Tennis Ball Machine Under $500 (Top 10 Reviews)

Are you working on a tight budget and you need a tennis ball machine under $500? 

Then, you’re in the place. Regardless of your budget, there are reliable tennis ball machines you can afford. 

In this article, I reviewed 10 tennis ball machines under $500, which are reliable, easy to grip, and have better features that you can choose from.

Some of the features of these tennis ball machines include:

  • Good oscillation
  • Spin control
  • Sizable
  • Lightweight
  • Better life batteries

Portable tennis ball machine you can safely lift in and out of your car.  

If you’re in doubt of which one to buy because of the various brands of tennis ball machines in the market

Then, this article is written to guide you make a better choice of tennis ball machine, in the midst of many brands in the market.

Let’s get started 

1. Suz Table Tennis Robot 

tennis machine

This is a S201 ping pong ball machine designed for intermediary, to enhance their tennis skill. 

The Suz Table Tennis Robot comes with a ball recycling net collection system. The net collection system can hold about 300 table tennis balls.

During training, you don’t have to pick balls, because it helps you to pick the balls automatically.

It works with remote control, which allows you to have better operation with the use of various functions.

The Suz ping pong has great setting spins and excellent landing spots. It can serve topspin, backspin, left-spin, right-spin,  and mixed spin.

It has 9 kinds of spinning balls with different ranges of frequency and speeds. This is great for those who’re learning how to play tennis.

The machine allows analog controls of ball speed, frequency, and oscillation. It also has control on the strong and weak balls, high and low balls, and easily adjusts the position that’ll allow you to focus on training.

This is an excellent tennis ball machine you can use to have fun with your family and while on the training.

The machine is configured with english language. The language makes it simple to be easily installed. 

The Suz Table Tennis Robot specifications are:

  • The rated voltage ranges from 100V-240V
  • Rated power: 50W
  • Ball out frequency: 35-80/minutes
  • Ball speed: 4-40 m/s
  • Spin : Topspin, backspin, non-spin, left and right side spin
  • Point of fall: Random
  • Package List: table tennis robot Table Tennis Accessories(200 table tennis balls Random color :orange or white)

To avoid clamping of balls when the machine is not in use, add 15 to 10 balls to the storage tube.

The machine will not spin out the ball if the balls inside are less than 20, therefore ensure you have above 20 balls inside the machine.

When  the machine is packed for a period of long time, warm the engine for 3-5 minutes, hence you’ll the machine will not be effective.

2. CHAOFAN 36 Spins Ping Pong Ball Machine 

The CHAOFAN is among the best machines for training and having fun with your teams, family, friends. 

The CHAOFAN weighs 9.35 Pounds and has the dimensions of 15 x 15 x 14 inches. 

This is a portable and lightweight machine that can fit into any small space. 

It’s highly convenient to travel with the machine because of the size and weight.

The CHAOFAN 36 capacity is 110 balls. For training, the ball here is more than enough. During training you don’t have to bother refilling the machine.

You can straighten the training process without any stop for refill the machine with other balls.

You can easily move the machine because of its large wheels and handle. Move it around to anywhere you want it to be on the court.

It serves a speed rate ranges from 4 -40 m/s, though as a beginner you may want to lower the speed.

As the manual states, you don’t need to feed the machine with dump balls, if you don’t want your machine to experience being jammed.

When the machine jammed. Put your hand inside the machine to remove this ball that’s jammed.

The CHAOFAN 36 Spin Ping Pong is configured with english language, which makes it easy to install at 15°. Though, you can also adjust it from 0 to 5

A highly affordable tennis ball machine that you can count for quick tennis speed.

3. Match Mate Rookie

Are you looking for a tennis ball machine that you can use to work on your stroke sets?

Match Mate Rookie is a perfect machine for a leaner and excellent to work on your stroke sets.

It has a speed of 30 mph with great features that’ll enhance your skill while in the process of learning.

The Match Mate Rookie is designed with a user-friendly control panel, which you can use to begin slowly and gradually to build up speed. 

A portable machine with a maximum shooting distance 50 feet. This distance can cover the whole court. You can also use the control panel to adjust the speed distance. 

Match Mate Rookie weighs 22 lbs. The weight makes it portable and can easily be lifted up. It’s among the lightweighter machines you can find in the market.

The weight makes it easy for you to lift it up and move it around because it doesn’t have wheels.

It’s coated with an aluminum shell, which protects it from rust and makes it durable. 

The battery life of Match Mate Rookie is 5 hours, which has the capacity to last for an average training session. 

The recharging time of the battery is faster and it reduces the rate of maintaining the machine.

4. Isam Extend Tennis Ball Machine

An affordable and durable tennis ball machine you can use to improve your learning skill.

It has a shooting speed rate that ranges from 15 to 65 mph. You can as well adjust the speed through the control panel.

The Isam Extend Tennis Ball Machine doesn’t have much challenge because of the way it was built. 

It has a larger bucket on top that allows you to store many balls at the one time.

You can either use the during fun or practicing to boost your skills. The interval for the ball to move out of the machine is between 2 seconds to 10 seconds, though you can change it via the control panel.

The bucket has the capacity to store 300 balls at a time. It’s battery has an extended life. 

The battery can operate above 7 hours without running out of power. It can easily be recharged when it runs down.

