Who Makes PXG Golf Clubs? (Bob Parsons)

PXG Golf clubs are designed with performance in mind. It comes with unbeatable features and values that are absent in some brands of golf clubs.

So who makes PXG Golf Clubs? Bob Parsons founded Parsons Xtreme Golf (PXG) clubs in 2014 with headquarters in Scottsdale, Arizona, USA.

These clubs are jam-packed with the latest technology such as XCOR2 material, progressive set design, and power channel technology.

If you’re looking to hit a mile or have the best grip, PXG golf clubs should be considered.

Parsons Xtreme Golf Club

Parsons Xtreme Golf Club is a line of performance golf clubs that offers military discounts and special discounts to the public.

The company was founded by billionaire Bob Parsons, a real estate investor, and entrepreneur. He made his fortune by creating and designing golf clubs that rival the best brands.

His irons, for example, feature-thin face designs and are made from newer core materials, including PXG’s XCOR2 material, which is lighter and springier than previous models.

In addition to these new technologies, Parsons’ golf clubs also incorporate “Power Channels,” which increase support during impact and boost the coefficient of restitution.

Bob Parsons is the company’s chief executive and founder. He is an American veteran, who served in the Vietnam War as a rifleman. He received the Purple Heart for his services.

Due to his eye injury, he wears dark glasses in bright sunlight.

In addition to giving military veterans discounts on their golf clubs, his company donates big checks to nonprofits such as the Semper Fi & America’s Fund, which support wounded service members.

The PXG brand has a unique history. Founded in 1995, the company was initially limited to two trailers parked on Parsons’ Scottsdale National Golf Course. Since then, the company has built a solid reputation for innovation and performance.

This year, the company is releasing a new line of clubs, the GEN5 line, based on Parsons’ philosophy of relentless research and development.

The PXG brand is committed to producing the most versatile clubs on the market.

While the PXG brand has an impressive track record, some of its clubs are more expensive than others.

Typically, a driver and a full set of irons can cost more than $3,000. This is more than double the price of top irons from more traditional companies.

Moreover, the company has branched out beyond the irons to include other types of clubs with unique looks and technologies.

Who is Bob Parsons?

Bob Parsons makes PXG golf clubs. He is the founder of the company, and his mission is to produce the best golf clubs available.

His goal is to deliver high-quality golf clubs that are affordable for everyone. His PXG irons are designed to fit different swing styles, and they can cost anywhere from $2,400 to $5,000.

Parsons has built the company from the ground up, spending nearly $250,000 a year on golf equipment. He also owns one of the largest Harley-Davidson dealerships in the U.S. Parsons has made some interesting moves to further expand his brand’s distribution.

In November, PXG opened its fourth Arizona location, and 10th store nationwide. The company plans to have two dozen stores nationwide by 2022.

Parsons is a self-described “golf nut” and has founded a number of other companies that sell a range of products, including golf clubs and apparel.

Parsons’ irons have the thinnest faces in golf, and their innovative technology includes new core materials.

The company’s XCOR2 material, a springy polymer blend, is lighter than previous models, and the “Power Channel” adds support to the face at impact while increasing the coefficient of restitution.

Parsons has a proven track record of success. He has founded multiple successful companies and sold one of them for $64 million. He’s a visionary and a good businessman. His goal is to make golf equipment that is easy to use and durable. And he’s not just an entrepreneur; he has the skills to do it.

Bob Parsons started PXG golf clubs in 2013 because he wanted to improve golf equipment.

He started with irons and eventually expanded to include fairway woods, wedges, and putters. Today, PXG golf clubs are used by some of the biggest names in the PGA and LPGA tours.

Is Mike Nicolette a Co-founder?

Mike Nicolette is an award-winning former PGA Tour professional who now makes a line of golf clubs under the name PXG.

Prior to joining PXG, Nicolette worked as a senior product designer for PING. He also worked with Brad Schweigert, the PING chief product officer. Together, they created the PXG 0311 iron.

