970s, he observed that many American golfers purchased their clubs individually, and he gathered $150,000 in venture capital to start his own small custom club company.

Today, Cobra Golf is owned by Puma, a sportswear brand based in California. It’s still one of the largest companies in the world, but it has evolved over the years.

Despite the success of the Cobra Golf brand, the company’s founder, Thomas Crow, recently passed away.

The reason for this is unclear, but it has been widely believed that Crow was suffering from Alzheimer’s disease when he died in December. Thomas Crow was a highly successful golfer, having won the Australian Amateur Championship in 1961, and 20 club championships.

He was also the holder of the West Course record at Royal Melbourne, a 63-point round in 1956.


When it comes to golf equipment, TaylorMade may be the gold standard. However, not everyone knows Cobra. The brand has been around for 50 years, but many people don’t know it.

Thomas Crow, an Australian amateur golf champion, founded the company. In 1973, Cobra introduced their first utility wood, the Baffler. It was so innovative, that it became the first major golf manufacturer to produce an entire set of oversized irons.

Golfers can purchase Cobra golf clubs for a variety of reasons, including affordability and quality.

The club’s design, technology, and engineering help make it one of the best on the market today. Its high-performance irons, for example, are ideal for golfers of all skill levels. And since the company focuses on research and development, its clubs are trusted by the world’s top pros.

Forged irons are among Cobra’s best-selling golf clubs. With a muscle-back shape and an ultra-fast face insert, these irons generate incredible ball speeds. Their 66-gram tungsten weight imparts maximum ball speed.

The driver is the most popular and best-selling iron in the Cobra line, but they also compete with every other club in the bag. The company’s other golf equipment, like its metal woods, wedges, and irons, is worth checking out.


Cobra makes golf clubs that will meet the needs of every golfer. The line of Cobra irons is perfect for low-handicappers, beginners, and high-handicappers.

Cobra irons have large sweet spots, a low Center of Gravity, and great turf interactions.

The Cobra line also offers a lighter shaft option for slow-swinging players. And, if you’re a veteran player who is looking for a club with great performance, try the Cobra XL set.

In addition to the driver, Cobra offers many other high-performance golf clubs. Their forged face insert creates a larger sweet spot and a compact shape that produce more distance.

Cobra’s tungsten weight adds the necessary speed to the ball and ensures a higher launch.

The Cobra golf driver competes with any club in the bag, and their irons, wedges, and metal woods are unsurpassed. In 2022, Cobra will offer an impressive line of clubs to suit any golfer.

Cobra is a top manufacturer of golf clubs. Their products cater to both the professional and social golfer, but they tend to be more expensive.

Their premium drivers may increase Bryce DeChambeau’s distance, but Cobra’s line of golf clubs isn’t just for professional golfers.

And the brand has more options than Cobra to meet the needs of every golfer. In addition to their golf club lineup, Cobra makes golf accessories as well.


If you’re serious about improving your game, consider purchasing a new set of Cobra golf clubs. Cobra golf clubs are among the best on the market today.

You won’t regret it! They are made of high-quality materials and are crafted with great care to meet the needs of every player. However, there are some things you should know before purchasing a set of Cobra clubs. Here are some of the best options.

Cobra is the first brand that was designed by a former amateur champion. Today, it’s the world’s leading manufacturer of golf equipment. The company was acquired by American Brands Inc. in 1996.

The company now makes Titleist clubs and Foot-Joy golf shoes. The acquisition of Cobra is a win-win for all parties.

As with any merger, the company is positioned to grow even further and become one of the top golf equipment manufacturers.

The brand was originally owned by Acushnet Company, which later became Puma. Titleist bought the company to continue producing Cobra golf clubs.

Since then, both companies are related and continue to grow. Cobra golf clubs are a good example of the brand’s quality control.

Titleist has a standardized quality assurance procedure for its products. For the latest information, visit their website. Once you have registered, you can buy a Cobra golf club online.


In 1985, Cobra Golf introduced stock graphite-shafted woods and irons. They gained international fame when Geoff Ogilvy won the 2006 US Open at Winged Foot using Cobra drivers and bladed irons.

In 2010, Cobra Golf and Puma announced a partnership. Until then, the company was part of the Acushnet umbrella. Since then, the partnership has been a huge success.

In 2013, Tiger Woods re-signed with Nike. Since then, he has missed three majors and has yet to play in a full year.

Rory McIlroy, another former world champion, signed with Nike in January 2013.

But the Northern Irishman missed both of 2015’s majors. But Nike has continued to add a wide range of professional golfers to its roster.

Last year, the company signed Jason Day to an apparel and footwear deal worth $10 million per year.

In the past few years, the company has added a new line of products to its golf portfolio. Cobra Puma Golf is a more affordable version of its high-end line. This company is known for putting golf balls further than most.

Their innovative technology makes it easier for golfers to hit the ball far.

Cobra Puma Golf is a well-known brand, represented by world-renowned athletes such as Greg Norman, Ernie Els, and Rickie Fowler.