5. Quickstart Tennis Ball Machine

Quickstart Tennis Ball Machine is designed with 14 to 30 mph speed. The speed makes it possible to spit out the ball faster and easier. 

It has the capacity to accommodate a maximum of 75 balls at one training or playing session. 

The weight limit of Quickstart Tennis Ball Machine is 29 lbs. It’s designed for learners to increase their tennis skills.

It’s very simple to set up and play with it right away. This is among the easiest tennis ball machines in the market.

Quickstart Tennis Ball Machine is highly durable and it’s a battery operated machine. The battery makes it possible for you to use anywhere of your choice. 

The Quickstart Tennis Ball Machine can be used on standard or small courts. A tennis machine designed for beginners and children who want to work on strokes and muscle. 

6. Suz Table Tennis Robot Ping Pong Ball Machine S102 

This is a wireless remote control automatic table tennis machine, which allows you to have better operation of various functions built into it.

This is an ideal tennis ball machine for beginners, which is good to work on your stroke sets.

The machine is able to feed balls at the speed of 35 mph. This is a great feature for beginners.

The machine has a weight limit of 4.5kg. Though, the weight doesn’t allow children who use the machine to move it around.

The rated voltage ranges from 100V to 240V and rated power of 36W. The frequency at which the ball goes out of the machine is between 40 to 70/minutes. 

This frequency feature makes it faster and one of the accurate machines for learners. 

As the balls are coming out of the machine, it’s randomly fallen. The spins; 

  • Topspin
  • Underspin
  • Non-spin
  • Left and right side spin. 

Ensure you clean the new balls before you use them. This will help the machine to reduce any failure. 

Don’t leave the storage tube empty when the machine is off to avoid clamping of balls. 

You can easily install the machine because it is configured with english language. Just follow the procedure during installation to get it set.

7. Shikha Table Tennis Robot 

Shikha Table Tennis Robot has a recycle net automatic ping pong ball machine, which you can use to ping-pong practicing training exercise.

Thi is a double-end serve with no constant falling point. It can spit the ball to any direction especially if it’s not well set. 

With Shikha Table Tennis Robot you can generate top spin, backspin, and sidespin. These spins make the machine worth the cost.

The Shikha has features that allow you to twin the spin button to create a spin that suits you.

The spin features create upswing gears that combined with the corresponding downspin gears, which modulate the different spins.

It has a ping pong robot that can deliver 36 spinning balls during the process of training or having fun.

Shikha Table Tennis Robot has the capacity to accommodate 110 ping-pong balls. It has a high frequency that splits the ball out. You can adjust the speed via control panel.

You can easily install this machine without using any tools or equipment. It has a lightweight that makes it easy to adjust the position of the machine. 

8. Practice Partner Butterfly Table Tennis Robot

The Butterfly Practice Partner has a ball feeding unit that is made of alloy. The alloy has resistant rubber which stabilizes the ball direction and placement. 

The machine can produce topspin or sidespin balls; serve (2 bounces) or returns (1 bounce). 

You can set the Butterfly partner on your ping pong table to train or play at any time you want for as long as you want. 

The machine is suitable for both learners and experienced ones. It can fit all table tennis and conversion tops.

The machine is lightweight and portable you can easily carry. It has the capacity to hold approximately 20 to 40 balls.

It has a simple controller that makes the operation easy. Changing speed from 1 to 9 and frequency from 1 to 9 becomes easy.

The simple controller makes a selection of either 1-point or 2-point delivery with 1/4, 1/2, 3/4, or full table coverage simple.

9. Spinshot Lite Tennis Training Machine Basic Model (Best Model for Junior Player)

This machine is above $500 but below $1000. A great machine for intermediate players who want to improve in tennis.

The Spinshot Lite Tennis Training Machine has various functions that help learners to get a unique work out. You can easily customize this machine to suit you.

It has a controllable speed that makes it great for juniors. It has maximum capacity to hold 120 balls. 

The Spinshot Lite is located at the middle of the court near the service line. This makes it easy for intermediates to shoot balls from the service line to the opposite service line.

It has adjustable ball height, speed control and feed interval as well. The height and the speed of the machine is minimised but for higher height and speed refer to Spinshot Pro.

It’s one of the most portable ball machines for intermediates. It has a maximum speed of 50kph. 

10. Wilson Portable Tennis Ball Machine

The Wilson Portable Tennis Ball Machine has the capacity to hold a total of 110.

This makes it less work for players to pick up the ball during training.

The Wilson Portable Tennis Ball Machine to handle many different balls at once. The machine doesn’t get stuck when it’s in operation.

The machine is customised to run completely on a battery. When the battery is fully charged, it can run up to four hour pers training without stopping.

The battery performs at a high-level with charge quick option. The battery is completely charged in less than 2 hours.

It has a lightweight feature that makes it easy to carry in and out of your car. The weight is 38 lbs. 

The machine speed ranges from 10 to 75 mph. It can spin topspin and backspin. This spine makes it easy for intermediate players to have excellent stroke work sets.  

The spin rate works perfectly well with Wilson Portable Tennis Ball machine.

The machine is designed to help players. It’s designed to mimic how players consistently hit the ball, which benefits the player in the long-run.


Here you have reliable tennis ball machines under $500, which you can use to improve your skill.

These machines are well researched to be the top best among all the brands in the market.

Whatever your budget is, there’s a tennis ball machine that’ll not break your account. Take an advantage from any of the tennis ball machines to improve your tennis skills.