Although PXG has only been around for a few years, its high-performance equipment can already be seen in the bags of some of the world’s best players.

The company also sells fashion-forward apparel. PXG’s mission is to develop the most innovative golf clubs in the world.

The company’s philosophy centers on elevating the golfing experience and increasing individual performance.

PXG golf clubs are designed to improve golfers’ games by integrating high-performance alloys and elastomers. They also offer a variety of options for every skill level and price range.

The company has grown quickly, diversifying its offerings and increasing its market share. During the “Covid era,” PXG ramped up production and hiring as its competitors shut down or halted orders.

As a result, PXG was able to expand its market share and make more products at a lower cost.

PXG has recently signed several PGA Tour stars.

They include former Open Champion Zach Johnson, PGA champion Billy Horschel, and LPGA Tour stars such as Cristie Kerr and Gerina Piller. Other players signed with PXG include Ryan Moore, Saddi Parks, and Ali Lee.

PXG is launching three new irons in its GEN5 series with new technologies and materials to improve speed, launch, and forgiveness.

The new models feature a new core polymer, a face-thickness interior groove, and more tungsten in the toe and heel. They also have Aerotech SteelFiber Private Reserve shafts.

Brad Schweigert

If you want to play golf with a new set of clubs, try PXG. The company has been around a short time, but its gear is already in the bags of top golfers on the professional tour. However, the price tag on PXG clubs is higher than most others in the industry.

The company’s goal is to make a golf club that is affordable for the everyman golfer. Their clubs are designed to feel like a player’s stick and to provide great forgiveness.

Its mission has been realized and they’ve quickly become one of the most important brands in the industry.

One of the biggest innovations that PXG has made is its driver head shape. The company’s new XT driver head shape is designed to make the club head as aerodynamic as possible.

The clubface is one of the biggest contributors to drag in a golf club, so the new driver shape features a narrower face from the crown to the sole and a deeper face from heel to toe.

These changes will provide the biggest boost for players swinging at a high rate of speed. A typical player can expect to gain up to one mph of clubhead speed with the new driver’s head shape.

PXG also hired a former PGA Tour player, Mike Nicolette. He was previously a senior product designer at Ping before joining PXG.

He worked with Brad Schweigert, who was then the company’s chief product officer. The two men worked together on the PXG 0311 iron design.

When it comes to quality, PXG doesn’t cut corners. It uses the best materials available, from premium alloys to tungsten weights. They’re not cheap, but you’ll get what you pay for. A single iron set can cost upwards of $600.

PXG Golf Clubs: Manufacturing Process

PXG golf clubs are not just any golf clubs. They have been manufactured in various locations around the world.

Throughout the years, the company has expanded its range and market share. This growth came during the “Covid era” when many competitors were forced to close or slow down their orders.

The company has the latest tech ready to ship, from a proprietary core polymer material to five-times-forged body geometry to premium shafts.

Those advances in materials science and precision engineering translate into higher-performing golf clubs.

PXG also has the thinnest clubface in the industry. These clubs also feature XCOR2 and Power Channel Technology, which delivers explosive performance and a soft feel.

Despite their relatively high price, PXG golf clubs are a cut above the competition. The company invests a lot of time and money into the manufacturing process of each golf club.

The resulting products feature the highest quality materials and are designed to eliminate hot spots in the iron cavity.

PXG golf clubs are produced using two manufacturing processes. The first, forging, involves forming a solid piece of metal using heat and compressive force to form the metal into a high-performance golf club.

During this process, PXG uses multiple sets of tooling, which allows for a tighter grain structure, which enhances the sound and feel.

Afterward, the irons undergo a highly precise CNC milling process, which reduces the thickness of the wall, and creates intricate details.


PXG golf clubs are one of the best golf clubs used by pro golfers. Unlike many other golf club brands, PXG golf clubs are produced in the United States, rather than overseas. So you can be sure of high-quality standards.

While other major brands have outsourced some of the production processes to Asia, PXG prides itself on being an all-American brand.

These golf clubs are designed to last and are well worth the price.