What Putter Does Bryson DeChambeau Use?

Bryson DeChambeau has achieved some remarkable feats as a professional golfer. He has won 8 times on the PGA Tour including one major championship.

If you’re a fan and has been ‘stalking’ Bryson (for good reasons), you may have wondered what putter Bryson DeChambeau uses. Here’s what I know:

In addition to his signature Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS, the professional golfer has also used SIK putters. These are built by Tyler Finley. They’ve won multiple professional tournaments, and Bryson DeChambeau has endorsed several models.

What’s so special about SIK Golf putter?

Unlike other putters, the Sik Golf armlock putter eliminates wrist movement. It is patented and makes it possible to swing with the arms and shoulders more easily.

Sik Golf has taken the lead in the development of armlock putters, and the Sik Golf Pro C-Series Armlock putter is perfect for this new swing style. The SIK Armlock putter also increases the confidence level of the putter user.

The SIK Golf putter that Bryson DeChambeau uses is available for purchase at a Club Champion store.

It is important to get your putter fitted properly because they are customized to your exact specifications.

Buying a SIK putter is a great way to improve your short game. Whether you have to make a long putt, or simply hit the ball far enough to make par, a SIK putter can be the perfect choice for you.

The SIK putter used by Bryson DeChambeau is a commemorative edition putter designed to commemorate his US Open victory in 2020.

Only 274 SIK putters will be produced, so get one while they’re on sale. The SIK putter is an excellent choice for beginners and experts alike. The SIK putter is made by Tyler Finley and is designed to improve the feel of your stroke.

The SIK golf putter is a high-tech putter that has four flat surfaces that descend in loft by one degree.

This means that when you press the putter shaft, the ball will come into contact with the face higher than normal. The SIK putter delivers predictable roll angles and is consistent in loft and distance. It is crafted from 303 stainless steel bars. In addition, it also has four tungsten carbide inserts.

Here are 3 other putters that Bryson DeChambeau has used:

SIK Sho C-Series Armlock putter

A sizable putting wedge is an essential part of a golfer’s arsenal. Bryson DeChambeau, the 2020 US Open champion, uses the SIK Sho C-Series Armlock putter.

Unlike other putters, SIK putsters are designed to prevent wrist movement while putting. The armlock grip aligns with the putter face for square setup and stability.

Tour players love SIK putters. In addition to Bryson De Chambeau’s SIK Armlock putter, many other top players use SIK putters. They’ve won several tournaments and majors with SIK putters, and De Chambeau has continued to use it.

While SIK does not pay tour players to endorse its putters, it does offer a high-quality, durable product.

Designed and CNC-milled from 303 stainless steel bars, SIK putters provide consistent launch angles and predictable rolls on the green.

For an even more customized fit, Bryson DeChambeau uses a SIK Sho C-Series Armlock putting club. His custom-built putter was made from 303 stainless steel and has two core lines.

These putters are designed to deliver optimal performance, whether you have a weak or strong arc. The SIK Sho C-Series Armlock putter is a versatile tool that can be used by any golfer.

As a golfer, you may be wondering what putter Bryson DeChambeau uses. It has been the same putter used by the pga tour player for four years.

The SIK Sho C-Series Armlock putter is a perfect fit for the PGA Tour pro and features a descending loft for consistent launch angles.

Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS

Tiger Woods has used the Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS putter for 14 of his 15 major championship wins, including the 2019 Masters.

After using a different putter at the Memorial Tournament, Woods went back to using his trusted Newport 2 GSS.

However, his game took a hit in the greens at the Genesis Invitational, where he finished 67th out of 68.

The Newport 2 putter rarely undergoes a complete redesign, but sometimes subtle tweaks are made to make it more consistent with a golfer’s game. McIlroy honed the topline radius milling, along with the plumbing neck angles and edges.

The graphics are also updated, extending the three red dot theme to the face and sole of the putter for a clean, race-inspired look.

The Newport 2 GSS putter is made with a high-performance Anser style blade and features a mid-milled face pattern, redesigned plumbing neck, and performance-balanced tungsten sole weights.

It is one of the most popular putters on the market, and would likely fetch eight-figures at auction. If you can find a piece of Tiger Woods’ putter, it’s likely to fetch a high price.

In addition to a classic style, the Newport 2 GSS putster features a face inlay that offers good feel and feedback.

The Newport 2 is lightweight and has a four-way balanced sole, so it sits squarely at address.

The Newport 2 putter is also very durable. A typical Scotty Cameron putter lasts for years, which is why it’s the perfect choice for the serious golfer.

Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K

The Odyssey Tri-Hot 5K putter is made of tungsten, steel, and aluminum. This combination of materials creates more inertia and forgiveness on off-center hits.

The putter also features a Red Stroke Lab shaft for more stability and control. As a result, Dechambeau has seen 20 to 25 percent more consistency with this putter than his previous model.

A high-MOI putter is difficult to control and rotate at impact. This putter is designed to make this process much easier.

The Tri-Hot 5K putster’s center of gravity is forward, which helps the golfer rotate the face easily.

The putter is also made to withstand high-speed ball speeds. Ultimately, the Tri-Hot 5K putter can increase a golfer’s shot count without sacrificing performance.

This putter is made from 303 stainless steel. The Odyssey designers made sure to keep the face of the putter within shape parameters.

To achieve this, the putter’s striking area was crafted from stainless steel, and the hosel and topline were made of aluminum.

Odyssey then added a back flange and two internal tungsten weights. Another notable feature is the CG being further forward, which reduces the risk of mis-hits.

Another important feature of the Odyssey Tri-Hot putter is the new Stroke Lab shaft. Its steel section has been trimmed by seven grams, reducing the overall weight of the putter. This feature is important for improving the ball flight and the feel.

A forward centre of gravity also improves the ball speed. With less side spin, the putter offers better control and stability for off-centre hits.

TaylorMade Newport 2 GSS

The TaylorMade Newport 2 GSS putters were first made for golfers like DeChambeau in 2010.

These putters are designed with a mid-milled face pattern, redesigned plumbing neck, performance balanced tungsten sole weights, and a soft tri-sole design. These putters are so good, they would sell for more than eight figures at auction.

The Newport putter was originally 326 grams, but has now been updated to weigh 345 grams. Tiger Woods uses a putter similar to this, although it is much lighter and features a different face style.

The Newport putter is made with 303 stainless steel and features a zipping sound when hitting the ball. It is also designed with a 303 stainless steel face insert.

In the Northern Trust, Bryson Dechambeau switched to a Diamana D+ White Board shaft. Previously, he had used the Newport 2 with great success. He has also switched out his TaylorMade driving iron for a M1 5-wood.

This makes for a more consistent golf ball that is easier to hit. Despite the switch, Bryson’s putter is similar to that of Tiger Woods.

Tiger Woods is currently chasing his 16th major championship at TPC Harding Park.

Daniel Rapaport of Golf Digest reported earlier this week that the four-time PGA champion is contemplating a change in putters and is benching his trusted Scotty Cameron Newport 2 GSS putter to use a new prototype. He teed off with the new putter on Thursday.


For a truly consistent performance, the Newport 2 GSS putter has the weight and consistency to make consistently long putting shots.

The studio Newport 2 GSS has a heavier head than the Newport 2.

A good custom fitter will be able to customize these putters to your specifications. Alignment aids are added and putter weight is tweaked.