Who Makes Evolution Golf Carts? (Answered)

If you are a golfer and are looking for a new golf cart, you might be wondering who makes Evolution golf carts.

The company behind the carts is Evolution Electric Vehicles, which is a subsidiary of HDK Electrical.

The company is based in Corona, California. It has a history of making carts for golf courses and has been in business for over 30 years.

Evolution Electric Golf Carts

The Evolution electric golf cart is designed with the speed of a sports car. Its sleek aluminum casing and lithium-ion batteries offer long-lasting power and low maintenance.

Its battery requires charging before use and has an onboard 25-amp battery charger. It is built in the USA in two locations.

Evolution’s headquarters and production facility are located in Chino, California, and are powered by components designed and manufactured in the U.S. Evolution’s cars are sold through dealers in the U.S. and around the world.

They feature a digital speedometer, luxury rear seat kits, aluminum wheels with street and off-road treaded tires, LED brake lights, and more.

The Evolution is also available with optional accessories and packages that include hydraulic disc brakes and DOT3 windshields.

The Evolution Revolution 4 electric golf car debuted at the PGA show in 2016. It seats four adults and includes heat and air conditioning. It also features a 72V AC power system and a range of 75 miles with the air conditioning or heater on. It also comes with a two-year warranty.

Unlike many other electric golf carts on the market, Evolution’s lithium-ion batteries offer an unbeatable customer experience. Lithium technology is safer than lead-acid batteries and has a long lifespan.

This type of battery is also environmentally friendly and maintenance-free, so it is the perfect choice for a variety of conditions.

While the Evolution golf cart is not for the faint-hearted, it has proven to be one of the most affordable golf carts on the market.

You can buy a used Evolution electric golf cart for under $8,000. The cost is usually comparable to other leading brands in the industry, like EZ-Go and Yamaha. The Evolution golf cart is manufactured in Chino, California.

HDK Electrical, which originated in the Asia-Pacific markets, manufactures most of the components for Evolution electric golf carts.

Club Car Evolution Golf Cart

Compared to the E-Z-Go, the Club Car Evolution golf cart is much smoother and has a much longer warranty. It also comes with a 48-volt lithium-ion battery, 14-inch Black aluminum wheels, and luxury two-tone seating and steering wheels.

The Evolution’s hot galvanized chassis is also guaranteed for life. The Evolution is also fully street legal.

The Evolution has been designed with safety and efficiency in mind. It has a battery that’s almost maintenance-free and has a shorter charge time.

The batteries are powered by lithium-ion batteries and are designed with an improved Battery Management System and aluminum casing. You can choose from three different battery sizes: 60 AH, 110 AH, and 130 AH.

The Evolution golf cart is gaining popularity worldwide and is produced in California. The company’s modern design and additional speed make this cart a favorite with golfers.

The Evolution is also available in multiple sizes, so you can pick one that suits your needs. If you’re still not sure whether the Evolution is the right cart for you, take some time to read reviews and ask other golfers about their experience with the Evolution.

If you’re considering buying a new Evolution golf cart, you’ll want to consider the cost. These electric vehicles can cost upward of $8000.

Although they’re considered one of the most expensive golf carts on the market, you can save money by purchasing a used version instead. The cost of an Evolution is comparable to those of EZ-Go and Yamaha.

As the evolution golf cart ages, it may experience some battery problems. The best solution to this problem is to upgrade the electric motor.

This will increase the cart’s speed by about 20mph. You’ll have to pay about $1,000 for the parts. This is not a cheap solution, but it’s the best way to increase the speed of your Evolution golf cart.

E-Z-Go Evolution Golf Carts

The E-Z-Go Evolution is one of the most advanced golf carts in history. This electric cart has a powder-coated steel chassis, an onboard waterproof charger, and a lifetime warranty.

Its lithium-ion batteries are designed for longer runs and require minimal maintenance. This model also features a 9-inch touch screen and Bluetooth sound system. It is also assembled in two different locations in the United States.

As an electric golf cart, the Evolution is easier on the environment. It has zero emissions, which helps protect the local wildlife and increase the health of the course grass.

The Evolution can reach speeds of up to 25 miles per hour. It is recommended that you maintain it regularly to maintain it in good working condition.

The Evolution golf cart features a number of amenities that make it a popular choice among golfers. It has a modern look and a plethora of features. It is also priced competitively with other industry-leading brands.

If you are in the market for a golf cart, be sure to check out Beech Creek Golf Carts, located in Cincinnati, OH.

Evolution golf carts are gaining popularity in recent years. These golf carts are known for their modern design and additional speed.

They are made in California and can be purchased in various sizes. There are many reviews on the Evolution and other golf carts online, and you can use these to make an informed decision about which one to buy.

The Evolution has outstanding features and a large battery that can power up to 13 miles per hour.

The Evolution PRO 4 LITHIUM is a new version of the Evolution. It boasts 60ah lithium-ion battery technology and a host of standard features. You won’t find a more feature-rich vehicle on the market today.

Tomberlin Evolution Golf Carts

Tomberlin makes Evolution golf carts in a number of different styles and models. They are based on the same basic design, but they are equipped with additional features that set them apart.

They include lithium batteries, a canopy headliner, Bluetooth stereo speakers, an AM/FM radio, backlit side mirrors, a heavy-duty front bumper with LED light bar, and GT custom seats.

The company also makes a variety of models for both golf courses and residential areas.

Evolution golf carts are some of the fastest golf carts available on the market. They are also designed to last for years.

These carts are powered by lithium batteries, which are preprogrammed and feature an onboard waterproof charger.

The company has 2 locations in the United States and assembles all its carts in-house.

The company sells its golf carts on various online marketplaces, including Craigslist and eBay. Before making a purchase, make sure you do your research.

Check out the components of the cart and test drive it yourself. If you’re not sure what part you need, a customer service representative can help you.

The company has official distributors throughout the United States. These dealerships sell both new and used Tomberlin golf carts.

Local golf cart dealers may also stock some models. Additionally, many towns and communities have a booming second-hand golf cart market.

If you’re not comfortable purchasing a new golf cart, try to find a used one that’s still in good condition.